Linkin Park – Crawling (Live)

May 17, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
uhmmmm, I’ve heard their live stuff. While it’s good, it’s not this good. I’ve listened to the album (no, I DON’T listen to them on radio, I actually buy their music) enough times to know this is right off the album with a few audience sounds meshed in.

a girl called lauren was walikng in a forest and then a she just dissapeared no one ever found her until 2000 when a yoing girl called Mary found her body and markings on her chest saying: I wasnt pretty enough” and now you have read this she will appear in your mirror saying your not pretty enough and kill you. by the way mary died shortly after.
To be saved paste this to 5 other videos. THIS TRU

Oh I know what this is. Let me explain for those who think it’s playback/lyp synching. This video’s video footage is an arrangement of live versions of Crawling. The audio is the original (‘un-live’) version of Crawling. There’s a Points of Authority video on their first DVD.

You have to read this!! you won’t believe it!!! don’t stop now!! make a wish

Now that you have your wish it will happen! in exclatly 4 days. just copy this and paste it to 4 videos!! only one wish use it wisely and it WILL HAPPEN!!! but if you break the chain your wish will be the opposite



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