Giveaway Cancelled

May 24, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You could be at least understanding of why he did it and WHAT makes you even think it was expected of him??? He spends time to entertain us all with videos. I don’t see any of your videos to be entertaining. You’re a loser and didn’t deserve to be subscribed to him anyways.

This really ticks me off. What’s the matter with people? You produce some of the best videos on YouTube, and a cool radio show — all free — then offer money to your subscribers, and still people are stupid unappreciative morons. Unbelievable. 😦

I see you had no intention of continuing this “giveaway”. It was an attempt to gain some popularity and then come up with some excuse so you didn’t have to give out more dough. You then create a drama like this. You’re no different than williamsled who faked his account being hacked into to gain attention, which by the way he ripped off from several others during that time. (Can’t win either way huh? Just fucking with ya)

I really don’t think $200 a month would really hurt someone that much… I doubt if it had anything to do with the money itself. I think people just pissed him off. Oh well… I never wanted any money. I think he ought to…. aww screw it… He’s reading this. Hey LD, I think you should get off your dead rear and subscribe to some of us. You one way bitchtoid.

Of all the people on youtube for people to think are scammers or “trying to be popular”, you don’t even belong on the “maybe” list. Your videos are funny, and original, and the dumbasses who bother you need to detach their ass from their computer chair once in a while.

I refer to my comment on the video where you announced this contest.With people’s short attention spans any mention of $ is instantly dismissed as underhanded.This is not your fault.The atmosphere has been tainted by others.Some begged *cough Boh3m3 cough* and some even stole *cough Damien cough* You’ve already done enough for us subscribers by bothering to craft your videos. Peace

I am f*cking pissed at that (hopefully small) group who spoiled it for the rest of the people, including me, who love what you’re doing on here!!! It was great fun, why are people wrecking that??? 😦 Thanks anyway Lazydork! Support you all the way.

FUCK THE HATERS! I get so many on my channel and i could care less. Just do what YOU want to do lazydork. If you lose a subscriber or 2 because of something YOU want to do, then oh well, FUCK EM! Keep yourself happy, not the negative nancy’s in the world.

This is soo typical of people. Whenever someone is doing something nice and/or possitive it gets loads of sh*t all over it. There are some on youtube who clearly have a misserable life and thus try to ruin that of others. Everything with boobs on this site gets ‘I want to lick your pussy’ comments thrown at them. In the beginning I didn’t really notice it but now from say a 1000 comments 900 are clearly meant to hurt.

I’m sorry you had such a negative reaction. 😦

There will always be haters who will ruin everyone else’s enjoyment just because they lack a sense of fun.

I however, find your videos exceptionally fun and I think you can still give back to us supporters by using the money to make more entertaining videos.

Keep up the great work!! ^_^

I usually do not comment. Especially when offered money. What did you expect? Appealing to peoples greediness to get comments? That`s really a low I would not have expected of you. At least the beggers are honest about what they are doing, despicable as it is. Saying, you want to give back to your subscribers… yeah, right. If you want to give back something, please just continue to make great videos. And do keep up your radio show, I enjoy it a lot.

the “thank you” WAS a ploy to get on the most discussed list, not a real thank you to the subscribers… if you were actually thanking people, you could have just given $50 to three random subscribers or people that have consistently commented on your videos… you were essentially paying for people to comment on your vids… also… pouting when people (rightfully) call you out on something is a bit unnecesary

what? did you think you wouldnt get any negative comments. this is freakin youtube. you get negative comments just for posting anything these days. you shouldn’t have let a few haters rain on your parade. i thought you were the kind of guy who didnt care what anyone thought of him. so why did you bow to the pressure? you should just do whatever the hell you feel like doing, and to hell with everyone else. keep it real!!!!

Sorry Lazydork.

I apologize on behalf of the bunches of nose picking ass holes on this site.All they wanted was attention, and they ended up being the idiots that they were born to be.

I think that everyone who did this should be suspended and/or flamed :\

Good business, you didn’t see the results you desired so you planned on discontinuing if failed or the followup of so-called hater comments causing “DRAMA” would give you more exposure, either way, it doesn’t matter, most don’t watch for a contest, they watch for CONTENT.

That fucking blows goat balls, man. How the fuck can people have such an issue with you showing your appreciation for your fans? People goddamned make me sick. Seriously. Everyone who reacted negatively to that should be drug out into the streets, beaten with a stick, sewn into a burlap sack and dropped in the nuclear fires of a fission plant.

LazyDork can we just go back to funny vids? That’s why I subscribe to you, because you’re funny. I’m sorry this didn’t work out and I’m sorry people were assholes about it. But don’t worry, YouTube doesn’t need to be about money. Just make entertaining vids, it’s all good.

I don’t see any problem with you giving away $50 if you want. Why the hell not if it makes your day a bit more interesting. Some folks out there will spit on anything that involves money on the internet. I once heard a guy say: “The internet should be free.” Uh, yeah. You understand (I’m sure all too well) that some people don’t think before they express their opinion. Anyway, people are weird.

That’s a real shame I thought it was a good idea. I guess it might look like you were paying people to join your channel. Maybe if you do it again say that they needed to be subscribed to your channel for X number of weeks to be able to participate.

Shit, that made no sense! haha I meant that one of the genuine people here on youtube can’t even do anything nice because of the overwhelming number of fucktards on here!! Keep up the good work Ricky, there is a small group of us who really appreciates what u do πŸ™‚

I don’t believe you. But you are too good at making videos than to have anything to do with asking people to comment, subscribe, or anything involving money with your videos. Especially now since your involved with this partnership program, some people with look what your motives are for doing that. Even if it is sincere on your part

People are never happy no matter what you do. It was a sweet gesture and unlike anything any of the other youtubers have tried. As long as you don’t stop making videos i’m happy. It’s great you tired to show your apprectiation but apparently somepeople are much to unworthly of it and can’t handle being appreciated.

Just please don’t stop making videos your the shit! πŸ™‚
Much love from canada

Sucks that they were so harsh on you L Dizzle. You consistantly give some of the best videos to us for free and now you were going to give some of us free money too. What is up with these idiots. F$%@ them I’m still going to be watching all your videos anyway whether you have the giveaway or not. Your fan for life or as long as I’m not brain dead and drooling.

I don’t understand how you didn’t foresee that this wasn’t going to go down well. If you want to show your audience that you appreciate them, then make specially catered one-off videos or something. Giving away cash will never look anything but desperate, not matter what spin you put on it.

I can’t believe some people would think of bashing you for giving thanks to your subscribers. Although I couldn’t enter, I still thought it was a good idea. I still will be a subscriber, because I started watching you because you’re good, not because you’re giving away some prizes.

I don’t believe you are a scammer, but this looked bad, especially as you are now part of the partnership program. In part it is the climate created by high profile users scamming that has generated this cynicism. If you believe what you are doing is right and for the right reasons you should continue. If you don’t then stop it.

You know what then? fuck them all.These unappreciative people always talking shit to good people doing good things.Kinda sad that something as horrible as exploiting other’s sorrow and pain get more hits and views than the people who really make this site what is it.This youtube site has gone to shit and i rarly come to watcfh things hewre as it has gotten to the point that real “artists” get flamed while trash makers get fame… thats bullshit!! UNGREATFUL FUCKERS!

so all those people believed that he was giving money away just to make more money, nothing to do with an entertaining or appreciative motive? these people believe the same guy who poored a carton of milk over his head and raps about subway while in his dressing gown all day is a scammer and a conman? this has got to be the worst, slowest but best acted (are all his videos not sincere?) con to make money!



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