Systematic Chaos Recording Session with the Fans

May 5, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
A criticism of a SONG contained in the beginning of a video is not shitting on a video. But then again, it’s advisable not to voice any criticisms whatsoever in the Soviet State of Dream Theater Fanboys.

Since it’s necessary to restate: this is an interesting TWENTY MINUTE video, and I appreciate the uploader for uploading it.

Muse – Take a Bow. I’m a big DT fan and am fully aware how the band borrow from their influences (ie. Solitary Shell = Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, Home = Forty-Six & 2 by Tool) and quite enjoy the fact they do it; but for some reason this whole Muse sound really grinds me gears (and I’m a Muse fan too). The fact is I miss the sound/days of I&W, Awake… ahh well.

I agree 100%, but like I said before, I think this album will be alot like Octavarium, in which the shorter songs really show their influences, and than the longer songs return to original DT fashion. And one review said Prophets of War was pretty much a Muse-Clone, so its no suprise for me

for me octavarium..was like a shit! nothing compared to images and words, or awake, or scenes, octavarium FOR ME hust shwos me how the band is losing creativity, i like the cd but, nothing compared to the other master pieces
anyway..i hope systematic chaos will kick ass!

I am horribly excited about this new CD… though a little sick of people saying “this song is a ___clone” or “this song sounds alot like ____”… DT has made like 5 million songs, and they are PROGRESSIVE. Their songs will vary alot and no CDs will sound identical. When people can appreciate that, they will stop downplaying everything Dream Theater does!

I appreciate everyone’s opinion but please, let’s not turn this into a bash thread or make too much speculation.
Out of respect for Dream Theater, let’s keep the discussion to the content of the video until after Systematic Chaos has been released.
So if you want to comment on the song in the video(Prophets of War), go ahead. That is all we have to go on, so leave it at that.

gspot27/solitary glen

you guys need to sit down and realise that DT have made albums for decades, they know what musics about, so have some respect. Anybody saying theyre copying muse are dumbasses, i used to like muse i know how they think musically, and dream theater are lightyears ahead of them. just coz u hear arpeggio hear or there, so what arpeggios have been used since the dawn of time and Dt were doing them long before newborn or take a bow so SIT!.

Thanks a million for this. I’m one of the many whose laptop wouldn’t allow this video to be downloaded. June 5th won’t get here fast enough!

And by the way, just because DT go from a minor chord to its relative major DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE RIPPING OFF MUSE!

“And by the way, just because DT go from a minor chord to its relative major DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE RIPPING OFF MUSE!” To whoever that was to, calling Dream Theater a ripoff of Muse is just stupid since Dream Theater has been producing music for so much longer… seriously…



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