Im alive! Heres a song!

July 28, 2007 youtubemovie

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I see you took my advice and agreed with the Gavin Degraw selection. Great job, it’s completely in your vocal range. I love that you’re doing the old fashioned recording in the studio instead of going on a reality tv show route. GOOD LUCK with everything, you are extremely talented and pretty damn goofy too.

(I laughed out loud when you said you were pooped.. great facial expression lol)


Yay ur back lol i missed seeing u on ur videos!!
Its great to here that you have found an apartment congratualtions and you did it all on your own to well done, so proud!!
That was such a Beautiful song and you have a really Beautiful voice!!

😦 thats sad u well not try out for american idol. u should ur that good for it. u should try out while your the right age for it before u become an age that u can’t do it. and u well have to do americans got tlant when everyone knows on that show singing is not going to win. but i’ll get over it. it’ll be cool. love the singing.

So… i was thinkin…Hey Chris = ] Lovlee sining btw 😀 It’s ur friend here from ” jolly old England” = ] I was wondering i havent seen man talk in a while.. i know uve been busy and a bit “pooped” hehe but well I miss it and i think a few of the fellow viewers do to… Am i right ppl… Well i had this idea why not do a mantalk episode overseas..

ok im a woman i know and it ruins the whole ” Man” talk name bit but well i think its a good idea = ] i have my fair share of views and opinions.. after all i am a woman!!! And what i also miss is the film critics you used to do with Jason n Kurt… Hey guyz… Btw i went and saw The Simpsons Movie last night and it was worth the wait, let me tell you = ] anyway get back to me on the Mantalk idea

Can you do an old blues style? I really hate the “everybody doing it for a billion years now and it bores the hell out of me” style.

Try something new…try something very old…1920’s. Update it…make it yours.

You are my Sunshine?

I missed you too, Chris! Glad to hear you got your own place! Your shadow puppets were cute. My lighting’s not so great either. The ceiling light I had shorted out, & now I have a desk lamp, but as long as I keep it up high, it lights the whole room. I loved your song. Personally, I always thought you were destined for greater things than that of American Idol.

See ya,

omg! you know yer amazing right!?!? lol…yer good looking…wwaaayyyyy funny……and honey [wow i sound so black there] you can sing! women need more guys like you out there…haha! anywho…i wish you the BEST of luck….in anything and everythign you do =D

What?? No AI?? That’s too bad, Chris! Thhhat was puttthhhetic. (Read in best Simon Cowell tone.) LOL! Seriously… I didn’t realize you had the capacity to sing like that, Chris. 🙂 I just didn’t take you for a singer. Very nice!

And LOL… I posted a vid response with one of MY songs. (Taking your lead. Thanks for the Sexual Healing! w00t!)

yeah well..the most important thing is that YOU are alive, and you have found YOUR own place, with yahoos around are you-hahahaha well talk to ya later..and uhhhh…yeah..your singing…your singing was…good, i liked it 🙂
xo Mary

Hey mate good to see you back. You sing beautifully. I have to say, that sounds like a safe song for you and you could certainly push yourself a lot more…what do ya reckon? Hehe. By the way, your skin looks rather radiant in this vid, whats your secret?

Hey Ricky this is your talen scout again.
The music is great but it’s an avenue that compromised all your wonderment,charm and personality.
Good gut on the American Idol decission.
Above all else,to thine ownself be true.
You’ve got personality and style kid.
Maurice,didn’t I tell you to sign the kid!



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