I’m Protective of my YouTube

August 28, 2007 youtubemovie

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Oh yeah, all the time. Especially with people who barely know the site and only think of it as a “video site” and know nothing of the community. oh the other side, the company I work for is still trying to cash in on me being a guest editor. it’s very pathetic, but most companies are still trying to grasp that “viral” market….

yes. i get mad whne my frinds dish. youtube.. saying im waisting my time. posting films are a waist of time and monny. im sure you get the same. but i like waiking yp in the mornings, turning on comp. see how many new subscribers i godt.. and read comments :O)

I don’t even tell anyone I know that I do occasionally vlogs here. They know about YouTube and might go on here themselves, but I don’t outright say “hey, check out my channel” cuz that weirds me out more than strangers watching me. One of my other friends couldn’t understand why anyone would come to YouTube to talk about themselves and whatnot since she thinks people are judgmental f**ks and so why would anyone object themselves to that?

yes yes yes
my brother is always bashing on vlogs and how dumb youtubers are.
and i TOTALLY get pissed at him.

phil, maybe this is a bad sign. maybe its saying we need to spend a little more time in the real world. uh-oh.

i almost fought a couple of my friends over youtube cuz it was kinda like they were talkin smack bout my momma.. lol i’m over possessive of this site and my channel… i’ve nurtured it since birth :sniff: dont ne1 talk shit haha ok i’m just bein retarded now but really i get ridiculously protective of youtube as well

My family are very derogatory if I speak about youtube, usually rolling their eyes and sighing dramatically. They either think it’s a waste of my time, a waste of my talent, that I’m being taken advantaged of by people who will steal my stuff or that I’m talking to people who should be on Dateline’s To Catch a Predator. Basically nothing good.

I let my friends see my page and discuss the ins and outs of youtube, but i’m still afraid to let the suites at work in on my idiocy. I don’t know why. I’m afraid they’ll fire me for any number of racist and or sexist things I’ve said and not understand I’m just fucking around let alone take a look at the few serious vids I’ve made. I don’t think I’m talking about anything related to the video. Sorry.

I know exactly what you mean. I told my ex that I make videos and hes like “Thats stupid thats for people with way to much time on their hands”…I’m like “no it’s not! It doesn’t take all day to make a video, it’s just a couple minutes, you’re stupid!”….yeah I guess I get protective too lol. Oh well I love it 🙂

yeah I’m the same way. Except i reference youtube videos in day to day conversations then I’m shocked when the person I’m talking to is confused. One of my friends had never seen “the evolution of dance”. you would have to live under a rock, seriously

One day I’ll make a video. I’ve started to make a movie then get annoyed with it and delete it.

“youtube is gay”
“youre stupid.”
yea. have that convo all the time. BUT ive also gotten a lot of my friends adddicted. one time i was walkin thru target and all of a sudden my friend was like “OH, BY THE WAY, FUCK YOU.” im like “…what?” and shes like “thanks to you im on youtube all the damn time now.” 🙂 yay.

the blogs on your site made me laugh. a lot.
but yea, i get really protective of a site in perticular. it’s a HP fan site, and when people bash it, i get really agressive. cause they have NO IDEA how amazing it is.
so that’s kinda how you feel about youtube? maybe?
i respect.

I get that all the time. YouTube isn’t that popular in Finland so I tend to get a bit too excited “promoting” it to others when they just don’t find it that amazing in the way I do. And when my friends don’t understand why I think all the interaction and getting feedback from my videos from random strangers of internet is so great I can start defending it very eagerly. 😀

lol, yup, I do that! I try my hardest to defend YouTube 🙂 Its like I expect the person Im talking to about YT to be just as excited or entertained with it as I am and they are usually not 😦 I also get pissed when someone compares YT to other viral video websites and I try to explain that YT is very different but I wind up just sounding stupid defending a website, oh well, Im still addicted to YT and the people I watch on it 🙂

Jawed Karim of YouTube was my commencement speaker this year. I told my parents in advance that the speaker would be one of the founders of YouTube. My sister tells me that halfway through the speech, she leaned over and whispered, “Do you guys know what YouTube is?” and they were like “No, what is it?!”
I was shocked! It seems hard to believe that everyone in the world isn’t on this website. 🙂

im always protective of youtube. if someone says that they dont like it im like, “well i dont like you GO DIEEEE.” or i’ll say something like “suck it bitch” lol good vid. i like these more than i do the ones on your normal channel

yours in harmony

Random: I just checked your website. You know those suckers BritBrit is always sucking on. Apparently they are a morphine like drug in them. She found weed lollipops in amsterdam and moved up to the hardcore lollipops. Yeah. Just hear about that a few minutes ago. No source, google it. Might find something worth bloging about.



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