Miss USA falls on her @$$

June 8, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You are so right. She fell, got up, and answered a damned question in front of hundreds if not thousands of people in the venue, and however many watching from home if it was live. And what’s more, these SUNCHIP STUFFING MOTHERFSCKERS re-post the same video to get publicity for their channels. LOOOOSERS.
I burst out laughing at the exclamation point! :oD :oD :oD

I think this is the first video of you actually defending someone lol. One thing I didn’t get is why YouTube needed 6 to 8 different posts on the most viewed list of the same thing, I can sort of see why the Virgina Tech thing was posted so many times but having her fall be posted so many times is just annoying.

Jennifer Hawkins (the Australian girl who won Miss Universe) Is accident prone. Shes fallen down stairs, she stood on her own skirt on the runway and it fell off and she was only wearing a G-String underneath, and she ran off stage giggling. We love her for it, shes hilarious!

Just a brand of potato chips. They have a lot of whole grain, but the same amount of fat as any other potato chip. Youtube has put an advertising video on the index page. Some “live brightly” campaign. I think the idea is that if you eat sunchips, you’ll stop the dolphin massacre and everyone in the world will co-exist peacefully.

And her answer was pretty good. Education in Africa etc. I don’t know how much they know about the questions that might be asked, but perhaps they need to be ready for five or six different questions. Don’t know anything about pageants. Put me in a dress and strap on heels, there’s no way I’m getting up in less than 3 minutes.

Guys, as a practical consideration, in view of the incredible amount of coordination and logistics necessary for the “AS-NONE” summit in London This July, can we hold off on the “Spam As One” gathering? Consider the planning necessary to insure that millions of people won’t show up in London.

I think if that commercial, yep commercial, ruined sun chips. Then again I haven’t eaten them in years.

Lmao, she got right up and it didn’t slow anything down. ZOMG G=GAH WTF AM I TALKINZ ABOUT O YEAH WILLIS WHAT CHU POOP K BAI, NOWAIT!, I GOTS TO SAY DEY STUPID MENG

What a classy woman, Miss USA. First, she recovers from a fall with poise and finesse. Then, she replies to her question with dignity and courage among an audience comprised mostly of Mexicans, anyone one of which would make a mad “stumbling” dash through the border to the USA (given the chance). What a sad bit of irony.

Finally, she thanks the audience in their native language. Miss USA is an ICON of America.

– *barf*
– whazuh?
– at least you had some music
– gimme my 4 minutes back you flea-bitten monkey
– it was ok, i guess
– i’ve seen worse
– i started to watch your vid and fell asleep. when i awoke i had my finger up my nose. thanks.
– you’re improving! this only sucked like small vacuum!
– awesome stuff man, you’re amazing can you watch my videos and leave comments please
– suuuuuuuuuucked
– hear that sound? that’s the sound of my brain dying



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