Scientology and Us

May 22, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
exactly. go freedom on youtube. Reporters are allowed to do what they want really also yes his shouting was nothing but to control the situation.

Also the celebs that believe in scientolgy are all very strange and i wouldnt ever respect them.

You should be a journo you can speak like a pro.

Just registered a new account to do something useful with, like talk to ‘political artists’, (someone who has the intelligence to voice out their opinions without fear or shying away from ignorant assholes)and voice mine own opinions. I’m watching it as I write, and I’m expecting it to be true to yourself ^^

lol the bbc do like their youtube links, but this does go on about fundies a bit too much.

i didnt say in my comment was that i thought that fundimentalist christians rant was a little irrational. developement and factory conditions in China arent really due fundimentalist christians really and in the middle east it is the Imperial US that cause the problems, its all control for the US and there very edging separation from the UN

I saw it and oh dear it was bad. The BBC is the greatest broadcaster in the world and Panorama is excellent but Mr Sweeney lost it and that was unforgiveable. After all he should have anticipated these people were going to be incredibly irritating.

Fundamentalist Christians hired China to make stuff? Don’t you mean American distribution companies? And fundamentalist christians armed turkey and other states, huh? Don’t you mean the American government? Do you even know what the difference between Christian and fundamentalist Christian is? We should all be equal, huh? No matter how hard I work I should never be able to rise above someone else’s station in life if they don’t work?

Our government is a secular one! There’re religious PEOPLE serving, but our founding docs specifically forbid favoring one religion over another (or the absence of). War deaths are not murder, deaths a leader caused his people b/c he could not meet the requirements to form a trust between his nation and ours are not murder. Care to revise your estimated figure please? I’m not a supporter of any of those presidents in particular, I just think you are unfairly categorizing tragedies.

Scientology is famous for litigating everyone and everything. But your reasons – even though they’re wisecracks – are weak, especially regarding John Travolta. Scientology is basically a collection of every good idea L. Ron Hubbard could find. He used this collection of great ideas to build himself an empire. The closer you get to L. Ron Hubbard, the weirder things get. As long as you stay away from its religious trappings, you can get some good stuff out of it.

Are you bigoted at all against the religions of the middle east that tell them to kill homosexuals? I’m not advocating scientology, it’s messed up as well and they do horrible things to people too, but a few scientology deaths here and there and it being a money religion is a hell of a lot less horrible than the hundreds of homosexuals killed by Muslims and the way most Muslim woman are treated.

You rant so much BS it was painfull listening to you even for 30 seconds.
BBC, and white middle class ‘British’ media man, are not very nice people to say the least.
Infact, they are pretty horrible lot, especially those from the BBC(a construct of the MI6).
That stupid man’s shouting was funny, showed the BBC true face, propoganda, insanity and controversy.
BBC = crap programs which we are force to pay for.

True, Christendom and those who have sprung from them don’t represent the teachings of the Bible or that of Jesus Christ, in fact just the opposite with greed, love of money, blessing of wars, threats, violence, immorality – called hypocrisy. I enjoy viewing your videos, you are articulate, passionate, and do a good job in getting across your reasoning…even if sometimes your views differ from mine. I look forward to your future videos.

The death, murder, rape, war machine…that small fries to me. Anyone can do those things. What really pisses me off about fundamentalist christianity is when they say creationism is science.

Oh, and scientology is gay. And tom cruise it gay too.

How dare you, Warren. L. Ron Hubbard was obviously a science fiction writer turned prophet… erm, correction: turned a huge profit out of his idiotic followers! Very good pwning them for charging for the “answer” to life (before anyone writes a check: it’s 42), though they didn’t have much to stand on to start with.

“Fundies” aren’t worth wasting words on. If it isn’t what they’re used to hearing they’ll assume you speak for the devil.

AAAAH! once some guy on the street told me to come with him and I was like.. ehh ok? and we went to this office and he started talking about scientology and I was like: aaaah ok. and i tried this machine to make me free of any worries. and he tried to make me buy an expensive book and I was like.. I dont have any money. I still have his business card haha

I live in Scientology Central- Clearwater, FL. Thanx for speaking out agqainst them.
You have to be careful with that CULT- they will go to great lengths to ruin anyone that dares to speak against them.
It’s all about the money- oh, and Xenu! hehe!
(crazy fuckers!)

Speaking out against scientology does not make you “bigoted”, unless you consider taking issue with the ideas of a sci fi novelist “bigotry”. “L.Ron Hubbard-ism” is what Travolta & his insect-minded wrong-brains mean. Of course, the individual is not something cults/religions/a.n. other mind control system recognise. Ppl laughed at Christianity once…a pity they stopped.

I think the “God and Country” mentality is the real danger, which isn’t per se fundamentalism, although many Christian fundamentalists do support ultranationalism. It’s a throwback to the “One God, one king, one nation” idea that was overthrown with the advent of political secularism. So in a sense it’s a civic religion with a veneer of Christianity. That’s how I see it anyway.



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