Rock The Boogie Woogie = Ben’s Composition

May 22, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Thank you, Ben, you rocked the house! Awesome left hand developing, your strength, and stamina is olympic, world class! Haha! ;D Nice workout, I bet your arms felt funny afterward! ;D Great stuff, Ben, I love the way you rock your Boogie Woogie!
Two thumbs up, and an ear to ear smile! ;D
love, uncle Paulie never stop amazing people..including myself and family..most people on youtube or anywhere for that matter wish they had such a gift..judging by your character you will use it wisely..keep it up because we all enjoy listening to someone like yourself..hey..I’m coming to Virginia to drink some of the friend doughowell

TubeGranny sent me your way. Awesome guy. Keep up the great work. I’m a massage therapist and have one little piece of advice. Find a massage therapist! You will not imagine how much benefit it will be to get some massage on your neck, arms and HANDS! Wish I could help you out! HUGS

Rip it up, Ben! You rock!!

Funny thought as I watch this and some of your others: When I was your age my hands *could not* span an octave. I faked it until I outgrew it… hehe… But yours already seem natural and at ease with it. A major plus!


Ben the Best! Haha! You truly are the best. A great musician, and that’s an understatement to you. It’s always a pleasure to listen to your music… in fact I look forward to it after school. I have no doubt in my mind that you will win the talent show, or at least be the best, even if you went to a school full of super-talented kids. You are amazing.


That was vewy ‘Original’ Ben!! What a Blast!! (;
Luv the way You ‘Rock-a-bye’, Ben! (;

Keep Rockin’ Ben! (;

Come on over & see my Latest Humble video Ben & Fans/Friends! (;
Have a Great Day Y’All !




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