Self Esteem

June 1, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I like your talks. I’m old enough that they are things I already know (thanksfully!), but you present them coherently and with thought and I hope that people watch them and if they do learn something from them, then that is to the good. Agree “Overcome evil with good”. Acted out as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Very wise. You’re always a refreshing reminder to be more cognisant of the good in one’s life, and to realize that the glass really is half-full if you want it to be. The only half-empty glasses are the ones that are given that label by the person drinking (sorry, bad metaphor, but I hope I communicated the concept.)

All emotional growth comes from awareness, as you can’t change something if you don’t know what to change and how to change it (or even that anything needs to change!) You should be in the Guiness Book of World Records for “Person who caused longest-lasting smile.” I can’t think of a point in any of your videos when I frowned. Ok, any more rambling and the 500 character limit is surpassed, so goodbye.

Nice one, MaryAnne! You made perfect sense. no rambling here. Sound advice and encouragement all around. I like where you stated your purpose for being on YT. Yes- dont worry so much about ourselves. Observe more and try to be helpful whenever possible. Thanks- good vid!

Honestly this is one of your best videos. I enjoy your singing so much and the fact that you not only have looks but brains to go with that amazing voice of yours fascinates me. Keep on keepin’ on, Miss Brave, your beautiful soul helps others more then you know.

By the first minute, I felt a little better.

By the third minute, I was ready to ask my boss for a raise.

By the fifth minute, I was ready to try out for the olympics.

By the sixth minute, I was considering running for President.

By the eighth minute, I had started calling old girlfriends just to mock them, and I was sure I could bring plaid and stripes into style.

I think I overdosed at about the fourth minute.

MaryAnne, I have always loved your singing. Your words of wisdom here show so much of your heartfelt emotions. I wish the best for you. Hummmm…… never thought it would go this far. Did you?? Just Keep it under control. I know its hard!!! Congratulations!

Here is my observation: A lot of what you mention sounds more like self respect. You can only earn self respect by doing something that, well, you respect, like saying no to a temptation, selfless acts of kindess, learning a new skill, setting and reaching a goal. No one can give this to you. You earn it yourself with the help of God. You can’t give it to anyone, but some, like you, show people how to earn their own.

Good comment, Plato193. I agree that people only believe that which they have logical and emotional reasons to believe. If someone wants to believe that they are good and capable, they must do things that prove to themselves that they are so. Self respect and self esteem are very similar and come from the same causes. However, it never hurts to have someone sincerely compliment you. When you have done well, you deserve some reward and recognition.

Wonderful words of advice and wisdom.
Thank you, MaryAnne :))
but I do want to say that the “horrible, horrible” people may not be so terrible, after all…lost and thus angry, perhaps, and so they throw it like a stone and see if it hits a soft spot. I think if you can help someone who is of that nature, you will feel ‘wealthier’, may even change you. Thanks again 🙂

“The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.” – Henry Ford.

So far Ysabella have given us all the amazing gift of her time, talent and wisdom,and all for free. You don’t get much better than that. Thank you Ysabella.

So I guess what you are saying is that we spend a lot of our lives comparing our inside with other people’s outsides (what we can experience, what we see). Then I guess self-esteem is essentially a reconciliation of the two, or being ok with the comparison?

Ysabella you’re amazing! I am a wise one myself but you’ve got something more than wisdom. I love watching your videos, even your singing ones. You have such a gentle personality. Why can’t everyone be more like you? And no that doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but no one is. What I mean is why can’t everyone think like you do? Don’t you think the world would be a better place? Keep doing what you do. You’re inspiring.

Thanks for the words of encouragement Mary Anne. I’ve stressed alot with different things that life has tossed my way and I sorta feel like each event has torn a bit of confidence from me and I feel low, but for one thing I agree is that when you take the time to really give back to someone else whose feeling low, its a pretty uplifting experience to know that you made their day better, thanks again Mary Anne for this

To stupidvidiot: To help others we all need resources. Very few people can do a lot without money. People want to support Ysabella because we really enjoy what she does and we want to make sure she can continue to do it. This costs her a lot of time and money. Could you do what you do for others if you had no money? I know that I couldn’t. I don’t think it would work if she tried to pay her electric bill by singing them a song. Although, she is good enough to do so.

Ysabella, your constant and consistant cordiality and wisdom is refreshing and inspiring. This is a great corollary to your Everyday Bravery talk. We are all constantly trying to figure out who we are. Am I brave, do I like myself, am I doing good things, do I respect myself etc. You help all of us answer all of these questions far more positively than we otherwise would have. Thank you.

Mary Anne, tell me, how you do it? I use to help others, hearing, giving a hand, but sometimes, I get the sadness, I feel the people feelings in order to understand them, and I help them, but then, no one give me a hand, I left behind, how can youhelp and dont get involved in it?

Well yes you don’t want to help one person to the point of being abused (remember The Giving Tree book by Silverstein :), but beside that, your goodness, or your badness, will be returned to you. I’m living proof right now. It’s not about doing good because of what you’ll get – it’s about doing what’s right because it’s what is right.

Also, there is a woman, who is in the limit, she needs to hear this words of you, I help a lot of people, but I cant do the same with her, please, help me to help her, she have a good heart and feelings, what can I do? She needs a reason to live…

dont take this the wrong way please. Are you an expert or just a person sharing your personal experience and knowledge for everyone to hear. Im just interested because you make alot of sense but i was wondering if you have studied something in anthropology or psycology or just a pretty wise person?

We really, really love you! You are so smart and so wonderful in every way. God blessed this world with one of his greatest gifts when he created you. I always though I would have to die and go to heaven to see a real angel, but you are living proof that I was wrong. Thanks for your videos and thanks for being such a beautiful little angel!!!

Self Esteemis a good thing
bein selfish isn`t
your so sweet girl
i see by i woke up so i can listen to you
it`s 3.33 here now
i usally wake up at 6.00 and listen to you
now i get to go back to sleep after listenin to you sing
i think the other vid is a singin one

Yay! An 8 minute clip! Now thats more like it….lol…Maryanne thank you.You’re such a blessing from God. Thank you for sharing from your heart a message that will help many. Helping and loving others brings healing,happiness,and contentment. ” Love is patient and kind;love does not envy or boast;it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way…Love bears all things,believes all things,hopes all things,endures all things.Love never fails”.

I really love it when you do these videos. I love what you had to say. If I could put self-esteem in a nut shell I would say, If we only cared about what God cared about, we would have high selfesteem. Issues like, beauty, fashion, peer pressure, what others think of us, etc., would be obsolete and then we would feel full of inner peace. ~Raven

Part 2 and last comment,I sware, lol…I feel insecurity is like a glass that contains thoughts and feelings that we shouldnt have from some experiences in life. EAch person has water in them with variance of amounts. Until the glasses are empty, we will struggle in some area of our life. Life is certaintly an ongoing experience with trials unknown, to challenge the glass that we say we dont hold. I guess humility knows this and I certaintly have much to learn. ~Raven

Just to have you as a part of my life once a week is amazing. You are a joy and I am thankful I can experience your excitement and love of life. I imagine all those yahoo’ers are quite a happy bunch just from seeing you daily…Good luck in all that you do and most of all THANK YOU

sobearush: Ysabella gives so much to her fans already – scores of songs and insightful advice videos – what difference does it make how much make up she has? She is her to entertain and help – not show the world every single aspect of her life. Just be happy she is on YouTube.

God Bless you… You are such a star. I love these videos, seems like the most sincere thing around here on youtube, and it’s great. I still recommend your everyday bravery to people that come to ME with problems. Really, from my heart, God bless you.

maryanne, may i start by saying that once again you gave me chills…but this time with the words you SPOKE, not sang. i signed up for youtube last sept and believe it or not it was BECAUSE OF YOU!! i somehow stumbled onto YT thru links and clicking (it was actually through Sid Haig’s myspace page, during the horrorfest contest, i from there ended up on YT watching your submission (which was my fav-i voted), and from there clicked on YOU, and well, i was hooked)


Just remember, no matter how bad you feel or how bad your predicament, there is always somebody worse off than you. Socrates said, “If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart.”

I’m 29 and still have problems with self esteem. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the times in which we live in or American culture (today) and if people are getting getting less friendly, more isolated, or concern themselves with things that are not important. But, when I look back at the history of man it seems it has always been this way. Death is a release of pain, but I still don’t want to die.

I remember I heard that part about Kurt Cobain when he killed himself. That it’s not so much that you want to die so much as you want the pain to stop.

By the way I love the blues, especially Howlin’ Wolf old Chicago and acoustic blues. To quote Bleeding Gums of The Simpsons, “The blues isn’t about feeling better, it’s about making others feel worst.”

This video came right in time, I have been facing this issue just recently. I actually though have gotten to the point where people tell me plainly to my face they care but I dont feel it, I dont believe them. When I get a compliment (few and FAR between) I feel like they are more making fun of me. Its crazy I know but I feel the damage has been done and my only hope is if someone worships me who I worship back, but then, theres nothing to like about me, I exert no great qualities 😦

God made us all like we are for a reason. Embrace your self and understand your true potential in the world. We should never look at each other’s as our source of love for ourselves. Love thy self and love thy neighbor, but girl, you aren’t the anointed holy one, so seriously make sure that you seriously research your topic. You sound preachy and I still love you, but that spotlight sometimes has a tweaking effect to a sincere and honest personality.

I’m really glad you delete negative & hateful comments before posting – I wish more people did that (unless the video is a debate forum) – it makes me feel good about myself coming here just to say I love your singing and to give you five stars – and knowing you may see the compliment.

im from turkey so i cant speak eng.well but i’ll try..thank you so much for these videos,especially for this one.i really need to hear these kind of things………….these words arent enough to tell how much you helped me,i cant explain it with this language(i should practise more),but i have to write sth…i know you’ll understand me..thanks again..



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    I just found this page.. Thanks for the kind words, MaryAnne. I somehow missed it before.

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