My Mother The Wh**e

May 18, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
thats messed up/ i hope she didnt really didnt treat you like this because seeing that brought back memories that i thought the men in black wiped away years ago
but happy mother’s day anyway
i love yo hair
you need to be in a shampoo commercial

i’m special. mothers day is in march(usually the last sunday) in the uk. yes i said im special cos if it wasnt for me then there would be no mothers… seeing as i am offspring. whee, sorry for ranting. i noticed that you like to talk about breast feeding a lot… ok maybe only twice but are you getting that “iwannabeamummy” feeling? =P

wow, i dont know whether your trying to say im uniquie or i belong in that special house with the padded rooms. =P

you’ll always have material as long as theres something or someone to be mean about. not that you are mean or anything. perish the thought =D … youtube needs smilies. that is all.

When I saw this was a Mother’s Day video I started to fear that you might be going soft and emotional on us. Luckily my fears were unfounded. You’re just as misanthropic, insane, and hilarious as ever (and I do mean all those things in the nicest way).

First, I tought you are kidding, and at the end of your vid, I nearly start to believe that you are not.
According to Pavlov ‘conditions of life affect state of mind’ you will try to make childhood of your offsprings much nicer. Statistics R littl against you. Yet, challenge made many individuals stronger and better.
I’d rather hope you are laying:-) Cheer up!

i’v been thinking ,you poor baby ,,,,well on the bright side jamie you can shage your dad to pay her back ,(and dont forget i fill in for him if need be, if you like i hook up with your mom and she can catch me in the act of me pounding your a$@,,,well if you think it will help 🙂 ),, and jamie she was’t going too use it her watch a mar callit anyway god bless XO 🙂

I was replying to shamgod411, just as I am replying to you now. Jamie is a blast. I love her. Please notice that when one clicks the ‘reply’ button the reply only appears next to the original poster when ‘view all comments’ is selected. In this summary page the most recent posts will pop up, no matter how out of context they appear. Can be confusing.

Wow, that sounds kinda like my mom. Only difference is that I’m an only child, and thus the only hope for continuing the family name. I don’t know how many times I would eat with my mother during dinner and hear her mutter under her breath “If I still had my ovaries, you’d be a dead man.” Ha! Moms!

You’re already popular here, and your vids are good. No need to keep spamming yourself. Makes you seem like a shameless self promoter. Btw, feel free to visit my channel and subscribe and leave comments. It’s an amazing channel and will change your life.

Sorry for the sloppiness. I looked up “Ironic” and it’s a hopelessly complicated word, involving names like Socrates & Fowler. So I’m dumping it from my lexicon. Henceforth, I’ll just use “Iconic” instead. Oh the icony of it all! Yeah. That’s sounds better.

I think I’ll stick to the old fashion card and flowers, call me lame but making my mom go back to that time when she choked me to see what it felt like. Makes her wanna do it again, so I’mma just do it this way to keep me from having to suplex her again,. but thanks for that video anyway. 1luv mic.

Jamie, if you don’t send this comment to your mom 10 times then she will di…. oops, thought i was spamming there for a moment.

Got to say, i love the intentional and un-intentional comedy. I picked up a you tube identity because of your stuff. (not the nasty stuff either <<how suprising!!>>)

Keep it up girl and i hope your finals went well.

this is so heartwarming, so touching Jamie, you almost made me cry 🙂 that’s soooo sweet of you. thanks for sharing that video with me. i appreciate it very much & sending you & your mom some love (on my behalf). take care & hope to chat with you soon.

Sean with love

wow. at least your mom only WISHES she had an abortion. i was the only fetus that fought back. and it’s why i’m still here. she also KEPT TRYING to abort me. when i was 6, and she “accidently” left me in the car in the garage with the gas on while she put the groceries away. Then again when I was 9, and again at 13. Then once more at 16. I really don’t wanna talk about it. point is, my mom is really bad at abortion.



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