The YouTube Civil War.

May 7, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Every soul shall have a taste of death:
In the end to Us shall ye be brought back.

But those who believe and work deeds of righteousness–
To them shall We give
A Home in Heaven–
Lofty mansions beneath which
Flow rivers, to dwell therein
For aye;–an excellent reward
For those who do (good).

-Qur’an, The Spider, Surah 29:57-58

GRRRRR! MediaGold SMASH! You’re 24 yet STILL in college! You’re thin! Your MySpace fan club maker chick ain’t that hot! (well, OK she is hot) The Seattle SuperSonics suck!

Are you knee deep in a pool of your own vomit yet? Have I destroyed your reality yet, you ninnypants?

It is God who makes you sleep at night as if you were dead. God knows what you have done during the day. God sustains you, so that you may live your allotted span. To him you will eventually return, and he will declare to you all that you have done.

-Qur’an, Al-An’am, Surah 6:6

Maybe, but if flying-spaghetti monster worship was the prominent belief of the day, ascribing to aflyingspaghetti monsterism woul be an equally valid belief; personally, I prefer to call a naturalist (one who believes everything in the universe has a natural cause), but that sounds like some sort of neo-pagan hippy bullshit.

I hate disgust me..actually I watched this video and I threw up because you are so disgusting. I hope you get run over by a sunday school bus full of small children and then they can get out of the bus and laugh at your disgusting ass.


I deny the trinity of OneLessGod TheAmazingAtheist, and Xild. Capt0assome, You need to kill yourself. Brett Keane loves the geek. Emocaseownshimself! I’m converting back to Christianity!! You guys have ruined Atheism! And yes I am completely serious.

Believers, remain resolute in justice and bear witness to the truth, be it against yourselves, your parents, or your kinsfolk. Whether the person concerned is rich or poor, remember that Allah is cognizant of your actions. So do not let your passions take control, lest you swerve from justice. For if you distort the truth or decline to give you testimony, then remember Allah has full knowledge of all that you do.

-Qur’an, An-Nisa, Surah 4:135

why the fuck should it matter how many subscribers he’s got? the amount of subscribers you have on an internet forum makes what you have to say no more or less valuable than anyone else. get a sense of humor. ffs.

captain awesome, you’re a bag of shit.

Another quality vid from capnOinsaneO. I was going to make a video when I saw mr. keane’s video trashing oneless and AA earlier, but I decided against it, because I dont want to perpetuate the drama. Keep the borderline parkinsons vids coming! I love watching you freak out.

now you don’t know if really good comments are real!
unless I say something like:
O wait you said we should say that to confuse them, so i guess you wont know!

Cap’n: You are one of the most passive pussywhipped, shitfaced scallywags, major pole ridin’ bitches, girly-girl demonic dickfucks, buttsand ass rimmin’ phallusfaced boyfuckers, micro-needledick pisswhores, cow-punchin’ dipstick dipwads, tampon sucking leeches and dirty little dingleberry sucking atheists that I’ve ever seen on YouTube!!! Do I get a prize?

CapnoAnus, you’re the most fucked up and evil atheist fool (“the fool has said in his heart there is no god”) and that’s quite an accomplishment since all you evil God-hating, Jesus-torturing, holy spirit-denying atheists are wicked and lying bastards.

I think we should all just be agnostics, probably get on a lot more and be a bit more logical since we are not claiming anything, so we can just share thoughts and opinion on things. Rather than act like we know shit, when we really don’t. Most of the atheists on here seem egocentric, and instead of sticking together, it seems like they want to be individually noticed the most, and don’t care who they step over. Seems like an insecurity issue. The religious people are probably laughing.

I think I’m starting to agree with this viewpoint. Absolute disbelief in anything can be seen as arrogant to some. Agnosticism doesn’t offend as much. Oh it’s hard being an atheist but it’s worse being an asshole but if you’re both, yikes. This guys not an asshole, but he seems to sometimes play one on you-tube….or not. Who knows? Still hilarious.

Well here I go: hey you boney piece of shit, did you fall down a pair of stairs and hit your head nine times to come up with a voice like yours, everyone knows you get your style of comedy from Maddox the awesome fucking pirate, your just a phony you boney cum bag.

How about you fall down another pair of stairs and become a mute, Mr. stutter, go to fucking nowhere you bastard, your tacky and I hate your fucking skinny ass, you fucking bastard fucking drug addicted bastard, you suck at boxing too, I hate you you cum sucking fucktard you make no fucking sence fuck you!!!

This is funny, so just as all the participants in this “war” are packing up, mending bridges all things concillitory etc you come along with this “clever” idea to sort things out…a campaign of aggressive passive. It’s one of those ideas that is so clever it’s stupid. Utterly stupid. 🙂

Go ahead watch captain no awesome’s videos lets watch your brain fuse with your jaw causing it to drop, god awesome plan CaptainPlagiarism hehehe real good way to take out daily stress I applaud you, then slap you on the fucking pituitary gland so that you can finaly go through puberty.

The Amazing Atheist cannot possibly love you with all of his heart because of the following reasons.
1) You have a face only a mother could love
2)His heart is too weak from eating butter and Speghetti to work at full power… I imagine he can only love with with the healthy parts of his heart which is around the margerin of 10%.

Saleucami, stop being a know it all smartass, and kindly look for a dictionary to figure out what a “pseudo-intellectual” is, because you’re obviously clueless. A pseudo-intellectual is a person who uses big words and misuses/ abuses complex concepts to sound smarter than he really is. Hitler, who distorted Darwinism to explain why the Germans were superior, was a classic pseudo-intellectual.

man u really need to check the doctor..u move ur head too much and ur eyes are so creepy and u never said something with proof and it never made sense …oh yah and stop looking to the left to the right …man u look like u scared from something surrounding u haha again check a doctor

lol….sounds like a pretty good plan, but I would suggest, to everyone, just not to watch any of their videos from now on. They are just simply attention whores and don’t deserve any viewers. Just my two cents. BTW…I still think this was a great video. 🙂

I do not believe in god or any religion. I think we have learned from the history that all the new religions have been created in the same way as Athiest. A new religion always set oneself against an old one—The Christian against the Jew, Sunni and Shia kill one another—I just hope some of the Right wing Atheist will look back and learn from the past. Make argument but not hatred. We are Ateist want to make this world is the better place to live not to hate.

God is the light of the heavens and the earth. His light is like a niche that holds a lamp; it is like a lamp which contains a crystal as bright as a star. It is kindled from a blessed tree, an olive tree that belongs neither to the east nor to the west. Its oil would almost shine, even with no fire touching it. It is light upon light. God guides towards his light all whom he chooses.

-Qur’an, Al-Nour, Surah 24:35a

you are a motherfucking ass sucker who likes to suck his moms tits wile getting a blow job from your clone of a brother.You then shove a chocoate cake up your ass and poop it out on your cat…cuz she like it. Then you use ur cat to rip your balls out…How was that cap’n?

頼むから誰か説明してほしい。このアホみたいなシリーズは、いったい何なんだ。なんの価値があるのだ。ナンセンスだから面白いの か。なぜ上位にランクしているのだ。私みたいなのが釣られてクリックするからか?

You guys are sooooooooo interesting!! I just want to be your friend so badly. You guys are like amazing!!! How do you do it? I’m just soooooo damned amazed. You guys must be geniuses or something to be able to speak Japanese. There happy? You got your little attention fix for your basic and poor Japanese skills, now go away.

Brett Keane’s been sick cough,cough. He’s not in his total response mode for the Amazing Atheist (go see his latest), yet he has time to block me because I said some negative shit about him, AND that what he projects against AA sympathetically doesn’t even call a truce. Anyhow, atheists are f’ing tards, but Keane is a disingenuous atheist tard that cannot handle criticism. Rock on CptA.

Mec off.

the feaces spewing from a diaretic cats arse has more charisma and honest to goodness ‘spunk’ than your excuse for a face ever dreamed of. Your testicles, whilst being no greater than a small bean common in soup, are laughing as they deprive you of the very testosterone which could make your emaciated presence even a shadow of a man. Your beady eyes suggest a level of breading of such distain you wouldn’t even be accepted at the glue factory.

ps you’re a cocksucker
pps I’m serious cunt

The ironic thing about the situation on youtube is that the SouthPark rendition of Atheism isn’t all too far off; yet rather than arguing over what we will be named, the argument is over whether we want to become groups. You have the people who want to turn us into the group (AA), the people who don’t, and the self righteous casual observers (me); thus splitting us into three groups … ironic isn’t it?



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