TheHill88 & Katers17, a special day out.

May 15, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
That was hilarious…especially the swordfight on the bridge. The sneeze was perfect…if all you want to see is girl’s kissing you’re missing out on something here…these girls are funny and very talented. Another job well done ladies! You both rock!

Wish I was there!!! When you two meet there must have been a huge sonic boom and a feeling of kaos of creative ideas must have spewed out of h88’s and k17’s brains. 3 thumbs up for the both of you.

Please both of you must come to Canada!! Together!!

Haha good job on the video, you two. I’m impressed with your henge, that was far more interesting than the real one. Any religious experiences to report?

I did think, for a moment, that the little old lady was about to have a coronary when you started screaming!

And purely down to peer pressure, I’ll have to subscribe to Caitlin’s channel.

I thought the pirate thing was appropriate in Great Yarghmouth too =D x

Kiss into sneeze. Okay. Scissors. Nice. But where is my “Great Taste, Less Filling” catfight? (It goes like this see: A small food and drink fight, goes into the water fountain, wrestling, then wrestles into a heap of mud, and it ends, “Let’s Make Out!” 😛 A Budweiser beer commercial.

Ok now it works for me! Thanks for that youtube, make me look like a whining jerk!

I loved the end, great comedic timing there!

Also the sword fight was really funny, great song choice!

Kate you rock! And I plan to drop by TheHill88’s profile too!

Deliriously silly. I thought Caitlin was having the worst of times, you know, where you only experience a fraction of a country and some mixed experiences and suddenly the best massive little country is the suckiest? Plus it rained so much! Sent a new Canadian friend up to the Highlands. Soaked in the morning, baked in the afternoon. Leave British Springs to us pros! Come in the summer! Rough Guide is your friend 🙂 Kater’s, you’re the owls hoot! Are you a vegan?

For a few seconds I thought you two would really do what you were up to do…
Cause Caitlin’s an actress, she has no problem with kissing “on stage”,
(and you sure ain’t the most unalluring person to kiss for the fun of it) !!
And EVERY youtuber-no matter man, woman or cartoon-character-would kiss TheHill88 in front of a youtube camera!! I mean, that kiss would be worth 10.000 subscribers…
Well, anyways, thanks for sparing me a heart-attack !!



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