Penis of the Month – April 2007

May 8, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Bobsully, Katie has touched a lot of people. But a lot of people have also touched themselves. Especially after seeing Katie in that dress.

By the way Katie, you owe me a new keyboard. Ssssssssome of the keysssssssss are ssssssssticking.

You “won” at the internets by wasting hours of your life spamming the comments of a KatiesOpinion video?

I suppose you also think that you “win” at the internets every time you and Devilinheels/Lima comment spam your own videos too?

The minute you decided to join the YouTube popularity contest you marked yourself as a loser Skehan and from looking at your channel that was a long time before this “Spammer of the month” contest.

Dont ruin his moment, let him enjoy this. Its all in good fun, who really cares about being penis of the month anyways, do you really think he does? He is just making a mockery out of this. BTW, I don’t see you putting any videos or contributing here on youtube, so don’t criticize please.

gnr1234, before you made a fool of yourself by talking like Mike Skehan’s girlfriend you should have asked him if he cared about being Penis of The Month.

He almost humped his computer on Stickam when Katie told him that he had “won”. He isn’t making a mockery of anything, this is his life.

He ruins himself, both on YouTube and in real life.

BTW what you see doesn’t amount to squat, but gay people make me laugh so keep posting.

ThisDickCums- He is definitely making a mockery of you right now and people who believe everything they see on the internet, but you probably too stupid to get that. I am laughing at you for getting all worked up about it. Go out and get some fresh air because you are the only loser I see around here and you fail at life.


Yeah, no gayness in your head gnr1234, you are all about them bitches, uh huh. ,:0

I am trying to see things from your point of view gnr1234. I have visualized Mike Skehan in a little black dress with stockings and suspenders. He is still short, fat and ugly. I admit I don’t get what your attraction to him is.

Maybe you can clear up my confusion. Is Mike Skehan a “winner” at fat-tranny porn or is he a mockery of fat-tranny porn?

gnr1234 quotes

“A woman drove me to drink … and I never had the courtesy to thank her” ~ circa 1920 by vaudeville comedians

“Have a day” ~ circa all the time by Mike Skehan

“I second that” ~ circa an hour ago when he raped my YouTube channel comments with his razor wit.

Have you ever said anything that you have not stolen from someone else gnr1234? I really want to know. You can quote me on that.

Do you like quotes gnr1234? Here is one from Mike Skehan’s last video

“I have told you time and time again keep your fucking kids of the internets…Your are a fucking loser for putting your kid on the internet”

Now go to your MySpace and take down the picture of your little brother sitting in your lap. If you do not, you are a pedophile according to Mike Skehan. Still laughing?

So now you are obsessed with me and browse all of my pictures for every little thing that you can find to make me feel miserable? Nice try, but its all funny to me, because I have a life outside of this site and apparently you dont. You are also obsessed with Mike Skehan and you probably have your little sanctuary on your bedside where you jerk off to him everyday. Keep it up

You are still all about dem bitches gnr1234, uh huh, nothing but naked chicks on your mind O-o

You have removed the link from your YouTube channel to your MySpace. One accidental little lick of flame and you are shutting your eExistence down.

“Dont ruin his moment, let him enjoy this. Its all in good fun”

How much would you like to ruin my fun right now?

LOL, one mention of fat-tranny porn and out jumps the first fur-fag that I have seen on YouTube.

Tell me my rubber suit wearing friend, what are the “alot of things” that Skehan may be?

You can trust me. I want to be your friend. Are there any more like you on YouTube? Yiff?

Are you claiming that you do not dress up as Sleetstack to have cyber sex with people that you meet on YouTube?

If that is the case then why is your YouTube profile set up to show people that you are a 37 year old (likely, try 47 year old) furry?

Don’t look upon this as a time to go into furry-denial, look upon it as a golden opportunity for you and your friends to come out on YouTube. Do it!

@theboringdispatcher, did ya hear, ya meaty virgin? The beak lipped blondie loves ya (yeah, right) LOL Keep dancin her dance, fool

@katiecuntforbrains: Oh, be predictable, will ya. Delete this comment and block this channel like the other 50 before LMAO

oh Katie… why? you know drugs are bad! Is your water bong shaped like a penis? This could be the cause of all your infatuation with the penis.. Or may be it’s just an oral-something Sigmund Freud?…
love the video- five big ones for you!!!!!

ssssskittles30 is a plain-looking 18 year old girl who spends her evenings hanging out is a chatroom full of 30 year-old men to make herself feel special.

She is a classic attention whore who doesn’t get what she needs from people her own age.

Skehan jumped around for five solid minutes for joy after he was told he was the biggest spammer on YouTube.

Then he ranted for half an hour mentioning everyone in his sorry life (which turned out to only include people on the internet).

Then he received an email from YouTube telling him that they had removed all honors from his channel and that he would never be featured or promoted by the YouTube site in any way because he was a creepy online stalker.

No one is going to believe that shit Skehan.

Unprivate the videos again or move them to another one of your sock puppet accounts and see if YouTube gives you back your honors. They won’t.

You got flagged for being a creepy stalker who collects peoples information from the internet and other directory services and then republishs it were dozens of other creeps will see it in an attempt to scare and harass your victim.

You are on YouTube’s shitlist.

eLust, eGluttony, eGreed, eWrath, eEnvy, ePride and eSloth. Add them all together and you get YouTube.

You “win” at YouTube DevilInHeels. Your spamming has reached levels that only the greatest of CHUDs have ever dreamed of. You should make a video congratulating yourself like limapal00za did.

Stop hiding your “skill”, there is no point. Spam this video dammit!

You and Skehan can “win” at YouTube together and rule your CHUDocracy as the supreme spammers for all time.



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