Naruto Manga Chapter 351

April 30, 2007 youtubemovie

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like i said a while ago..Sasuke DIDNT KILL orochimaru LIKE HE SAID HIMSELF..”ive taken over”…what did he take over you ask ? what did he mean ?..not oro’s body obviously and sasuke still has his..SOOO it has to be HIS telling you guys..that means he KNOWS ALL ORO’S JUTSUS and such..

thats just a regular summoning CAN copy that and learn it(anko from konoha)..besides like i said i believed he know all of oro’s jutsus ..sooo im not surprised..sasuke is really dangerous if thats the case,when you add that to his growing arsenal(sharingan,2 nature affinties,sword..etc) all he has to be like kakashi and cheese/cheat by COPYING everying he damn sees..the boy serious ya’

well like in a lot of animes and mangas, they are probably gonna make sasuke look super strong now and then when he fights naruto the make him slower and weaker, (remeber when he faught itachi and he was like super slow but when he was fight againsed gaara during the chunnin exams he was as fast as lee)

1) Sasuke Obviously knows all of Oro’s Jutsu’s, his soul is trapped inside Sasuke, and Chakra is basically soul energy, and therefore, the jutsus would go along with him.
2) Itachi is STILL stronger. Why? The only reason Oro went after Sasuke is because he couldn’t take Itachi. So, why would SuperSasuke+Oro = Sasuke Stronger than the most fear Konoha Ninja of all time?

But in the first place didn’t sasuke say that orochimaru has nothing to teach him anymore? Maybe he knew all of them from the start.

I hope its a good battle and that Sakura beats the hell out of Karin. Well if sasuke improved, so did itachi. If he kills him now them the manga might near the end since it was a major theme for sasuke to kill his brother.

Ok you probably don’t know about kakashi gaiden arc. When Kakashi was a kid, Obito Kakashi’s close friend died when a pile of rocks fell on him. As a request Obito ask Ririn Kakashi’s other team mate to pass on Obitos Sharingan eye to him. Kakashi closest friend died get it? Thats how he got mangekyou so Sasuke has to kil his closest too… BTW Obito was a part of the Uchiha clan

sasuke already has mangeyko sharingan!! tehe think about it, when sasuke kills orichimaru, and he’s in that wierd place, and sasuke walks out and kabuto asks sasuke which one he is!!! kabuto see’s what happens in his head cause sasuke got mangeyko!!!! i think?

he has used up to 4 tails serenity that is true, but remember this naruto will not want to kill sasuke if he has to. he would probably end up using all 9 tails to stop sasuke but not kill him he likes sasuke to much to kill him, also notice that sasuke didn’t want anyone killed so he probably doesn’t want to try to kill naruto even for mangekyou he could get it kakashi’s way if he is good.

Naruto or someone is going to beat up Sasuke cause that’s how it usually is in stories fairytales manga, u name it good wins evil lose or the good goes down defeating evil either way the evil side will lose NO MATTER WAT!! That’s just how it iz Ya’ll!!

Since when is sasuke evil ??…the guy FREES prisoners..Spares hundreds of ninja..takes out a MASS MURDERER(oro) and is trying to take out another one(itachi)…STOP with sasuke is evil sh* me one person he killed since he act like itachi sprayed whip cream on thier clan and left..the boy has a reason to kill itachi

the last time naruto tried to use the 9 tails SASUKE GOT RID OF HIM…AND THE FOX SAID SASUKE’S SHARINGAN HAD MORE CHAKRA AND POWER MORE SINISTER THAN HIS OWN…and keep in mind once naruto is in 4 tails form..thats NOT naruto its the fox and WHO KNOWS what he’ll do….

you idiot he’s not orochimaru for sure: he has trained with him for long time, so he can use snakes, then.. he can use sharingan so well.. a non uchicha wouldn’t be that good.. then… why to leave kabuto who is so strong?.. moreover.. he is sasuke come on….he talks as sasuke he’s cool as sasuke he has super sharingans….etc…

btw i also think orochimaru’s not definitely dead… peraphs when sasuke will die (if he will) orochimaru will be saved.. but i don’t know..

none of this is a fault on Sauske. People are angry at Kishi for making him “all ubber god pwning powefull!1!!1” but in truth, he’s exactly where one would expect after 3 years with a legendary teacher. Its Naruto that’s underachieved, if you want to be angry at kishi, be angry at him for that, not Sauske.

fucking sasuke needs to die … the anime is called Naruto and i didnt even see a piece of him or konoha on the fucking manga wtf…. name the anime Sasuke so i dont waste my time looking for something good… geez I hope naruto freaking pwns that idiot or itachi someone just please kill that fucking gay fag

wow…umm noone complained when shikamaru had his little 5 manga thing..or the kakashi gaiden jumpoff. now when sasuke gets his people get tight ???..its not about naruto.its people are mad cuz now with this manga and the the previous 3 everyone knows sasuke is STRONGER…as of RIGHT NOW and dudes are getting mad…lol..or complain about why didnt naruto learn more with my personal favorite..agree sasuke is stronger but brag about naruto’s “hidden power”

Wow, really Kishi just shows few chapters with Sasuke and then everyone is like ooo he should change the name to “Sasuke”. The guy was out of commission for 100+ chapters so it’s only natural that a few be dedicated to him. Sasuke is Naruto’s friend and rival he has to develop his character.
I also remember it was the same when there was a Shikamaru arc. People were also complaining change the name to “Shikamaru” bla bla
Don’t worry the manga is called “Naruto” for a reason

No you see … shikamaru rocks kuz hes cool and actually got a sharp mind but sasuke is just a gay fag emo boy who needs to die and its not just now but they focus too much on him…. naruto could fucking make him eat his shit all the way down and I just hate sasuke for ppl thinking he is even stronger than naruto… face it his getting ass raped by naruto or itachi and btw naruto is stronger than kakashi so i yeah sasuke…. is gonna get raped bad

So much passion putted in hating imaginary character… tt
I’ve never really understood this fanboy stuff. I’m on the side where I just want to see action packed chapters and it doesn’t matter who is the bad ass in the chapter. As long as its awesome I don’t care.
I find you annoying. so should I wish the same this on you? Wow, great logic.

umm shikamaru can beat naruto/sasuke im my opinion anyway he my whatever..but kakashi SAID that im SURE we all dont think naruto can beat kakashi…sasuke took out a sannin..thousand injuries and edenfire you sound like a cool person and all but if you brother KILLED you WHOLE FAMILY and then TOTURED you pretty sure youd want to kill/get payback..NOTHING to do with being a emo fag

I’d say that naruto is stronger. Because he probably has a suicide justu. remember the third’s sealing jutsu? the one the fourth hokage made. well, in the gaara arc jiraya
says that naruto cant use a justu of some sort. jiraya was the fourth’s teacher so perhaps its the sealing jutsu. If it is he can kill anybody with it. but i agree naruto knows to few jutsus

nah man..i think what jiraya was talking about the ” jutsu ” was probably the nine-tail fox power….cause u know that naruto was going up to a akasuki member so jiraya must have told him not to use the foxs power cause then they might target naruto..u know ? …well yeah thats what i think jiraya meant…

i really just hate sasuke thats all but anyways lol I just really think in the whole anime so far they focused more on sasuke the whole time lol thats all 😛 but anyways lol and naruto took out one of the clan of itachi so .. and oro feared them lol so i think naruto so far has gotten to a higher point thats my opinion and about the emo stuff i just hate him being quiet and just sitting in that corner, crying and shit thats what i hate of it lol

sasuke is chill so stop dissin bitches… naruto sasuke and shikamaru are all awsome son of a biches and all really strong. NO ONE ownes any body and none of them have acutually fought aginst each other yet in a while so NO ONE know whos the strongest. god… and i agree with Mlmn3212… sasuke is no emo fag…

so what freshtown you’re putting together 2 people and plus sasuke isn’t far behind itachis strength he was able to defeat orochimaru easily and yet 4 tailed naruto wasn’t enough to beat orochimaru also sasuke is about 50% of itachis strength not including his power in level 2 cursed seal form.

lol omg…. give it a rest already will you … i just hate sasuke and i know naruto could / will beat him in the end thats all lol and when i say i hate sasuke I mean the fact that they focus so much on him… for real its realy boring the same fact of him after itachi and shit .. give it a rest already … its already starting to bore the crap out of me.. and its my opinion… “comments” yeah you say what you think and thats what i think…

Wait so in the beginning like the first episodes of Naruto, Sasuke goals in life were to kill itachi and rebuild his clan right…. so who is going to do it with once he kills /if kills itachi? I would think Sasuke return to Konoha and marry Sakura and then…….. u know the rest..

Well, this was a good chapter,
It seems like Jungo’s curse seal can allow him to morph his arm into different weapons…interesting. I also liked the Snake jutsu Sasuke used…Cool.
And at last the expected preview for this
chapter: “Itachi’s whereabouts”. Not surprising to have a preview like that since there will be no chapter thanks to the Golden Week. Anyways, I think that the next chapter will show a little of Konoha/Naruto, Sasuke telling his plan, and Itachi

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