UFC 70 – Everybody Lose

May 6, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
this kinda stuff is begining to happen on a regular basis(crocop gonzaga), it’s the problem when one fighter has a gameplan that is extremely hard to beat, but is well known(crocop), and of course he’s not gonna change it because it works miracles, but then someone comes along, who totally modifies his style to counter his opponents gameplan, and practises and plans to hit him where he leasts expects it.

it’s apparently not that difficult to do with standup fighters. just think about all of the upsets this year,(couture-sylvia, serra-gsp) and now this. Everytime u have a guy whose standup is way better than his opponents, so he does not focus on it that much, and then WHAM!!!he gets fucked up from where he leasts expects it, in the standup position, and thats just what these guys were going for(couture,serra, gonzaga)

gonzaga himself said in the interview, that his plan was to go for the KO, not to force the fight to the ground. and he practised this move: he lowers his eyes to crocops belly-area, and then shoots a high kick to the head, thats why u saw mirko defending the middle kick, so although my whole day was ruined(cause i’m a huge fan of crocop) i have to say:good job gonzaga, he had a good gameplan and a nice surprise, and executed them both perfectly,

Like almost everyone, i was surpirsed with not only that he lost but for how he lost. I really think we diddn’s see the real mirko, if you have seen the mirko vs emielainenko(sp?) fight im sure you would agree. He was doing nothing, he was letting gonzaga control the fight, he showed pretty much no agression and i think he only thorugh like one leg kick and maybe a couple punches. Hopefully next time we can see the mirko thats the “most feared heavywieght striker in the world”

kongo is big. his lats are massive. if he learns BJJ and wrestling he will be great. Bisping did great. Elvis hits hard. I feel sorry of Elvis’ many loses. I thought Arlovski’s fight would be like PDP’s fight. I was gonna cry after CC. CC did NOTHING. ONE kick the whole time, I was pissed. CC has to push the pace. He would have won if he was more aggressive.

ufc and pride are both good,GG won a impresive victory but cro cop is a legend and he will be back, your revews rock dan (dana white was once asked why he did not let chuck norris fight in the ufc, he replid,”we have had no serios injerys in the 12 year history of this sport and i want it to stay that way!) hahahahahahaha

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Fuck you all Mirko’s FANS and other assholes that was not giving credits to Gabriel! Napão JUST KICKED CRO COP’S ASS…yesterday i saw a lot of sarcastic comments about this AWESOME brazilian fighter… He has dominated Mirko on the ground with an agressive GNP ‘n’ standing up he was brilliant… what a LOSERS you are, you don’t know anything about MMA..

ps: I like Mirko (as a fighter) personally he’s a stupid arrogant…

Over Brazilian fighters, there is only one man: Fedor emelianenko! Catch THIS DICKHEADS! OUR fighters are going to dominate all UFC’S categories: The next BELT goes to HERMES FRANÇA… ANDERSON SILVA, Gabriel, LYOTO MACHIDA… We’ve came to KICK your fucking ASS DANA “BITCH” WHITE! Hehehe

i think that UFC is better. Here’s why:

Babalu beat Shogun
Tito beat Wanderlei
Gonzaga beat Cro cop
Arlovski beat Werdum
Monson beat Fujita
Vitor Belfort beat Wanderlei
Diaz beat Gomi
Trigg beat Misaki
Williams beat Coleman
Matysushenko beat Rogerio Noguiera
Duane ludwig beat Genki Sudo
BJ Penn beat Gomi

Mr. Fedor, you’re next.

yeah but tbh honest the pride fan boys seem to hjold this myth in there head that pride always beats ufc when it just isn’t true, i believe the reverse isn’t true because the ufc doesn’t inspire fanboy syndrome, the fans just want to see great fights, alot of uss don’t get pride and other orginisations on tv so were left relying on the ufc for the good stuff which they have been getting better at in fairness, i just hate idiot fanboys in general though

I hated this event for one simple reason. 🙂

The UFC events are dragged out enough as it is.. and then they throw in commercials?
PPV it, I never want to see a free UFC event again. >.Almost put me to sleep inbetween the fights.

And I wanted to see the Lyoto fight.
Big letdown..
But.. the main event was a nice change of pace after the rest of the event was so.. boring, I’ll say? ^_^

man me nd you are having hard time with predictions latley. i feel you dude. god damn it i so fucking tired of upsets. becuse i was there with some people that had never watched it and they got to see cro cop my boy my hero get destroyed. gahh i lost 10 bucks FUCK.and now they just dont get his bad assness oh well he will be back huge fan love your shows later bro.

“I was going kick, but I don’t believe a my first kick come to head ,but, ah, he don’t believe more then I” -Gabriel Gonzaga post fight interview. What a great quote, this guy is full of them. Please mention this next quote in ur next video dan…lol!

hey ideboer315.. its weird because i was at my buddies watchn the fight and my reactions were EXACTLY the same i was just in shock and didnt know how to take it… but WE ALL know that cro cop didnt even train as hard before this fight that he just lost to… even though it was a fair loss…i can bet all the money i own that 10 times out of 10 mirko cro cop filipovic will destroy ”gonzaga” any time in a rematch

cro cop will come back twice as hard u guys watch

Crocop is over rated guys. He not the best striker as Rogan has said he is just he most powerful striker. Meaning he hits hard and fast explsivly with his legs and hands. Technocholy as a striker he isnt that good. He drops his hands when he throws kicks and punches and carries his hands low at all times. A good striker is good timing, good distance and good speed and good foot work. POWER IS LAST ON THE LIST GUYS.

I don’t care what anyone says. This was a fight where size had alot to do with the outcome. Gonzaga was way bigger than cro cop, and it showed in how he tooled a smaller opponent. Cro cop clearly couldn’t do anything. He was just out muscled. Altho the KO had nothing to do with size, the brutal GNP left Cro cop hurt and shaken. You could see it in his stance, he looked very hesitant. Who could blame him? Gonzaga looks like a bull. Randy better gain weight

Hey, great video PHATCRITIC, your video was enteratining, informative, and funny as well. The whole spirit of Cro Cop’s leg leaving him was funny stuff. Honestly, it was hard to watch Mirko go out like that…I think he walked into the UFC thinking hes going to KO every1 with easy and didnt train in the cage thus causing him to lose.

just finished watching man
cheers on a great video man, one of your best yet.

yeah i agree with the undercard highlight reel, the lindaun fight i got to see was pretty impressive so good point there.

yeah i didn’t count gonzaga out, i saw him as an equal in that fight and im sorry i didn’t put money on it 😀

anyways good luck man, look forward to your 71 predictions, i have a feeling youl put the money on liddel ;>



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