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August 24, 2007 youtubemovie

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Great news, Rachel! I know Dr. Paul won’t be upset about it. You’re smart, and reasonable, I know you’ll be able the handle balance.
Though, I will say that it leaves a gap in the campaigning side, I say it’s time for some of us to step up to help fill the gap in helping getting Ron Paul in the oval office!

Great news, Rachel! I hope that you will continue to make SOME posts on Youtube, but I totally understand the bind that you’re now in. I know you don’t want to
do something potentially embarrasing to Dr. Paul, and politics is so ruthless now that the other candidates would just drag that stuff up. Go get em, and best of luck in the months and years ahead.

Incredible! Congratulations, Rachel! You are wise to post this disclaimer to delineate your private campaigning from your upcoming official duties. We’ll miss your cute face and brilliant words on YouTube, but you’ll be helping Dr. Paul even better in DC. Best of luck!

awe ha! I should have known you were a gov. plant. Just what we need, another person in Washington that is naive about the middle east and their own countries history in the middle east. It’s cool though, should be a short term job, since anyone with half a brain knowns Ron Paul will never be president.
enjoy my last comment. Tool

okay, maybe I am hard to on you. You are an adult talking politics, it come with the territory,lol I really like what you say, but you through me for a loop with you thinking the war on terror is a real war, and you want to “know the enemy”. We had a woman’s lib movement here, in fact women only been allowed to vote since 1920, that’s not a long time. And we have no right to interfere, “rescue” ‘oppressed muslim women’.

If you want to work for change, great, you work with women peacefully, not thinking they(muslims) are the “enemy”. If a christian woman is a stay at home mother, and very religious- why, you respect her. But if a religious muslim woman, is a stay at home mom- you think she is oppressed. We can only do good by setting examples here in america. with low cut blouses and fake boobs,lol

No, actually I think a muslim woman is oppressed when she’s legally beaten, stoned, beheaded, shot, genitally mutilated, denied education, and cut off from the world by force and tradition, not by choice. That’s when I might peacefully offer a safe way out. “Enemy” is a term used in the book. I could have said opponent, possibly, but it could also refer to someone you’re negotiating with. Notice I also did the quotes sign, and said “War on terror, if you can call it that”

I’m referring to whatever seems to be going on with the radical muslim world, madrassas, suicide bombings, etc. And if you think someone is naive about something, you don’t criticize them for asking questions to learn more, which is what the video was doing.

The only way to stop suicide bombings is to examine the motive behind them. In Palestine this happens because the Israeli have stole their land, destroyed their home, and killed many family memebers, in ever single case, that is the motive. I think you should stop, and examine the motives behind all suicide bombings that you have a problem with. It’s a crude method, but a very effective one. Done by people that dont have billions of dollars in US aide and military supplies.

When you take over a country, steal their land, force regime changes, etc Sometimes the people do fight back, the motives behind most all suicide bombings are justified. If US soldier goes on a suicide mission for their cause in battle- why you think he is a hero. It’s no different.

Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth. Over 2 billion. Do you honestly think it is growing so fast and big, because it is a religion that oppresses women? You should examine all religions- because I’m telling you, in this mans world, all religions oppress women on some level. And most all of them have their extreme secs.

It’s not your job to rescue people that have different views and opinions then you have. We can absolutely stand up for human rights. But dont start a war over culture differences, two wrongs dont make a right. Leave them alone, if they wont change, they will make it happen, not you.

In muslim countries that have become industrialised you will find that woman have much more freedom. This shift in woman emancipation will take more time in muslim countries, it took hundreds of years to occur in western societies – incidently when they also too became industrialised in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I repeat: we had a women’s lib movement here in the sates. We still have oppressed women here in the states, in some religious cult types. Christianity’s past isn’t one without blemishes. You wont be seeing woman Pope anytime soon. If you want to empower women in other countries with education, please do so. But you must stop wishing for a war on a culture you do not understand. You wouldn’t want China to threaten the US because they dont like how we treat our women.


Rachel, I’m really happy for you and glad to see a dedicated advocate of liberty on the Ron Paul team 🙂 I hope that doesnt mean you will be missing out on all the southern RP events. I’m hoping to work as an intern for Dr. Paul in the future. He’s been my hero since I first read a speech of his while researching for high school debate 🙂

hurray! hurray! I am so happy that a great person like you is filling the job. I could really tell that you were going places. you will be doing a LOT more good for liberty working for Ron Paul than the youtube thing. Remember don’t let Washington get to your head. Stick to your principles like Ron Paul.

2007-08-08 10:24 pm (local) (link)
marry me! I’ll put you on my life insurance policy tonight. half joke
I just lost my job due to politically connected admins who embezzled millions from the non-profit health care agency I was working my licensing internship at…
I expect you to fight to the death.!

It couldn’t have happened to a better person. We will all serve this cause in some way, yours will likely be one of the most intricate of us all. Good luck, I do hope that this is not the end for you here on youtube, I’ll miss the videos and the wit.

The Below are the Polling Results From Iowa Debate/ ABC’s OWN Poll.
THEN WATCH My VIDEO To SEE What ABC News “Reports”!!!
Ron Paul 39,987
Mitt Romney 4,562
Nobody won. I’m voting Democratic. 3,492
Rudy Giuliani 3,226
Nobody. I’m waiting for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich to enter the race. 2,937
Mike Huckabee 2,700
Sam Brownback 1,050
Tom Tancredo 771
Tommy Thompson 758
John McCain 741
Duncan Hunter 427
Total Vote: 60,651

Thank God For Your Chance to help[…Contact me if Mr. Paul Needs more help there..<<<—134 eye.q.
member of asheville and wnc Ron Paul Meet up Groups. I Can Help…Great Job again.YOU DESERVE IT!!!
“Peace Whenever Possible, Anything Is.”

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re still coming to Boone on the 11th, we’re going to be getting together to watch the results of the straw poll (hopefully around 7 PM). I’d post my email in case you want to get in touch, but I’m deathly afraid of spammers. If you’re super busy with packing and such (just one week!), that’s okay too. I’d be lying if I said I won’t be disappointed if you’re not able to post more vids, but wow – I know you’ll be working your tail off for Ron Paul any way you can.

Fantastic, Rachel!!! You are very deserving of Ron Paul’s confidence. I have loved everything that you have done here. Your are a bright, imaginative, lovely person. Looking forward to your clarifying what you can and cannot tell us here and hearing from you again. Enjoy your new “role” as press secretary!!! It’s no longer dress-up time to perform for us. It’s the real deal. You’re the real deal, as is Dr. Paul

Congratulation….girl or should I say Lady. I also watched two of your videos about Iraqi oil petro dollar on liveleak(my screen name is “Choseunghui” by the way)
Good luck to you….kick those corrupt fat spoiled politicians’ asses in that whitehouse if you have a chance.

Wow, Rachel goes to Washington! Congratulations Rachel! I’m really happy for you. And you’re the kind of Federal employee that we all can be very proud of. Wishing you the best of luck — although, I don’t think you’ll need any luck at all. Dr. Paul made a very wise decision, I believe, in wanting to hire you on. And you’re right, I don’t believe there’s anything quite like actually working for your hero.

Congratulations Rachel! I know you’ll do great! Lucky though?…Hmmmm… I think you simply found the place where hard work meets opportunity. My jealousy: you will easily be able to visit the National Gallery of Art almost any time you want. Wishing you all the best in Washington and in life!

Yes, people! Work HARD so I lose my job in 2008! 🙂 Uhhhh… shopping? No… in real estate I was headed for 6 figures. With the cost of living in DC, the salary sets me WAAAAAY back. Big pay cut. But there are some things, like working for a hero, you can’t put a price on.

In 1995-96 I worked for Pat Buchanan on staff in Iowa. It was a tremendous experience. Pat and Shelley are really nice and decent people. Plus I can say with honesty that I split a pizza with a presidental candidate at 10:30 one night. You’re up for a real treat there. It’s a brutal town, but perhaps less so if you don’t play along. 🙂 Congrats again.


There is no prohibition on government employees campaigning on their own time. The only thing you really need to worry about is just not saying anything that will reflect badly upon Dr. Paul since you will now be directly linked with him- though I don’t think anything you’ve done so far would fall into that category.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope you can keep doing videos, because your videos really have helped Dr. Paul’s campaign.

Yeah like getting on the public payroll! Poor Rachel Im sure you’ll make all that money back honey? You know making contacts and moving up. You can be a real player now. See now its gonna be hard to care about what you say because your no longer fighting to help elect a hero your fighting for job security! Hey the Press Sec for the President gotta make more that the Press sec for a congressman! Right Rachel? Its called SELLOUT!

She has taken a job doing the very thing she wanted to do. She is helping a cause that she has dedicated much of her life to, and for the very candidate she has dedicated so much time in supporting. When Ron Paul wins, she will be exactly where her LIFE wanted her to be: Standing in the service of a great man, Ron Paul. And standing for something big, like LIBERTY. On an ironic note, however, just look at the real estate market!!

I am sooooo excited for you Rachel-THIS IS SO AWESOME! I know you just love Ron Paul and his message, I am one person who knows you support Ron Paul right from your heart because of his message of liberty. Rachel beware the vultures on Capitol Hill! Way to Go!! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!



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