The perfect cup of coffee

May 26, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
And when the French use a French press, do they just call it “a press”? Except in French, obviously.

And do they also call French fries just “fries”? Well, then again, non-French people call French fries “fries” on occasion too. So it wouldn’t be unusual if they did, I suppose.

Brits just call them “chips”, you know. Well, except a Brit “chip” is traditionally cut into bigger strips and, consequently, fried longer. Which tends to make the Brit “chips” softer and less crispy (which hardly makes them healthier alternative to the French fry, admittedly).

It’s all just fried potato strips in the end, though, I suppose. Well, except I suppose strictly potato chips (what Brits call “crisps”) are all just fried potato chips too. But those are cut wafer thin and not served hot.

Anyway, I digress.

I suppose the French call it a “cafetiere”. Obviously.

Ignore what I just said. It’s meaningless.

◄ ۩ ► ♫ ۞ ♠ ☼ ♦ ♪ ♣ ☺ ♥ ÐiGGe® W@S HE®E ♥ ☻ ♣ ♪ ♦ ☼ ♠ ۞ ♫ ◄ ۩ ►
◄ ۩ ► ♫ ۞ ♠ ☼ ♦ ♪ ♣ ☻ ♥ HE®E W@S ÐiGGe® ♥ ☺ ♣ ♪ ♦ ☼ ♠ ۞ ♫ ◄ ۩ ►
◄ ۩ ► ♫ ۞ ♠ ☼ ♦ ♪ ♣ ☺ ♥ W@S ÐiGGe® HE®E ♥ ☻ ♣ ♪ ♦ ☼ ♠ ۞ ♫ ◄ ۩ ►
◄ ۩ ► ♫ ۞ ♠ ☼ ♦ ♪ ♣ ☻ ♥ HE®E ÐiGGe® W@S ♥ ☺ ♣ ♪ ♦ ☼ ♠ ۞ ♫ ◄ ۩ ►

Damn! I thought I was on the theboringdispatcher channel, and instead, I end up watching this masculinized behemoth wannabe look-alike playing Martha Stewart. Will you be showing us how to bake holiday sugar cookies next? How come you weren’t singing the directions? You know how much we love it when you sing Roj! 😀

Well, I suppose it also just depends a little on what kind of tea you have too. Because those herbal teas have the best health benefits and, admittedly, I don’t like those herbal teas as much.

Well, okay, so I suppose all teas are actually herbal because tea comes from a plant (the tea plant, unsurprisingly enough). But I mean those “specialist” leaf teas.

Well, okay, I suppose you don’t actually have to be a “specialist” in anything to drink a leaf tea rather than a tea bag tea.

I mean, can you imagine the conversation?

“I’m a specialist. A professional.”
“In what?”
“Drinking tea made from leaves”

I mean, all tea is made from leaves. What the hell does “leaf tea” mean anyway, for pity’s sake?

Did you know that when they filter the tea leaves to separate the big leaves from the little bits – obviously, “little bits” is not a technical term there but, well, I don’t work in the the tea industry personally, so I apologise if I’m not au fait with all their fancy technical terms – that they collect up the little bits (let’s call them “tea grains” for want of a better word) and it’s those which go into the cheaper tea bag teas?

I’m not sure how they make granulated tea. Except, obviously, they somehow granulate the tea leaves because that’s in the name itself.

You know, “granulated tea” is “tea that’s been granulated”. Obviously.

But I’m not sure what the exact process they use to do this is. Whether it’s derived from all of the tea leaves or, like tea bag tea, from the “tea grains”, as I’m now calling them.

Well, okay, I mean, I did obviously realise it on a subconscious level because I’m saying so now and if I didn’t realise that somewhere in the back of my mind then I wouldn’t be realising that now.

But, you know, on a conscious level, I never did realise that there was so much of a process behind a humble tea.

Not that I’m suggesting there isn’t also a similar big process behind making coffee too.

It’s not that I’m prejudiced against coffee or anything. I’m not a “coffee-ist” (if that’s even a word). I drink coffee sometimes too. It’s just that I prefer to drink tea – tea bag tea, as mentioned earlier – to coffee on a regular basis.

Well, okay, I say “regular” but it’s not like I have a strict periodic tea drinking schedule or anything. As that would be kind of weird.

Okay, when I say “weird”, I mean weird for me. Not that having a regular routine for drinking tea – or coffee, for that matter – is weird in a general sense.

But…well…okay…you know…

yeah i saw an alton brown episode where they talked about tea the nice big whole leaves are saved and sold for more money all the smaller peices are then sold for a cheaper price then whatever is left over is sold for tea bag tea never squeeze the bag it makes the tea bitter i like tea too with honey and lemon

Yeah, that’s the one, ‘Spatch. Tea bag tea is made from the rejected left overs of the more expensive leaf teas.

If tea were wheat – which it isn’t obviously, but it makes for a good metaphor – then what they put in tea bags would be the chaff that gets filtered out.

Honey and lemon sounds nice, though. Especially at the moment because I’ve got a bit of a sore throat. 😦



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