Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live Earth Live from London 07.07.07

July 8, 2007 youtubemovie

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(((( Critical*Mass – Peace*Action ))))

One*Billion – Global*Citizens – One*Peace

Act*On – Nov. 2nd – 2008

The World shall Rise*Above the slavery of FEAR


Remembering – y/our – Human*Unity

Celebrate – y/our – M.U.S.I.C.
M.oments U.niting S.ocial I.ntelligence C.reatively

Change – Our*World – Act*On – Nov. 2nd – 2008

yeah they played this, dani, so much I, and by the way. But you dont think its kind of weird that Josh just kind of came in? I know hes John’s friend, but still. RHCP=4 to me at least. And Anthony looks tired and worn out. If u look at So Much I, you’ll see. Its sad, its like hes not happy on stage

John is in complete control of the band and that’s how it should be. Anthony is a fucking tool. John has talent – something Anthony has never had. If these guys would just become an instrumental three-piece I think most real RHCP fans would be stoked.

wat the fuck how could u be a fan of RHCP and call AK a tool? AK has talent, he writes their songs, and he can sing, john is the one who left the band to be a drug addict, you shouldnt be calling ANY of them a tool, they all have equal parts to the band, btw AK made them famous with his idea of socks on their cocks, so fuck u ,u mutha fukn cunt

how can you be a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and talk shit about one of the poeple that made them well them. anthony puts so much in to the band. he played this show fucking sick. the way you say that most REAL RHCP fans would be happier with out him. thats a fucking joke right?! not everyones a fucking dumbass who calls them selfs a fan and then insalts one of them. anthony has more talent then you will ever have. go choke and stop talking shit about a band that your a “real” fan of

you cant be a fan of a band that you think has an awful singer.
Anthony is amazing. he does so much for this band. maybe if you would open your fucking eyes and ears you would know that there wouldnt be any RHCP with out him or flea. so stfu!

Yes that’s Josh Klinghoffer (to add guitar work on Stadium Arcadium songs, I think). For everyone else, AK has been ill a lot of this tour they had to cancel Japan. Plus they had an insane schedule the last 24 hours. Paris-London-Copenhagen in 24 hours

Yes the 2nd Guitarist is Josh Klinghoffer, he is their backup guitarist and was for the Aussie tour performances, and might i add that the Cantstop openin riff was EXACTLY the same as what the did live in Aus.. but that was good as it brang back memories of the best night of my life. and I stayed up till 3:45am to watch them perform for 10 minutes… never felt so dedicated 😛

LOL, dedicated is right. I taped the show off of CNBC because I was out and it’s now 3:23 AM in Chicago I just got home about 20 minutes ago, checked my tape only to find out that it went off right at the beginning of this song! Thank God for youtube! 🙂

I think its cool Josh was there. For such an event with millions of viewes I think its a good idea to add to the sound through some extra musicians. Placebo do it all the time. Whatever enhances the experience. It doesnt change whos in the band or anything. So since I love Josh I think its cool he was there to rock out.

i thought they sucked, metallica were way better, chilli peppers singer sounded nothing like he does on his albums, john frushante is shit he need another guitarist with him on stage, when people like james hetfield sing he has a reason for sounding different because he has to play the guitar and sing at the same time, so hes concentrating on 2 things, but him from the red hot clilli peppers sounded terrible and all hes doing is having to sing, it isnt that hard to do.

“that guy from Incubus” is Brandon Boyd. And I really doubt Anthony was on his best shape this day… =/ yeah, John sings better than Anthony imo. But come on… What better voice for the RHCP than Anthony’s? It’s such a unique and interesting voice.
This was a very good show, these guys are so awesome! And John… I think I’ve never seen him on such good shape live than nowadays. He’s just amazing!



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