Happy Mothers Day from LOCA

May 19, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Notice, when she’s paying tribute to her own mom, she puts her hand to her head in a nervous reaction. That means that she’s telling the truth, and that she’s uneasy sharing it with us all, and unsure if she should. She’s didn’t rehearse it enough, huh Loca? šŸ˜‰

This mothers day wasn’t the best for me either! I didn’t even wish my mom a Happy Mothers Day or anything and I feel really bad about it, it’s just awkward because of the hell I went thru with her earlier in my teen years. I don’t feel emotionally attached to her anymore =(. Next weekend I will try to make it up for her tho by taking her out just me and her. Cause no matter what she put me thru, she is still my mother and I do love her and want her to know it.

yo stevie…. your a good actress and all… no disrespect. but your disrespecting a whole culture in the name of personal propaganda. publicity is great but at the expense of making a mockery of a culture?? im glad you rode with your homegirls in the back of the bus… but ur still stevie.. and that dont mean you gotta go pretend to be something your not.

. acting is an form of expression, i get it, but thats all it is acting. what about re-enforcing stereotypes and misrepresenting people whoms life style and socail setting are real cases of what you are trying to portray… i admit you had me fooled for a second, but you dont add up girl.dont use your wak ass imitation. put them on youtube. they have realshit to say. ur shit is all pretend.let them blog.

anyway.. the bigger issue is making this homegirl thing into a fad.its not a joke or funny, its real for peoplebout there…so the truth is the community is suffering, my raza is hurting, and some little white girl pretending to be down aint doing shit.

so your telling me shes a real rolemodel for homegirls out therte. charity work is great.everyone should be involved. everyone needs to do their part. amocking the culture is straight up disrispect….u think her portrayal doesnt add to the image cpmplex of a real home girl today. im not mad. im not pretending to be a white girl. im glad stevie raises funds for the community.. but she needs to raise her moral standards. shes making a mockery of the homegirls she says she respects

you aint helpin no one but urself darling… i suggest you read homegirls in the public sphere, a book by keta miranda. then you can gain some more insight on the true social, political, and historical issues tormenting our homegirls today. im not trying to burst your bubble, i would love to network or become more involved in creating a real kinship of people who care about the razas community issues.

its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. now thats some real ktazy shit right there.lets stop stevie. she aint loka shes fake. lets get some real homegirls to blog..yo,. that no doubt video is straight up scandalous and fraudulent.

i have passion for my community. i know that this act is only contributing to the painful stereotypes mainstream america already has of homegirl. if anything its giving lame people an exuse to mock them. check it ou. how many people are on u tube pretending to be homegirls or chongas?? exactly. shes contributung to the silencing of subculture and generation. my homegirls have their own voice. stevie dont need to talk for them

you don’t see the private messages she gets from young latino girls who love her and want to do like her. Look you can’t hate on someone who lived it. shes aloud to use her life experiences to help young girls make the right choices. Loca promotes school and not having sex.

she is still a fraud. how are these girls gonna feel when they find out shes mocking the way they talk, walk, dress, just because she wants to act. yeah positive. great shes on the internet, but if your gonna mascarade as a rolemodel? more power to her messages of school and safe sex?but lets talk about why education and sexism are even an issue in the latino community??

also…shes banking of fo this shit too…aint none of our homies up in switzerland. straight up euroamerican shit. she might have raised some money… that dont mean she won a sombrero. and she still tyring to fit it on her big ass head and shit. so she donated some of her money. shes trying to become famous by proving she can act. dont b fooled homie.

You’re only attacking Little Loca because she is an easy target and infamous. She supports the mexican community and she supports mexican artists. If any Chola has a problem with this they should get off their butts and do their own contribution. Whether you know it or not she has inspired that in many youtubers already.

im not a hata… im just exposing the truth. lets uplift the community and let these girls tell us about their own experiences. stevie dont need to be reping for no one. that fakery of a a facade is only gonna make the struggle worse… do ur research homie.read the book i recommended to ms. ryan. it might help. then you can help the greater community.



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