resident evil: UC official trailer

June 12, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
you’re right in some points. The ps3 is more about graphics and the games for it aren’t for everyone because they’re more difficult. RE 5, for example; it will be far more difficult than any other RE ever created. RE:UC will be easier and for everyone.

hahah the ps3 hasn’t been able to sell half of what the wii has sold. The ps3 is still gathering dust at the retails while the wii is still out of stock. I read that in Japan, retailers are lowering the prices of the ps3 to promote more demand on the system. The ps3 is the best in graphics, but it’s way behind against the other two. That shit is too expensive. In Europe at launch day, its price was over 900 US dollar.

you can’t see the character your playing as, but you can see the zombies and monsters face to face. The game will also let you chose which you want to go through using the nunchuck and you” be able to see from one side to another to encounter enemies.

You’ll sometimes get to see the character you play as when you perform certain melee attacks that were featured in RE4, but I do think the 1st person view will be great. Rails aren’t too bad… House of the Dead was a great game and RE:UC seems to have much more control than it did because you actually have to look around and occasionally choose a path.

Yeah if they do have it as a first person shooter it may be more suspencfull and feel more real because we, as humans, don’t have a camera hovering just over our shoulder so we can see people 2 feet behind us w/o turning our head. I think it may have major potentioal w/ a surround sound set-up. (oh man that sounds awesome!!!!!!)

Many people think that this game is just a remake. Wrong, even capcom said that this one is a new game. We’ll see some parts from RE 0- 3; and there will be new parts like the Umbrella Stronghold. They’ll also show how umbrella was finish, and they will reveal even more secrets about RE that weren’t shown before.

Didnt they already try a FPS RE game?? Yeah it was called dead aim or something like that and it SUCKED ASS, why will this be any different you cant even see the gun you are shooting, cheap, cheap, cheap. And how many fucking times are they going to remake the first fucking game, jesus. RE4 was excellent so why not keep heading down that path. Fuck.

they may be running out of ideas. So they decide to bring back every-one/thing to make something of a Grand finale. And don’t worry about the fact that, that the way you see the screen. they are probly make it for dozens of platforms and will be modified for the optimal gaming, this one is the Wii version, the PS2/3 version will be hopefully be like the RE4 setup.



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