Harry Potter Candy FUNNY Toy Product Review by Mike Mozart

May 9, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:

Your Product Guru will go to great lengths to appease his fans.

I just needed to get a little Concentrated Pure Battery Acid to get the bad flavor of the candies out of my mouth!!

Best Regards,
Mike Mozart Toy and Product Guru

This isn’t the first time. I remember when Jelly Belly came out with the Every Flavor Jelly Bean-things. They were a fun novelty item, but you couldn’t really eat them without accidentaly biting into an earwax or vomit flavored jelly bean (they all looked alike!)

By the way, I love your product reveiws! I’m glad I subscribed.


I appreciate your comments!

I didn’t review the “Every Flavor Harry Potter Jelly Beans” because I couldn’t find a store that still sells them!

I’m certain that J,K, Rowling has written lots of new disgusting goodies into her latest Harry Potter book for Toy Companies to make!! I’ll keep my fans posted!!!

Thanks Again,
Mike Mozart, Your Toy and Product Guru!

You can’t expect them to taste good, Acid, and cockroaches don’t. They want to be as close to the books, without giving kids real roaches.
What did the chocolate frog taste like anyhow. I would buy up some for myself, if I was not completely jobless. Anyways, I have to say, that I adore your videos.


I actually ate the Chocolate frog!

It was average tasting chocolate with crisped rice, similar to a Nestle’s CRUNCH Bar.

Very unexciting. At least the ones in the Harry Potter Books would Jump Around Before you Ate Them!!

Best Regards,
Mike Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru.


You would actually eat those NASTY Harry Potter Things!!! EEEeeyuooooo!

Lucky for you, all these “Yummy” goodies are being sold at “Toys R Us” stores in the USA! They are readily available online and at stores called IParty.

Bon Appetite!!
Mike Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru


This was only my review and an opinion, not scientific!

I certain a lot of people might find these delicious!!
I like candies like Sour Patch Kids, but the Acid Pops were WAYYY to acid for me!

Please post a reply video and I’ll be happy to add it to my review! I appreciate your comments!

Thanks again!!
Mike Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru


I didn’t say the Blood Pop Didn’t taste good, because I didn’t Try it. I didn’t want my mouth red as I just filmed afterwards a Shrek color changing Cheetos review. I did mention Blood Pops were Strawberry Flavor.

I didn’t say the Chocolate frog didn’t taste good. In the comments I said it was ordinary chocolate flavored!

Basically the Acid Pops were way too acid and sour for me and the Cockroach tasted nasty, almost spoiled tasting!

Best Regards,
Mike Mozart



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