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I have witnessed two people in my life die. My grandfather almost a year ago now, and a young child 5 years old. My grandmother thought that my grandfather would be healed from cancer (60% of his body) From prayer, extremely angering and sadening watching them believe this.

Although i must say that they knew they were going to die.

Peter Popoff should have been tried for murder. He had these old folks so bamboozled that he got them to throw their prescription medications up on the stage because God had healed their afflictions and they didn’t need them anymore. Benny Hinn isn’t much better, that fucking processed pompador wearing muppet.

Im a Christian and I certainly dont defend these clowns. I expose them!.

There is a plethora of dead-beat ministries on the radio and so-called “Christian” broadcast networks. It should make any Christian sick and upset. The simple gospel of Jesus Christ has been polluted with teachings about “financial seeds” and “divine faith healing.” God’s house has been turned once again into a “den of thieves!”

The most notorious “faith healer” alive today is without a doubt Benny Hinn. If an Oscar were ever to go to the most blasphemous charismatic performance during a “faith-healing” crusade or service, Benny would be nominated and win.

Scripture says to test all things to see if they are of God. An examination into the excessive lifestyle led by faith healers, their false claims of miraculous healing, and their false teachings and there is no doubt that faith healers are fake healers.

Beny Hinn is a fraud.

The Apostle Paul wrote about those who preach Christ from various motives (Philippians 1:15-18). Hinn’s motivation is glorification of himself, spiritual power, and money.

I don’t know where Hinn and his “charismatic” bedfellows like get scriptural validation for the practice of “slaying in the spirit.” You can’t find the practice in the Bible. It glorifies Hinn by showing him “filled with the spirit,” powerful enough to “slay” gullible believers.

Brett I am have been in a Mental Instition and yes I have seen the tremendous suffering,You think Benny Hinn is bad Brett ,have you ever watched Peter Popoff you should order his Miracle Spring Water,By the way Brett your incredibily hot I would enjoy a roll in the sack with you! I love your rebellious Personality:)

Perhaps you could do a video about Pat Robertson and the vagueness of his “faith healings.” His faith healins play out like a horoscope. He’ll “heal” people of diseases and give details of their problems but curiously, god can’t reveal their names. Wouldn’t that help god if he did? Strange, isn’t it?

There are good reasons why the Bible commands us to “test everything” and “preserve sound doctrine”, and warns us repeatedly about FALSE teachers. While Benny Hinn ministeries have some good things to say, we must remember that Satan does not feed us poison outright HE HIDES IT IN THE MEAT!

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (2 Cor. 11 13&14)

interesting how you said in your previous post that you didnt hate people nor religion……… and that “fuck fuck fuck” speach…..gross. Reasonable? What is reasonable to you brett kane? That everything is “fuck fuck” and that those that murder should die the same way, those “fuckers” dont deserver a damn shit? Scary messages there, be careful with what you are saying.

Two things:

1) Benny never says or has said or even claimed to be the healer. He always points to Jesus the Son of God.
Your issue isn’t with Benny, its with God.

2) You’re either high or drunk in this video, what kind of example are you setting?

1. CBC’s Fifth Estate program entitled “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ?” exposed Benny Hinn. It is available on the CBC web site – Just Google the words Benny Hinn CBC miracles.

2. I didn’t see anything odd about his video. He is under the weather due to an ear problem so…

What would be the point of Christ returning if everyone that believes in him is “healed” ? Regardless of the collective hysteria and theatrics, Benny’s self appointed position is far from justified by the very bible he claims to be preaching from.

Benny Sin (oops! I meant Hihn)has many homes as well. ‘so much’ for Jesus’s words to “sell all you own and THEN come follow me”!!!!! American culturalized Christianity has little (or less)to do with what Jesus said. You are NOT out of line on this. Especially the ‘christian excuses’ comment!!

There is nothing more corupt than exploiting injury and infirmity for financial gain. Yet this is one of the biggest businesses in the US. Television evangelist are just one part of this problem. A large part of the drug lobby, insurance companies, and holistic therapy companies are doing the exact same thing. I hate snake oil salesmen.



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  • 1. Jason&hellip  | 

    I know it is true , we are in the dispensation of Grace. But we have to be carefull in what we say about men of God. Be carefull not to blasfame. Think before you talk.

  • 2. Jason&hellip  | 

    By tbe way I dont hate Benny Hinn, and dont hold anything against him. And you should search yourself. Yes you reading this now

  • 3. Jason&hellip  | 

    Dont allow yourself to do the wrong thing just because others are doing it. Be carefull! God love you. You should know that.

  • 4. Jason&hellip  | 

    God loves you.

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