A Depressing Video and Surprise Call From AOL!

June 6, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
From America’s Next Top Model!

I posted my video response on the childhood stuff video.

And you have too much energy to be depressed.

I think I’ll go eat the sun now too…no wait, it’s cloudy. Dang.

love you,

oh god, “AOL” sucks!!!
they charged me and i didn’t even have it; and then they wouldn’t give me my money back!!!!
“i’ll call you back, lol”
…and oh, i don’t like the sad Buck!!!! you make me wanna cry!!!
your sad face 😦 it makes me sad 😦 and i LOVE how you sing even when your sad lol πŸ™‚
…and i really do think you have A.D.D…have you ever been checked ?? lol

aol are theives..You look tan and cute today. what is that famous quote from the Heathers movie? Something about f ing me with a chain saw?.If you eat all the sun up today.What will you eat tomorrow?Nice butt and shorts. yes you look hung.Stalking is so 90’s I need a new hobby..

You are such a dork! I love you! I am cracking UP! OH man, I want to name MY next pet George Glass! I knew exactly where you got that name from!
Do you ever really get sad? I think you would still be cute if you were sad.
Kare Bare, or Karendhr or just Karen.

LOL I love Heathers however my friends and I believe that movie could never be made today because the subject manner deals with school volionce. Have you ever heard that have talked about making Heathers 2? The movie would be set with Wionna Ryder’s charcter in the bussiness world.

I totally agree! Heathers is a great movie! If you need some inspiration for sadness… think of how hot Christian Slater was in that movie, then look at him now. SIGH! Have you seen the movie “Drop Dead Gorgeous”? It’s pure genious and very quotable… just like you!!!

Ok, don’t feel bad about hanging up on the AOL people! They deserve it! It takes 5 minutes to sign up for their service, but 2 freaking hours to cancel it, and then once you do, they keep calling and calling annoying the hell out of you!
Your megabitch!

oh, that is hilarious-Sun eating still and the hang up excuse. you can search “do not call” on google and put yourself on the do not call list for crap like that. I even used it for my cell phone. I think it’s funny when you say you have to go and you don’t even leave, haha.

I find it truly amusing that your name is “drama nerd” and your asking who wants to watch someone be depressed…don’t we all watch a ton of depressing stuff…Steel Magnolias, Bang Bang Your Dead, Terms of Endearment. Man, I love depressing stuff!

I just have to say that you are the funniest thing since.. well, ok. The funniest thing on the internet that I’ve ever seen. Thank you for posting often and making me laugh! Seriously, you are part of my daily routine after work. Myspace, email, and What the Buck!

AOL keyword with those jokers!!!!???? Ask for the free plan. You keep everything including crummy chatrooms and virus protection for 0. They act like you have to pay and if you cancel it looks really limited, so if you do not use them to hook up just say give me the free plan. LOL Best/worst kept secret. I know peeps still paying. All our phones and stuff were hooked up to it. So lucky we did not get someone to try and sell us extras..lol xo

u a crazy bitch, u always make me laugh and put a smile on my face, thanx for watching all the crappy tv and commenting on it so I don’t have to, love ya buck
PS, when and where is that youtube party garthing thingy? I live in nyc, would love to meet you and your hubby
andway take care

hi there from england. I just wanted to say that I came across you on youtube quite by chance a few weeks ago and you have really brightened me up! I think you are truly fantastical and I hope you come over to visit us all in the UK one day soon. lots of love jo xxx

Did you ever see movie “Plenty” (from David Hare’s play) with Meryl Streep as a bipolar-psycho? (SO GREAT!) Or the Great Expectations re-make with Anne Bancroft as Miss Havesham? (ditto) I’d love to hear your reviews…Love you; love your reviews, love that you love yourself.



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