The Best Answers Ever PART TWO

June 10, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
there is really something wrong with this guy. paul wolfowitz is one of hes friends. but hes not a neocon, he sympathized with them only on the Iraq war. richard dawkins seems to like hes positions, too. (at least he promotes him all day long on hes website)

Thank you. I guess these timeless works of art are based on such timeless subjects as human emotions, dilemmas and questions.
For more litterature on the timeless matter agony, I recommend the book Crime & Punishment by Fjodor Dostojevskij an author in the 19th centurys russia. A great journey through a persons anguish and fear.
It is perfect.

Your answer about art being more important than science got me thinking. The things that science brings about tend to become obsolete as science progresses, while things art brings about tend to stick around. Perhaps art makes science appealing while science defines art? Hhmm… maybe not. Thanks for the insight. 5/5

Cool, I was worried you weren’t going to get to my question… Figured you weren’t going to touch it with a ten foot pole, …but there’s still a chance if you answer it in your next video!! SWEET! lol

It was the one on homosexuality, if you think it’s “right”. More so, what you feel about the promotion of homosexuality (ie. the token gay guy).

as i watch your videos i get to know you better, and this is one of my favorites because you shared another side to you that i did not know about. you should do another video about your ideas on art. i have to admit i assumed several things about you which were wrong…

I was apologiseing to him for my oun question. I realized how long all our questions were taking him while watching part one so I decided to apologise while I thought of it before he got to mine. Mine was the “What were you before” question, which in retrospect, probably should’ve JUST been that.

I’m an atheist and also a scientist.. I agree with you about art and science.

I think that art is very important to the human condition, and art really does inspire science in a lot of ways. Science and art inspire each other, and this compounds upon itself.. Humanity grew with both, and so to live without one is really not to be human at all.

I was apologiseing to him for my oun question. I realized how long all our questions were taking him while watching part one so I decided to apologise while I thought of it before he got to mine. Mine was the “What were you before” question, which in retrospect, probably should’ve JUST been that.

I do disagree with your literature/art thing. If anything, I consider both of those near completely worthless except for aesthetic purposes in art, and yet many of those, such as architecture, base in science. Also, Philosophy has said a million times better and more impactful anything that literature ever can.

There’s a full wikipedia list of reasons, and if you search for something like Criticism_of_Coca-Cola you can read them all. It’s not really that remarkable, just normal operating procedures for a lot of companies in foreign markets. I didn’t say they would murder someone who mattered, like an American.

I know the Hamlet soliloquy by heart. And I do not only because it’s aesthetically pretty, but also a great piece of philosophy; Hamlet wants to kill himself, but he doesn’t, and only out of fear of what could it be of him after his quietus… maybe something even worse than the mortal coil? His shitty life has nothing on his fear of the beyond. If only he was sure there was nothing afterwards he would rather have it over with. But conscience does make a coward out of him.

As Michelangelo said: “All art begin in the analysis of nature”.

Nature (our own and otherwise) is the ultimate source of beauty and inspiration for man.

I should remind you that science does not boil down to technology, TJ. We’ve always had technology, though not as advanced. But not science/philosophy, that’s true. That comes much later.

Science is a method, a way (the best way) of unveiling the truth in nature. And there’s a great deal of beauty in itself, regardless of its practical side.

And mathematics do have that kind of shelf life! Pythagoras’ Theorem is just as good today as the day he proved it. It will always be. I’ve been an artist for most of my life (I draw too), but more recently I’ve turn to science, and that’s because I’ve acquired the taste for its beauty; its content and method, not merely its products. I don’t see science nor mathematics as a bunch of cold facts and symbols, rather as a gallery for nature’s beauty. It’s as spiritual to me as art is to you.

But the thing is, they are not mutually exclusive. They are actually two sides of the same coin: science takes the colors apart with the prism, arts puts them back together with the brush.

They’re both necessary and important. I know I could never appretiate science as I do now without any previous artistic/creative aspirations.

Also, they both cherish free-thinking and compete against religion as source of ‘spiritual experience’.

I am referring to his politics. His religious views are fine, but when he blames religion for problems (which is fine, I agree) then supports a man who’s a liar, and uses religious justifications for his action (Bush on Iraq war), well that gets rather hypocritical.

I find your comment humorous. Vincent van Gogh’s name is virtually impossible to pronounce correctly unless you’re Dutch. I imagine by your comment that you make a great effort to pronounce it correctly, but I bet to a Dutch ear, you mispronounce it just like most other non-Dutch mispronounce it. I think Vincent would be forgiving of all those non-Dutch who can’t pronounce his name correctly, don’t you think?

I fail to see how that person can claim that European political systems are “mainly socialistic.” Socialism, like many political ideological terms such as liberalism and conservatism get bandied about and appear to have multiple meanings, but if we are to take socialism as “public ownership” and the “abolition of private property” there really isn’t widespread socialism in Europe.Most countries embrace free-market capitalism, but just happen to have stronger welfare systems and health services.

Well I would comment on his page but I can’t because i’m blocked so I comment here. ^_^ Yea I can’t believe my ears sometimes. She “claims” i’m a plagiarist, TAA made a statement claiming the situation that I plagiarized. Does he think we have no memory?! BTW Jude superb expose! You rule!!

BeefKake is trying to shift attention from the accusations against him away to someone else and TAA is a convenient target. This will cause enough tourmoil, or so he plans, to make people forget to call him on his lies and deceit and etc.
Smoke Screen.

And this is an issue, how?

I read his books, I don’t agree with his politics. I thought “The Missionary Position” was a fantastic expose of Mother Teresa (aka the Ghoul of Calcutta).

Whatever his personal problems may be, I enjoy his writing.

Yes, he’s good at that. He’s also very good at backing up what he says. That’s what I really enjoyed about “god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything”.

He makes the claims about how religions poisons and then he backs it up with historical evidence that anywone can look up. In fact, he does it in such a way that I felt compelled to research what he had said in many places. It’s a rare gift.

I hope I’m not a moron. I’m just not that into fiction, I usually read 2 or 3 non fiction books a week.

I think I had the excerpt of Brett Keanes book from lulu in mind when I made that comment. In retrospect, it was too all encompassing. Sorry if I offended you. I’m sure your fiction is talented.

And to be even more fair, I enjoy the fiction on youtube. I got rid of my TV 6 years ago, and havn’t really missed that fiction much at all.

Thinking through, I have to admit that you guys are right, creating fiction does take talent.

That said, I believe that foolwithnoname was attempting to make a backhanded insult at Hitchens expense, claiming that he had no talent because he can’t, or won’t, write fiction. I beleive that this is a stupid claim.

I’m sorry, I should have been more precise.

Are you aware of the implications of the meeting in Banft 2003 Canada to set up a North American Union, the trans-American super-highway and the amero currency to eventually replace the dollar. Which was attended by Bush, Vicente Fox (was President of Mexico) and the Canadian Prime Minister.
Do you think the establishment will use NAU to destroy the US constitution.

When are you going to sue AA for slander, Brett? Before or after Judy Burnette sues *you* for stealing and mangling her intellectual property.

Or perhaps after Judelicious1978 sues you for slander… You did insinuate that she was into bestiality.

Or after you sue Youtube for not protecting you from having your phone number and address in the phone book…

Running low on funds are we? Books not selling?

hi brett, or TFG lol.

why the fuck is brett so butthurt over TAA??? Jude is one of the best Atheist channels here and made a great video exposing BK. BK requires unflinching support from all atheist YTers or he declares war – what a fucking child

Brett Keane is trying to bait you into a big free for all to take attention away from the way he got caught with his pants down stealing a poem and trying to pass it off as something that he wrote.

Of course, you will answer him. But, don’t let him use you like his personal tool to draw attention away from the hole he dug for himself.

Somebody may have given you this info already. Chris Hitchens book is “God Is Not Great:How Religion Poisons Everything”. He also wrote an expose on Mother Theresa called “Missionary Position:Mother Theresa In Theory And Practice” that shows what a sick freak she was and how she caused more pain and misery in peoples lives.

There is not enough appreciation for art in our modern society. There is something about seeing a beautiful horizon, looking at a forest in the early morning, or seeing the Northern Lights that can only be appreciated with the artistic mind. Everything has art to it, I wish more people would look at the art, rather then just the industrial machine that is our modern life.

Philosophy is still relevant. (which is the basis of all modern science)It is just as relevant because it is still so basic, still so close to breaktrough in knowledge. That is in my opinion why shakespeare and the Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey is still relevant. It is still close to questions we want answers too. It something we all can relate too.

AA, you’re kidding – most ppl with at least some degree of common sense would’ve been able to say something like “Oh roughly 60% emotional vs 40% genuine rational” – it’s implicitly obvious. How it degenerated to your applied analysis is beyond me.

We are at odds that no one has asked you an obvious question like. What have you done to move the atheist position forward in the real world? Like other then on youtube and the internet what have you done to make the atheist movement better, out there, and or seen by the public.



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