Re: Religion Has Never Done Anything Good For Humanity

May 11, 2007 youtubemovie

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Is it Christianity that causes war or the nature of man? I believe it is the nature of man that has bent Christianity and used it for it’s own greedy purposes. The Catholic Church is extremely rich and has overthrown Kings and supported Italian fascism. Have a look at the Catholic church then read your bible there is a huge gulf between the bible and catholic doctrine.

Interesting video, Brett and you’re right. Shoving things down people’s throats doesn’t change anything or anyone. Fanatic religions such as Christianity have been doing that for a long time. People now are beginning to get sick and tired. So people are leaving the faith in vest numbers. It’s all just another testamony that when any organized brand of order is created to control the masses, there will always be an outburst…

A “phase” called survival of the fittest? Does Darwin’s theory have an endgame?
In general, I find your anti-humanism a little disheartening. I don’t really agree with humanism, as man’s nature does revolve around the drive for individual survival, but the wonderful thing about us is that, due to our evolutionary uniqueness (language), we have developed societies, and as society globalizes and our survival as a species becomes more and more dependent on collective cooperation,

Well…since he’s dead…no, they can’t. People can supplement or augment the theory, but his own ideas have ceased to change.
I’m saying human societal interaction has an unexpected and in fact rather important impact on our species’ evolution/survival. For instance, medicine allowing non-fittest individuals to survive and contribute their non-fittest genes to the gene pool.

societal mandates can actually trump individual instincts, incrementally changing the workings of the human mind. That’s why I think humans have a chance for survival, and that’s why I think it’s counterproductive to be fatalistic and say we’re just all bastards and we will always be bastards.

Yes, humanity IS the problem, however, religion has spawned from humanity. Eliminate religion, and you treat a symptom of humanity. It won’t completely solve the problem, but that’s not an excuse to not treat the symptoms. The only way to treat the real problem, is to eliminate humanity from everyone, which would be the death of our race. If you stop religion, human nature will not have the excuses it once had, and much of the problem will be eliminated.

Thanks for the reply,
True, thousends of religoins died. I meant the belief in something supernatural might always find followers.
It is an interesting idea, it´s fascinating, but I doubt that a god exists, although we don´t know everything about the universe we live in yet.

Agreed. A large enough following for a religion gives religious officials power. Said power is used for religion to do horrible things. If some guy kills someone and claims that it was in the name of God, he gets arrested. But, organization allows him to use the insanity defense, which sometimes gets guilty people out of murders. However, when “holy wars” break out over religion, it is all the organization. Without the organization, there would be no religious horrors.

1.Mother teresa and Florence Nightengale are icons of religious bias.
2.The slave trade only existed because of the superiority-complex created through religion and “chosen people”.
3.The Red Cross organisation does do good, i can’t deny that, but what’s wrong with the Red Cross is that the missionaries are used to spread this selfish filth we know as christianity.

“Religion Has Never Done Anything Good For Humanity” is the title. Either your title is wrong or your video is wrong. You choose. Yes I did listen. “Has Christianity done anything that others could not perform?” should have been the title if that is your subject.

I agree that forcing opinions on people is wrong. I think one of the most important things we need to do is not force beliefs on children. Let them grow up learning about religion and atheism and let them make up their own minds. This is not happening right now…. children are indoctrinated and labeled, especially in the muslim world.

JediHowie, you are teaching your beliefs all the time on children when you are around them. It happens all the time. EVERYONE teaches what they believe just by the way they live.

It’s like the media saying they have no bias. Ha! EVERYONE has a bias.

Great video, Brett. In “survival of the fittest”, the word fittest does NOT actually mean strongest. It means what FITS the conditions of the environment the best. Like a jigsaw puzzle, not a wrestler. They are the most misrepresented words in biology.

OK, I am going to go with the true title “Has Christianity done anything that others could not perform?” This concept is bogus. The fact is Christianity HAS done things. That is all that matters. Love for humanity has been the driving force that has caused Christians to do great things. It has been the MOTIVE behind the things that are done that causes a great work, not the fact that it is not miraculous.

I’m so glad that technology is making people open their eyes, and making the motives & actions of the religions transparent.
I hope, in my lifetime, to see a massive rejection of religions, as people become more wise & more educated.

If only.



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