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June 11, 2007 youtubemovie

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hargreaves deal is now finalisd at last. I think that will be everyones who is coming to Old trafford with Richardson, Heinze and maybe saha going the other way. With Rossi, Pique and Foster coming back id ont think we need any more players. BRING ON NEXT SEASON!!!!!!

This could be a great season for United, I just hope that if they don’t perform up to scratch this season, that people don’t start writing them off. Ronaldo had a slow start in his first season, but then look at what he did this year! Come on United….

the missin piece 2 the puzzle is a goalscorer.with these guys makin space/chances we need some1 2 put em wen times get tough goalscorers get u out,like v chelsea fa cup or milan san siro.not many chances,tight defence goalscorers help unlock em.huntelaar seems likely target.maybe etoo(expensive vo) or afonso alvez

alves… hell no… i am dutch i saw him! he’s crap.. he’s scoring goals like drogba did… but then on the easy way… the defenders in holland suck… if alves have to play against the worst defender in the premiership its like he plays against the best of holland… only ajax/psv/AZ are good… the others are crap

he still easily the topscorer in the league vo.about 11 goals ahead of huntelaar.vats alot.he good finisher,can run with the ball,good at free kicks.look at van nistelrooy.done the same as what alves is doing in holland.went to man utd and became the best goalsscorer in premiership history.went to spain and done the same for real.alves v crap defenders but stil playin good

Can’t wait for next season, There will be magic on the pitch, rooney, ronaldo, nani, anderson + torres or huntelaar. Who can stop us, if all the four are in full flow, Hopefully in the future Kaka, will be perfect, to put more magic on the pitch, he said Man Utd play like Brazil & the arrival of Nani – anderson, could tempted him to join Man Utd, hopefully we can buy him.

same thing ive been thinking where are these all gonna fit into a 11 … ok so far the best team i have come up with is


^^ but where’s carrick , giggs
truxxxuk – they’re not going to get straight in to the team! Nani will probs be an understudy to giggs and Anderson will probs be the same for scholesy. I bet they will only get a max of 25 appearances (for all competitions) next season. I’m a Man U fan myself and I’m not being pessimistic as they should be great signings as man U hardly ever splash so much cash on youngsters. The only players I can think of under Fergie are rooney and ronaldo! And look at them.

only one word do describe it….. AWESOME!!!!!!

its a 2in1 signing… cos ima United fan and a Benfica fan…. these 2 were key players in both Porto and Sporting… without them they wouldn’t be ahead of Benfica this season. And with them, noone can stop Manchester this season and we will win the champions league! 😀

I am happy too but a word of caution, Nani and Anderson are signings for the future. They will need time to adapt to the premiership (just like Henry and Ronaldo needed a couple of seasons before they started to produce). I am very excited to see Anderson.

Yes but there are differences. 1) Bellion never played for his country, both Nani and Anderson have. 2) We got Bellion on a free, and so it was less of a gamble. You really think we’d spend £34M on players who we weren’t sure about? You must be a Chelsea fan, because you’ve mocked the name of our last signing. AND, you’re as thick as shit.

I watch alot of the Portuguese league and both Nani and Anderson have a hell of alot to prove in England. Nani can be incredibly inconsistent, Anderson is better but is injury prone. The best player in Portugal is FC Porto’s Lucho Gonzalez, he is a magnificent player whose very much like Paul Scholes.

The team is well prepared in the wing positions for the future. However the striking situation is a bit of a concern. If Saha stays fit then the team will be sorted. However due his injury problems it would be wise to secure a great young striker such as Torres.

rossi aint that good.. hes a quality finished but hes a shrimp.. hes got no ariel ability.. leightweight better in spannish league.nani will be like another ronaldo.. anderson will just set the premiership on fire.. anderson will make cristiano look sh*Te.

yea mate it can be but im stating facts, rossi has scored 9 in 18 caps in serie a (most defensive league in the world), what about anderson? a pair of goals and some ronaldinho-tricks in portuguese liga? nah at the moment i would pick g.rossi anyday, anderson could become the next ronaldinho but he could become the next denilson as well

im cautiously optimistic bout both of em …anyway theyr not gonna get more than 20-25 games this season ….giggs n scholes are still goin great …theyll play more towards the end of the season…theyll have a year to adapt to teh premiership anfd gain experience under giggsy n co….oh n rossi is decent at best

Ronaldo can translate for them, probably help them to settle too. I think Gabi can probably communicate too providing he stays.

Fergie will know a bit of Portugese too, the man is impecable, make no mistake I bet he knows enough to speak to his new players.

abromavich has already said he is stopping spending big money on chelsea. he says that chelsea is like building a house. you pay lots of money building the actuall house (team) and then you spend less money making adjustments (buying a few new players). so don’t expect chelsea to carry on spending big

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