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What’s THIS!

Mid week Valness!

A history making event, AND I’M AN HOUR LATE!!!

Well at least I beat Armature Astronaut this time:P

GO AHEAD… take the week off, I’m surprised you went this long with out interruption.


You DESERVE IT! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂


Stay or go? what do you mean? Half the time i am just staring at your beautiful face in amazement and not really paying attention to what you are saying.

But in all seriousness, if you are taking up a new job which will make you too busy to post videos all the time, then take the new job! Post a video once a while, don’t forget about all these people that love you so much!

Val, if you have the option of staying longer I say do it! I know you feel somewhat obligated to your viewers, but everyone needs time to themselves… Skip one art vlog, we’ll be waiting for you when you come back!


u went down for 2 sec and u say its too long 🙂
do u have the lungs of an ant.
u should stay and have fun. the world will not end if u missed one episode
besides most of us here r perverts so seeing u in the pool should be enough for them 😛

Oh no, now she is going to have added pressure to make something really exceptional the following Sunday. — Oh, I just thought of something. You don’t have to (really) but maybe you could throw the dart twice for two paintings that following Sunday. Hmmm?

yeah, your hair! I was going to comment that but blackpimp4u beat me to it. — Actually, your hair is not so way out there as the bride’s was. But it does look like there is some color steaks in it(?) like the bride had — I actually like it! (like most of your guy subscribers – I guess we can’t recognize “bad” hair)

as much as i look forward to your videos every sunday, you deserve a break and if i could get away from my usually schedule and swim in a pool i definitely would. have fun

oh and your hair doesn’t really look bad like that.
but not bad

blackpimp4u says, “I would have been so sad and worried if I had waited Sunday for your weekly post and it never appeared. Thank you for taking the time to let us all know ahead of time so we can change our schedules. You deserve a break. Life is short. Have lots of fun and we’ll see you the Sunday after next. Love ya!”

weeelllllll, im sure we would all love a video on sunday… but people do need to take breaks sometimes, its not as if you owe us one.

SO I hope you enjoyed the pool, and dont feel bad if you dont get a video posted on sunday, im sure we will all forgive you 😉

In my Opinion Val, You are the most well rounded youtuber. You are funny, sexy, interesting, hyper, sexy, smart, artistic, sexy, and sometimes even sexy….sometimes =)

I will be subscribed to you until you decide to stop.

P.S. I love when girls get frizzy hair because of the humidity in the air. Rock on! Love ya!

Maybe you can make a video on Sun. and tell everyone what a good time you had. Some people may miss this one. I know I did a double take when I saw a video from you. Have a good time Val. You deserve it. Friggin yt insists I’m trying to post a url grrr.

Lol, I’ll see if I can find one. It doesn’t do it as much any more because, well, there isn’t as much as there used to be hehe. I used to have really thick curly hair like yours. Actually, If you go check out my intro video, there’s a pic of me by the Golden Gate Bridge that shows it pretty well.

Hi Val, I think you should stay. You work very hard to be creative every week, which is hard in my opinion, as creativity doesnt work to a time table. This indulgence might be just what you need when you do decide to go home, re painting topic. Live it up! xox Leeinnz

Hey Val! Im a huge fan….A while ago when you did a D’art lottery, the dart landed about an inch from my name…I was so so saddd :[ But I felt very privileged to even see my name dead center in the screen.
Anyway, I have a question…My aunt and I have been trying to figure out your accent and where you come from. we are somewhat confused, haha.

Well, I am very selfish so I vote for you to go home and post your video.
(because i will be sad if you don’t. I love your videos and look forward to them every week!!) Also I like your “wild hair” very cool and sexy!
Ciao have a good trip, 🙂
If you really need the rest and time to yourself you really should stay longer

(:Easy answer = you deserve a change so stay and do a pool side painting like David Hockney did, naturally, your’s would be much smaller though, I reckon, but did his have a video and sale on ebay as well as being aired on youtube – I think not! So, this way = no one misses out on what we are used to;)

While I would miss you on Sunday, you may have your vacation.

I don’t know much about YouTube but on Livejournal, you get the option to say what day and time you posted an entry. That way, you can make an entry next Wednesday and say it was posted on Sunday. Is the same not true for YouTube?

Hey Val, I have heard that if you don’t use your video cameras on regular basis they get jammed up with creative fluids and ….go baby, go!! Or better yet come to Northern California. We can paint the town! Oh, yes vacation here. Ok use chalk on the sidewalk!!
Have fun! JP and do a blur face or pete’s sake!


For all the hard work you put into making the videos and painting those paintings, it is my opinion (and others) that you should TAKE A BREAK!!!

You work so hard! Every week, one must relax ones self from time to time. Chill out, have fun!! Enjoy your self, and then when you come back you an paint a painting about the time you had “chillin” at the hotel you were at.


Here’s a video idea while you’re away. It will make up for missing next Sunday. Go to the bar. Have a few shots… a little vino or rum and coke. Whatever you like. THEN make another video! YEA! I can see it now… Val falling down or dancing or WHO KNOWS WHAT. Then we will forgive you for missing Sunday and all will be muy bueno!

You’re too funny.

Let’s see, have I ever taken a day off work to, I don’t know, get a massage? (lol) Never! But, if you want to slack off, there’s not much we can do about it. 😉

Sweet of you to ask (let us know), but you (we) already know the answer. Enjoy! (I recommend Thai massage.)

How did you get a pool all to yourself in this sweltering heat?

Notice that AA mentioned that he was suppose to be in “orbit” for next Sunday, and now… a “vacation” for Val.


Wonder who was filming.

An intervention IS in order.

…(goes to store, orders case of Reece’s)

Val, take the time you need, refresh your internal energy, take a deep breath or two, party a bit, see the world, and then do some more art. It’s your life, it’s your love, it’s your calling, and it is your ministry. Your true friends will support you no matter what you do. Love ya!

WAIT! I just realized something. SOMEONE is filming you! Do you have “Chupacabra” with you? Get your butt home right now and go to your room! Hahaha! 🙂 Maybe it isn’t “Chupa” and you have already been to the bar and found… shall we say “omething interesting”! You don’t fool me Valentina! Hahahaha! LOL…LOL!

Val u out of al lthe people of YouTube definitley deserve a break! I mean you give us quality videoz every Sunday lol I know you don’t like your 30 week record comming to an end, but it would have to happen sooner or later! haha So take the time you need and relaxxxxx! And I agree with every1 else your even gorgous with your Einstein hair lol have fun and RELAX! See ya Mizz Cookiez

Any time you get to recharge is good but I know you also don’t want to break your consecutive Sunday streak. So you could compromise by making some drawings based on any ideas that might come to you while you relax. You could then shoot a video where you discuss the meaning of the drawings and post it on Sunday from where you are. It would be interesting and it would count as keeping up your Sunday streak. Just a suggestion for having your cookies and eating them too. 😉

Thanks for the great laugh on the hair thing! Your expression was utterly priceless.

By all means, take a break! It’s already amazing to me how you’ve gone so many weeks without having some unavoidable thing interrupt your Sunday schedule at least once. We’ll still be here the following Sunday … I promise.

What do you love, that is the question. I know the answer. You love ART. You love Painting. Go. Posting on Sundays is the ritual that makes you what you are. It is the end of each week’s journey. The journey is the best part of your life. Think of it as a special journey this week. The pool was nice, of course. You enjoyed it. Now go! Paint! Love what you ARE! Marius

Stay! Relax! Have fun! You can’t be all work and no play Val. Plus, I think relaxing and letting your mind rest will give you some new ideas! If you spend all your time focusing on an art piece you lose sight of things. It’s always good to step back once in awhile and think of new ways to approach it 🙂 STAY!

From watching your vids I would say that you work all the time. Take the vacation. But also you can post a vid from there or when you get back talking about your trip. Something that wont take much time. You might also find some insporations for your vids and art.

In case you missed this… I posted it an hour ago. WAIT! I just realized something. SOMEONE is filming you! Do you have “Chupacabra” with you? Get your butt home right now and go to your room! Hahaha! 🙂 Maybe it isn’t “Chupa” and you have already been to the bar and found… shall we say “omething interesting”! You don’t fool me Valentina! Hahahaha! LOL…LOL!

You know, Val, I’m going to Colombia in a month for 10 days. I realised last Sunday that I won’t be here to catch your weekly video, but I’ll be having lots of fun. I’m sure you really enjoy painting, but sometimes, you gotta take a break from the routine, and perhaps reflect on how much you enjoy doing the routine. Enjoy, sweetie. We’ll be here when you get back .. huggzzz!

take a deep breath–I can survive one week. Just don’t take that deep breath while you are under water…but don’t take a break because you are lazy! Take a break because the soul, the mind, the body needs rest sometimes. Reflect, rest, and be well!

Man, this Sunday is my first Sunday off in … I think this year! I was going to join in the comment fest like everyone else does.(making you feel guilty?) – Actually, it looks like I will probably getting Sundays off from now on. Yeah.

Yes, for golly gosh sakes – STAY- relax, have fun! — I think WE would feel guilty if you posted Sunday.

Nicely done – it was funny when you released your hair and suddenly went all Medusa (though, still, much cuter than Medusa). Anyway, no, we love your episodes, but you shouldn’t cut short an enjoyable trip, just to post one. Maybe you can do something from where ever you are! Take us sight seeing with you – maybe even show us some art you love or can discover where you are. It can be unusual, and still an episode. BUT …

Stay. And do a naked vlog from the pool a la Marilyn Monroe. This isn’t a pervey request.You are a living work of art Val. I’m sure you could do a clean, but titilating edit once your home. In the mean time, relax and enjoy. We will all benefit from a rejuvenated Val.

You are so funny! If I ever need to be cheered up, I know that I only have to visit your channel and everything is fine again. You are just so funny! I hope you let me post a video response. It’s the first video I ever edited pictures and music. Sure, it’s a very simple and poorly done video, but I did it just for you! Love ya!

omg val stay and dont worry my hair gets just as bad accept its like 10 times thicker. and i have bad days and good days or it just depends on how i dried my hair so yea mostly like yours was but bigger hahah lol if i mess with my hair it gets even bigger

One weekend? Are you kidding? Absolutely not, forbidden. Just kidding. Please take a month off if you want to. Its summer and it will soon be gone, plus I’m sure you need the contacts and the money, all artists should not starve forever, especially since you are already a very special artist. I wish I could come along, but you don’t know me! 😉 So I don’t think that will happen. have fun.

Val, your goal was to post a video each week. Post a quick one from there. No need for a painting maybe just a quick sketch on a napkin – to keep your record and goal alive. Personal goals and committments are important. Give away 2 paintings next week though. Have fun.

Okay I’m too lazy to read eight pages of comments. Did ANYONE tell Val to go? Is the general consensus for her to stay and have fun? I think she should have fun. When was the last time she skipped a week since she started? Like, ever? Anyone else notice she makes funny beep beep sounds randomly? Reminds me of Keyop in Battle of the Planets.

Val, of course you can go. On TV people who write those shows only write 12 episodes in 1 season. You’ve got them beat already! Youtube is supposed to be fun. If you treat it like something you ‘have’ to do it becomes ‘work’ and then you might end up getting ‘burned out’ with it. Of course take your break! Me and I’m sure everyone else, will still stay subscribed! 😀 Have fun 😀

Val, you are such a sweetheart. As selfish as I would like to be and say make the video, I realize how deserving you are for this break. You stay right where you are as long as you want. Have fun, relax, whatever. Maybe you can continue to film,and share your fun with us when you return. Wish I was there with you! ((((hugs))))

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Val, Keep on swimming! Enjoy yourself, you do work hard and you don’t even have to, you are deserving of a break. One week, two weeks, I’d wait four. Take all the time you need, anyone who understands you, will and should understand and know you are human and we all need time off at some time in our lives. So STAY SWIM AND ENJOY! :0)

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it a New Year’s resolution for you to post a video every week? It would be too bad to make it this far just to give up now. Still, maybe you could film a quickie doing something artistic using hotel shampoo instead of paint. That way you still get your break and we still get a funny video. Everybody wins!

I like the poofy hair, reminds me of shakira or a leona. Jaja
But I was hoping to finally see Val in a bikini. ::grinning:::
Well, no disrespect just admiring your beauty.
Any way I can totally understand taking a break but maybe you can still do the raffle. I’m feeling lucky this week.




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