You Know What’s Bullshit! (part 1)

May 7, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Yeah NO SHIT!!! Those stickers are COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT! It really is a dumass idea to put those on a dvd! The DVDs that have 3 STICKERS on them really piss me off. I know most of you guys have seen those!
Anyway, in my book, this video states plain fact!!!
That is BULLSHIT!! Great Job guys CHEERS!

We don’t get them on UK DVD’s, just some shrink-wrapping.

But i’ve ordered DVD’s from The States and I know how fucking annoying they are, even more so as they never come off in one go, strech the plastic cover if you pull them too hard, and if you’re ever unlucky enough to have it touching the paper cover, it’ll rip the fucker to shreds!!!!

Once I bought a couple dvds. Came home and one of them was empty, with a small slit across one of those security stickers. They wouldnt give me a new one either. Now I tend to make sure those stickers havent been messed with. After a while I had gotten pretty good at removing those stickers, but they are rather strong, and about half the time it winds up stretching or warping the plastic thats hold the cover sleeve.

YES, those Ray Harryhausen box sets are totally awesome. And yes, for somebody who buys a lot of dvds and quite a few box sets, those “security” seals get so damned tedious and frustrating, especially when the dvd comes in a fucking slip case and a cellophane wrapper already. I’m also very anal about ,my dvd library, so I can’t file them away until every shred of sticker is removed. The technique I developed doesn’t always work.

By the way, was the ‘The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra’ I saw there!? You know what’s what. The commentary tracks on that disk are some of the best I’ve ever heard as well. The guy who made it has something else coming out (or maybe out already) called ‘Trail of the Screaming Forehead’, so I look out for that.



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