Truce Brett?

May 8, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You asked for us, we stood, and fought for you. You may as well have spat in our faces, and told us that we are no men, but dogs. You have given up on those who fervently defended you as a brother, and then called truce, and nearly requested friendship to your foes. Why AA? Why…

If you were to merely call truce with your foes, I would have had no problem. But to betray your true brethren whom supported you, and your movement….that is low. You still have a chance to redeem yourself. There is such a thing as REFORM, you don’t have to simply end it.

You are right TAA, and like I said, I would have ha d no problem if you merely made a truce. But you did not merely make a truce. You abandoned your supporters, of the organization YOU started. I suggest that you merely reform the organization, it can do ALOT of good. Please, with all that is within me, I urge you, do not end the A.S.U. Do not abandon us. You’re still a cool guy, regardless.

Fine, TJ, I refuse to call you The Amazing Atheist anymore, since you are no longer doing anything that could be categorized as amazing. The Youtube Atheists have become too complacent, it may not be for the same reasons but I concur with OLG and Xild decision.

Hmm… well AmazingAtheist, I can’t pretend that I 100% agree with you on this, considering that I don’t believe that you haven’t been childish at all, since all you were really doing was calling him on his shit. However, this is your choice. Not mine. I suppose that infights just aren’t the sort of thing that you want right now, and I will support you.

:O)On one hand this is none of my business, on the other hand Something symbolic happened within me this moment – a deep sense of relief & calm envelopes me. TY for the truce and all your hard work. I will rest well tonight and hope the same for you. -Bee

This is the first time in a long time I have been able to truly salute you. And I proudly do so TAA

So here is proud salute to you.

I’ll be gone for a week in hell, so I’ll probably miss your videos till my return. Remain well and stay strong

Brett Keane blocked me from commenting on his videos because I’m one of the few people that keeps pointing out all the mistakes he makes. Ahaha!

If you want childish, it’s blocking someone for proving you wrong and not agreeing with your constant hate speach.

Thanks for taking some ownership and making this vid. Pointless, endless bitching is what the religious do because they are not grounded in reality. The more you allow emotion to influence your reasoning, the more bias you introduce into it.

Not to say emotion doesn’t play a part, though – it’s the reason we search for answers in the first place.

man get over yourself
Ive said similiar things to TAA, however its all meant in a way of someone older and hopefully wiser that has “been down the road before”
that little extra umph that makes the point, but doesnt go as far as “preaching”
Brett has his faults like anyone else there’s no reason to see enemies where none exist



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