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May 4, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
i like this style almost as much as you in your garage. your brother is cool, not in a bad ass way, but in an emo nerd i give even less of a shit that TL kind of way. but if i ever met him, id have to kick his ass, but for some reason, i think you need him in more of your vids, as a comedy relief from the comedy relief.

Credible sources have informed me that the ASU has received donations from the Church of Latter day Saints, CAIR, AIPAC, The Young Republicans and the leading Jain lobbyist group in America. I just want to throw that out there.

Reject the corrupt ASU. NASU is the future.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m not so much into this Rumpelstilzchen posing, but to start making sense of your recent clips: I’d be totally wild about you massaging with this Scotty thingy while licking the toes of this kitten, listening to some pipes and drums playing in the background!
Don’t happen to have a teaser online, trial membership + refund of all lost attention, do you?

Your cam is working great, considerring the computer was busy playing a video at the same time. -Unless you put the Cannon behind the PC, but I doubt that. My cam sucks on 2Ghz….
Last night, I was wonderring if the whole atheist thing might be part of your lie to summarize thinking thing. You might be a spiritual agnostic, or something, and call yourself an atheist to provide a quick explanation to others.

the asu is never going to get off the ground. Suppose it did – and it spread to people who don’t watch youtube, all it would take would be a biased news report to show out of context footage of AA wobbling his tits, nobody would listen. You don’t win by ‘pushing back’ as you described it in other vid AA, what you do is you hold up a mirror, and show them who they are without god. you’ll never win trying to play them at their own game.



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