De La Hoya vs. Mayweather (5-5-07) (Part 5 of 5)

May 12, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Give the man some credit. Liken this to a game of chess. Oscar was the bigger man so it would be stupid for mayweather to go toe to toe with him. He even managed to rock oscar in the fifth. He’s a hell of a fighter. I know a lot of fight fans prefer the brute force of mike tyson but sometimes you have to admire the mental battles that come with the likes of mayweather. It’s called the art of hitting and not being hit.

very close fight.but a challenger is meant to TAKE the title from the champion.Mayweather didn’t do this.also American judges didn’t favour aggression as normal.Mayweather effectively stole the fight by fighting a minimal amount of each round, he was in retreat for most part.And as for compubox comments,fights are scored on the 10 point must system,not compubox,if u score it like that and tally them honestly, I had de la hoya a very narrow 1 point winner.

There are too many mayweather haters stop calling him names and telling him he ran and all that other stupid shit. If yall so tough let me see yall fight his ass pussies. De la Hoya is clearly bigger and stronger and the strategic thing to do is box him by walkin the outsides and shootin the jab, exactly what mayweather did, exactly why he won, I have no bias though i like them both and i had it dead even. but divine judge is right its boxing this isnt a street fight, nd matronic is right too.

Fuck all you whiners… Boxing is all fixed anyways, they could have easily beat each others ass, but they probably split the money on the “real contract” …

don’t you think it’s funny how nice Oscar is, he usually is more arrogant & smartassed talking shit about his opponent. Maybe he wants to make sure he get his split for fixing a fight.

I laugh at anyone who still pays to watch this BS!

To all saying Mayweather ran…
you all must not know anything about this guy.. this is his style of boxing .. he punches and backs up.
He is one of the best defensive boxers out there right now. So… it might not make for very entertaining boxing ..but … it’s a boxing style nontheless and the guy won. Plain and simple. Oscar tried like a true warrior .. but if you watch the entire fight and see the punch stats you all will clearly see that Mayweather should have won UNANIMOUSLY.

fights are scored round by round using the ten point must system dude, not compu box..and round by round score it and tally it, its almost dead even, in which case it should have gone to the one trying to force the fight, the aggressor, the only one actually trying to fight, just as it went trinidads way against de la hoya, it should have went de la hoyas way here..

Thats really not true. You dont win round just by LOOKING agressive – and thats all Oscar did. How can you say Floyd wasn’t trying to win the fight? He is a defensive fighter, thats his style. The numbers illustrate the fact that Oscar just didn’t land enough punches. You don’t win rounds just by throwing impressive LOOKING flurries that don’t land.

We all know OSCAR is popular and more charismatic than FLOYD but it just showed in their fight that FLOYD was just too SLICK for OSCAR’s punches plus he can take OSCAR’S punches. If FLOYD got KD even once, Golden BOy could have taken home his belt…I’m with Golden Boy but it just showed me how good FLOYD is right now. GO PACMAN – he’s still the best pound for pound, FLOYD will only be 2nd on my list.

come on now, Oscar clearly won that fight, all the punches that mayweather through was blocked by Oscar. Mayweather was backing up all the rounds. I have Oscar winning round all rounds. Oscar was pushing the fight all the rounds. If it wasn’t for oscar pushing the fight they would not be a good. fight.

mayweather outboxed em and people gotta consider the size difference of the two, its equivalent to delahoya being in the ring with someone like holyfield, I can guarentee he would try to outbox someone like that rather than brawl, mayweather fought a smart bout, hoya is still a bad ass tho

if this was judge on mma rules Ocsar would have won. I think wat happen all the judges wanted mayweather to win. Even the announcers was on Mayweather side, having those people on your side, Oscar didn’t have a chance winning this decision. I think the only people of Ocars side was the crowd. The Judges, commission, announcers all wanted the younger guy to win, he’s in is prime you know. I believe even if Oscar knocked him down they would have still giving the fight to Mayweather.

artist790…you are a dunce, if mayweather was knocked down he would’ve lost… the judges were unbiased on the fighters, maybe they preferred floyds fightin style tho…jus take into account how easily floyd won the rounds he took, and how close the rounds hoya took were… pretty disappointing fight tho and also (boxing isnt mma)

that style is called outside fighting. It’s one of many different typologies of fighting in boxing and such as outside fighter; inside fighter; brawler; swarmer etc.
Having said that, Id wanted de la hoya to win but this doesnt make PBF a coward – as you call him for fighting the way he does best. boxing ain’t mma boy..

to a judge, mayweather’s style fit his position. trying to go inside or brawl with a bigger stronger puncher would’ve obviously went Oscar’s way. Mayweather fought the fight he needed to in order to wear Oscar down, and that’s exactly what he did. It’s not like you can’t say that Floyd wasn’t blocking most of Oscar’s punches too. All of his ‘big flurries’ in the corner were nothing but a bunch of blocks and belt shots. It was still an amazing fight though, IMO.

Who cares? Boxing is a different sport entirely. Personally it makes more sense to me. It doesn’t matter who was more agressive, because Floyd was the won actually landing punches. IF you wanted to see two guys beat the hell out of each other, than you shouldn’t have bought the PPV. Don’t blame Floyd for fighting a BEAUTIFUL fight, when you just aren’t a BOXING FAN.

THANK YOU!!!!! for posting this video, i waited a month to watch this fight and last night i got called in to work OT so i was bummed out..But i owe you greatly…thank you, U jus made whats left of my weekend..thank you, thank you, thank you…now time to go mow the lawn…

yeah it looked like Mayweather’s game plan was to wear Oscar out(bc they know he’s old) and win by decision, Mayweather was not trying to go for a KO, just a lot of light fast punches(for points)imo Oscar was trying to set up the power punches for the KO bc thats the only way he knew he could win by, notice he wasn’t surprised when the decision was called

Mayweather won the fight; period. De la hoya s a cry baby and a sore loser. he is making cheap excuses that mayweather is younger than him. What about when hopkins knocked him out. I guess de la hoya forgot that he was younger that hopkins. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. de la hoya is a crybaby.

I didnt see a DLH cry baby or a fighter who lost making excuses. DLH had what, 36 minutes of fighting and maybe five minutes after the decision to give his analysis. He praised Floyd’s speed and talent. DLH said it best, you have to decisively beat the champ. As the the Iceman comment…he weighs 205 at weigh-in and probably 210-215 at fight time. Apples and oranges, apples and oranges.

That was bullshit! I came into the fight not caring who won, but I thought for sure that De La Hoya won that fight, hands down. I would like to know what fight that judge that had it 116-112 Mayweather was watching. De La Hoya landed way more solid punches, but he did tire out in the 10th and 11th. Another example of a shitty decision in boxing and classless comments by Mayweather at the end.

This is boxing not UFC…Stats dont lie..Mayweather laned over 200 punched..Oscar only landed 140 or something like that! This fight may have been boring for someone like you, but if you watch this fight again you will notice that Oscar had now Idea what to do to with mayweather..De la hoya was stumped, while mayweater pointed his was to a victory! Everyone who knew the fighters going into this match knew that this was going to happen!

If Mayweather really landed so many more punches than De La Hoya then why does Mayweather look so beat up after the fight? De La Hoya looks like he just went for a jog or something. The stats in this case to lie. I think they counted too many Mayweather’s punches that didn’t actually land. Watch the post fight interviews then tell me who landed more punches.

That makes a lot of sense. I’m not looking at his face hard enough to notice the bruises on his shoulder? hmmmm… Last I looked punches that land on a fighers shoulder do not count. The numbers are not correct in this instance. I think that De La Hoya blocked a large percentage of Mayweathers punches that the stats say landed. The proof is in the pudding, look at the fighters faces! And no Grimlock I did not think this fight was boring.

What i’m saying is that De La Hoya EVEN had bruises on his shoulder in which i have never seen before. But your actually admitting Oscar lost because like you said shoulder shots don’t count, and De La Hoya was hitting mostly unscorable body parts, but i can appreciate you because i can tell you are a real boxing fan, but the only thing bad about this decision is it wasn’t unanimous

You don’t unerstand boxing, and aren’t used to watching it. You shouldn’t try to score boxing until you are used to watching it. You have to keep your eyes glued, and give respect to the compubox technicians because most of the time they are very good.

great fight, de la hoya outboxed mayweather, no doubt, it like he says its one of those nights… la hoya showed class once again…he wont it and we all knew that…..Mayweather was running all the fight, his father told him to stay out if he wants to box the 12 rounds…..he knows that de la hoya’s speed inside , combinations, and jab work…..would have been lights out ….really early….again de la hoya won the fight….enough said….

de la hoya out boxed mayweather?? What fight were you watching?? Mayweather Landed almost double the punches that Oscar Landed..and most of the punches that he landed didn’t land clean! Mayweater’s pucnches landed flush…FLUSH, and they snaped back Oscars head..c’mon…Honestly..its good to have pride in you fighter, but please be honest, mayweather won this boxing match easy..punching air and hiting elbows dont win fights…clean effective punching does!! Watch this fight again!

man i said mayweather would win and he did but he didnt deserve it truthfully it hurts to say that but de la hoya was dealing with mayweather in a way i never seen mayweather get done before i mean hoya was blocking everything and mayweather was getting him to fuck but MAYWEATHER IS UNDEFEATED BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

WoW people are on de la hoya’s nuts. HBO alwaysssss chooses a favorite.. countless times they are wrong on their scorecard.
i had the fight 115-113.. even giving de la hoya the even rounds.. 10,11,12.. gave mayweather the win. there was maybe 1 round that de la hoya actually won. all the other rounds he won were really close.
in the end look at the punching stats.. that will say alot. i would love to see a rematch. or a fcuking hatton vs. mayweather

De La Hoya …did not do enough to win…if popularity was a factor in boxing then , sure , he should have won..but this is the sweet science. Mayweather had the right formula to win this won even though most people dont like Mayweater’s antic’s.

Your a disgrace, you cannot score a boxing match by wild punches, the back of the body are not scoring, if you’ve been a fan of this sport for a while this was an easy fight to score. No journalist is screaming foul, just admit, your fighter didn’t win…

DLH pressed the fight and was the more agressive fighter. Mayweather pot shotted and looked flashy but DLh blocked most of his pitty pat punches. DLH said it best when he mentioned that you have to beat the champ DECISIVELY to win. This fight didnt live up to the hype for one reason, Mayweather got on his bike and ran. Mayweather didnt do enough to take the title away from DLH.

You do not know ANYTHING about boxing. Mayweather landed all of the good shots in the fight, an OUTLANED OScar BIG TIME. Floyd fought a tight DEFENSIVE fight. Oscar’s entire plan to win the fight, was to look flashy by throwing flurries. But none of the punches in his flurries got past Floyd’ defense. If you don’t understand the sport of boxing, don’t try to say things like that.

I dont know what fight Compubox was scoring, but those stats were completely wrong. there is no way in hell Mayweather had 40 percent and up connect percentage. DLH blocked most of his punches. If anything, De la hoya’s connect percentage was equal if not higher than Floyd’s.

First off you cant make a stupid comment like that just because you watched the fight on youtube. You must be blind if you think Mayweather landed half the punches that compubox had him landing. Mayweather was smart and made his punches look flashy which got him the decision, but the fact of the matter is DLH came to fight and Mayweather didnt.

I had it 116:112 to Mayweather.

Was pretty clear that mayweather won, he had the clear & more sustained attack.

De la hoya had some good flurrys and shots to the body but way not enough to win the fight.

Only person that can beat Mayweather is Hatton but not the recent one but the one that beat Tsyzu!

It’s clear that Oscar really loves the sport and was trying to give the fans their money’s worth on the other hand Floyd was just look to coast by do as little as possible not put himself on the line and win a boring defensive fight.
Oscar gets it Floyd doesn’t thats the reason Floyd will go down as a joke in the sport he’ll never be considered an elite champoin like Ali,Leonard,or Joe lewis weak performance by Floyd as usual; i’ll never pay or put money in his pockets again

Floyd was good defensively, and accurate(although Oscar blocked alot of Mayweathers jabs)so i give that to Floyd. But Oscar was the ring general, always moving forward, and never was hurt. Did you see his face after the fight? it looked like a pre-fight interview.Oscar needed to throw more jabs(but then again,Floyd would have probably countered them so who knows) One word. REMATCH! I am a Floyd fan, but he talked an awful lot of shit, and won only by split decision.

Mayweather should not have won. His punches landed on De La Hoyas gloves more than accully landed. Mayweather didnt do anything to win he sat back played defence and didnt really do much the entire fight expect in rounds 10 and 11 but the fight is just more than 2 or 3 rounds…..spilt decision = bull s*it…REMATCH

More then anybody on You Tube Oscar has made the only point i can respect, he had to press the fight. Oscar is a counter puncher just like Mayweather, Oscar has even been called a fake Mexican by counter punching, and he fought out of his element last night and that might have been the difference, he got beat at his own game, and even Oscar is actually admitting he lost the fight because he’s saying he should’ve won because he was the aggressor and thats not how you score boxing

Mayweather is a trumped up, flashy fighter, who will do whatever it takes to keep his insignificant umblemished record. He has never shown the heart of a true champion which is why he will never be compared with the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard,ali, marciano, etc.

Simple! because he lost, Stupid! He didn’t win that fight. All you mayweather asskissers talk about how we dont know about the sport, and you are clearly misunderstanding something, mayweather was the challenger and oscar the chanpion. Anyone that knows about the sport will tell you championships are not won the way floyd won it.Bullshit!

The ifx was in…Oscar won, and Pretty Boy knows it…

From CNN: “Even poor Mayweather Senior admitted it when Larry Merchant, fight announcer, pressed him after the fight was over. Mayweather Senior spoke prior to the fight, saying that he felt his heart and his head conflicted, but when he was interviewed after the fight, even he had to agree that “Oscar de la Hoya won the fight.”

Truth is golden.

look im domincan and i liv in new york tha bronx im spanish iight i wanted de la hoya to win and he really win day picked dat fuccin black peace of shit ugly boy bcuzz it waz 5 de mayo u know wut latin r da best d.d.p 4 life get at me dominicans dont play

I was impressed with DLH’s determination in this fight. He neglected his jab big time though which was the determining factor in the fight. The jab sets up for everything and Oscar just wasnt using it. Floyd did his usual boring thing and won a very CLOSE decision … having said that id like to see a rematch

PBF landed the better shots. PBF hurt DLH more than DLH hurt him. For instance the 5th round. when DLH had PBF against the ropes. PBF throw to rights the first made DLH’s knees buckle and the 2nd DLH almost dropped.

DLH was totally out classed. DLH wont want a rematch. PBF is just to fast, has enough power to hurt DLH is PBF is just to superior of a boxer for DLH.

DLH needs to retire

Did you even watch the interviews at the end. De La Hoya did not look like a beaten fighter he didn’t sound like a beaten fighter. Nobody got rocked in this fight. They didn’t even have ANY swelling. It was a tactical fight it wasn’t even close to either being hurt.

yall are dumb asses. DLH fans as i said are dickriders. DLH couldnt hit the PB. and when they show the fight on HBO next weekend. watch how many times PBF buckled Oscar’s knees. Oscar never hit PBF hard enough to even get a knee bucle once.

like i said look at the 5th round. DLH ate leather all night

de la hoya got cheated out of that fight and most of his punches was blocked by oscar but the only reason mayweather won the fight is because of who his daddy is and he said oscar punches did not hurt him them why was he the only one who was swollen by his eye and his nose.

Man what are you talking about? Please watch the fight again closely, and watch with your brain and your eyes, not your heart. Neither fighter was really hurt, but it was OBVIOUS that he was getting hit with the cleaner shots – and many more of them. All of his big scoring flurries basically were completely blocked.

As I expected this fight didn’t live up to the hype. Boring as hell, the fight could have gone either way. I mean there was nothing significant that Mayweather did or memorable to win. If one of the judges didn’t give the last round to Floyd we would have had a draw. That close. I suspect we will see a rematch.

this fight sucks boxing sucks neither of them got hurt all ppv fights are fixed but oscar won anyway,mma and ufc is better then this shit can not wait for chunk vs rampage now that is a real fight iceman is going to win,i can’t believe people watch this bullshit.

ufc and mma is just a bunch of half ass mixed skilled footbal players who think that they are fighting in a street fight and that now that they no alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that they can call them selves mixed “martial artists” which is bull shit. no mma or ufc fighter is a true martial arstist. you can not compare boxing to mma or the ufc.

i cant wait till mayweather gets knocked out… in the ring or out. hes not a boxer… hes an entertainer. mouthing off and saying “he’s made a ton of money” so hes going to retire. might as well, in the record books no one will know your name and no one will give a shit about a punk kid that came in and gave it less than 1/2 of what could have been. good riddance.

Rnds 8 and 11 were scored for PBF(+1),it was so tight that it COULD have gone either way. PBF’s defensive posturing didn’t win many fans, DLH said if he hadn’t pressed, wouldn’t have been a fight. Oscar put his flurries out there likely as “bait” bringing PBF in. PBF was great taking taps, stepping back leaving 1 or 2 headshots 4 Oscar. There is still bias in the final scoring.
Those throwing out racial slurs PROVE the art has left the sport.

De La Hoya pressed the action and looked to be the stronger fighter, but Mayweather was a little faster (and his legs didn’t quit on him), and, as one of the announcers pointed out, was superb defensively. It’s a credit to De La Hoya’s skill he was able to land as well as he did. Could’ve gone either way, probably should’ve been a draw. Oscar certainly sounded more gracious in defeat than Floyd did in victory.

this is BS!!!..thats the man right there de la hoya,what a sport!!..dang, mayweather still talkin trash after the event..mayweather also said he’d knock em out,,looks like he didnt, he’s all mouth…he won coz of the controversial scorecards..he’s retiring coz he’s scared..poor mayweather

mayweathers a bitch!! you dnt win a fight by running! this was soo fixed, anybody knows tht mayweather wins this by SPLIT decision.. there will be a rematch, oscar will win and then retire…oscar wont retire a loser… its all about the money now days so i aint trippin…

Nice! Such constructive comments, you guys should be ringside with a mic! Floyd’s got the skill, Oscar’s got the power – not a great fight as there wasn’t enough toe to toe but hey, surely that was Floyds game plan? and Oscars game plan was to knock him the fuck out.. The shit just didn’t happen for him, shame.

Mayweather= PUSSY BITCH, if you’re gonna talk shit and say you’re gonna dominate the fight and blah blah blah then stand up and fight you pussy fuckin bitch. He knew once he stepped in the ring with Oscar and realized he couldnt do shit, that he would simply steal the fight by running, turning his back and grabbing Oscars arms,yeah you were faster, but thats all you had…you didnt fade Oscar at all,your nigger ass won because of all the “hits you landed”…because hits to the glove count…OK

Mayweather outboxed De La Hoya, in a clear fasion. I think it should have been a unanimous, I am not sure how the one judge would get it so wrong. It was an excellent match, I don’t think Mayweather should retire, he has so much to give to the fans, there is a lot more to go for. I wish Mayweather reconside his decision. DeLa Hoya did well too, he came back from retirment and he handled himself so well against a tiger at his prime.

First of all Duran QUIT!!! Thats all you need to know about that! Next, 123 it was a boxer/brawler match because of Oscar’s obvious strategy asshat!! Oscar is a boxer but he wasn’t last night. As i said he tired to bully mayweather around instead of BOXING. Why do you think the announcer kept saying “Oscar is not using his jab!!” Watch the fight and look at the strategies geez.

Now, onto the fight, De La Hoya did show a lot more agression in the fight, and may have thrown more punches. However, most of them did not land, and resembled more tantrum-like tactics rather than coherent boxing. Mayweather just got the best in rounds that were clearly his, rather than De La Hoya winning rounds that were closely scored.

Mayweather probably did just clinch it on points. I reckon a draw so De La Hoya should retain his title really. but how many SOLID shots did Mayweather land? a boxer that doesn’t hit hard doesn’t impress. I think De La Hoya should have the decision on merit of actually controlling almost the entire fight. it was a world title fight in which Mayweather no way convinced anyone

Due to the nature of the fight, and the styles of the fighters, it wasnt a slugfest. But the thing is, if you expected that, then you don’t know SHIT about boxing. This is the way the fight goes, this is the way a remath might go. IF you arent a BOXING fan, you shouldn’t have bought the paperview, and have NO business acting so butt hurt about it. So grow the hell up.

Yea, yea, yea…. mayweather won but guess who has the last laugh…..
Mayweather’s Pay: 7 Million
De La Hoya’s Pay: 25 Million
Talk aboout fan bases!!!
Go Oscar and pleaz dont retire…. your a great fighter no matter what ppl say!!!

the fight was amazing but admit it, no one else can make an electrifying fight like manny pacquiao. he’s the best boxer, his showmanship is superb!!! dela hoya was boring…he couldn’t reach pacquiao’s skills even if he hired freddy roach as his trainer…mayweather by the way deserves to win the fight!!! bravo!!!

Mayweather took that victory like a lil coward. Making everyone think he was actually gonna brawl with De La Hoya. And if he did he wouldn’t of lasted. And mayweather was calling Oscar a “P*SSY”…Mayweather needs to stay back at 130 lbs and give people a good show rather than steal 150 lb titles and be a little P*SSY. CASE CLOSED


Total Punches
Oscar landed 21% : 122 of 587 total punches.
Floyd landed 43% : 207 of 481 total punches.

Power Punches:
Oscar landed: 24% : 82 of 341 total power punches.
Floyd landed: 57% : 138 of 241 total power punches.


Tsk Tsk.. nOw Mayweather a pussy all of a sudden alexaquillon.. i take it ur of the hispanic culture..Ay man let it go. its ok dont hate on Mayweather cuz he was whippin that ass. ur boy was the champion and champions dont let the title go like that do they?.. aint liek mayweather had to knock him out he got the title regaurdless haha.. LAUGHIN STRAIGHT TO THE BANK WIT THIS…Ps I got mad love for De La Hoya..but HEy.. HE LOST…FLOYD#1

Now Oscar knows how Camacho felt!! Floyd put on a clinic & Oscar was a student. Of course Oscar thought he won the fight cause he didn’t realize that Floyd was so fast that when he was gettin’ hit once, he was actually getting hit twicw!!(ha,ha) As for Alexaquillon, how else would you have wanted Floyd to win? By putting your boy on his ass? I think Floyd beat him without the humiliation of a K.O.



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