April 29, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You guys remind me of this show called “Keys to the VIP” that airs on the Comedy Network here in Canada. It’s a bunch of good looking, 20 something guys sitting around talking about “man stuff”. But they also have a contest as to who can pick up the girl in the bar… which can be pretty rude. Of course, you guys would never be rude…..!?! Keep’em coming… We missed you last week!

I have a question! When a guy is kinda physical with you, complments you and likes to hug/give back massages, BUT this guy is known to be like that with other girls (more so with you) Does that mean he likes you? Or is he just being the way he always is? ((Note: he’s a bit of a prev but a good guy at heart, meaning he isn’t just tring to get laid))

Question for mantalk: What do you guys think aout the movie The Notebook? Is it stictly for girls and gays? Another question, if a girl walked up to you in the street and told you you were hott, would you be creeped out or flattered? What if she kissed you?

nice ending, but would someone creative and musically inclined please create them some theme music or soooomething. lol love the series guys, snd i second the post by GabRiEllaRoxUrSox in that you guys should talk about girls saying that they “missed their time of month” or it’s late or their worried.

friends with benifits, I know that some friends that worked it out and said the whole thing about no boyfriends and she was like, yes not like that, just friends with benifits, but the guy was the one that wanted more and she had to try to run away, it has happened for me too. It happens on boths sides.

oh I completely agree.
I love mantalk, what’s not to love?
Men? LOVE.
Talk? LOVE.
But so far, I’ve only seen Chris talk and Kirk and Jason are just used as a wallpaper. Pretty one, but a wallpaper none the less.
I’m sure they have a lot to say too, give them a chance. Sitting rotations is a great idea. More Kirk and Jason! *loves them both like WHOA*

Can’t wait for more from you guys. You rock my world.

Cant you take up a big topic for each person in each vid and have it relate to one of you three so you all get a bit of an episode each.. and then the 5 topics. And the person who has the topic sits infront 😀 so you differ a bit. AND MAKE YOUR OWN CHANNEL!! this will appeal to EVRYONE i think!
Best of luck, cherilyn.

I’m happily married and have no intentions of ever dating again but I just love to watch this segment.You are very good at letting women know what men like and dislike and just some good all round advise. I read someones idea about rotating positions….sounds like a great idea. Keep them coming!

hy chris thx for sendin all thoses videos..i just came back from the phillipines and well i was sad being in europe again but there u go making me laugh!!!that’s original u can help again how girls have to act an all…really cool thx i missed it..seeingur stuff… kisses Bye

Kirk has a cool ass shirt (E-A-G-L-E-S) but this is the biggest penis fest i ever saw. Kirk’s a total penis fot liking friends with benifits and Jason is a dog with his milfs. your top 5 list should be “all we want is girls who take their pants off because we are penises.” hahahaha stfu

You guys tell it like it is and I like it that way. On the girl’s side of the equation, it is hard to leave a guy when you like him, even if he tells you that he doesn’t want to be a boyfriend.

Top manly movie: Braveheart. It’s a classic.

alright .. this is bugging me ..
do you guys find it unatractive if a girl is REALLY into sports? i mean, most of the time i find that when i guy falls for a girl and finds out she’s hardcore into sports, it seems they back off :S .. do you agree?

Jason is cute.

Know it all… aha…

Nobody’s talking at all…

Friends.. turn gay and it works…. men especially are unable to seperate friemds and realtions – more than wome!”

KIDS – not because of problems are accuring, but of responsability.


I haven’t been 115 lbs since I was in Jr. High …hahaha… I worked out too much and subsequently had to eat a lot too. 115 pounds is actually still a healthy weight. I wouldn’t recommend that you lose anymore weight. Your BMI is normal right now.
Personally, I don’t think that you need to worry about your weight. You are still young (I watched your vlog and am about to comment there). Allow your body to mature because you have a while still to go.

Okay, I’ve got a question for ManTalk but answering it might shove it into the “Mature Audience” area. There is such a huuuuuge obsession with breasts, but when it comes to sex most guys practically ignore them or have no clue what to do with them. Why is that?

*sigh* Oh how I love you Chris XD You have such good values about woman! I’d make you guys a theme video, do you have a place to download all of your videos (like megaupload or something)? I don’t have a convertion program and you need one if you use a youtube ripper =/

Do you know that Spartans after training (where of course they were naked) brush the other man’s hair. This is so manly? 🙂 Persians thinked it’s comical. And there was more than 300 warrior and not 1 million Persians. And Spartans would like to spreed too not only Persians. They were not an angel.

well, when you marry a hot guy do you think he’s going to be hot when he’s 90? not likely. Although I do want a hot guy, character and personality matter a WHOLE lot more.
and how ugly is he? I think I could learn to love an ugly guy if he was worth it in eveyr other way.

gee…hard to top the drunk chick acting like a stripper. Man, that can get ugly.

My question: What is the correct time to call after a good first date? While still in bed together?…After fumigation?…After I call Mom to say I’m gonna marry it?

OMG, I started watching this expecting something uber macho and disturbing, but you guys didn’t irritate me anywhere NEAR as much as I was expecting! Keep up the good work, keep it genuine – it’s so refreshing to see this coming from three (hot!) blokes!

QUESTION: To tell or not to tell? My once best friend has recently become a surgeon. He has now become unbearably egotistical & obnoxious. Should I tell him what an ass he’s being or should I just quietly slip away let it be. What are the chances of getting him to see the light that being a surgeon doesn’t make you closer to God?

Lol. My exboyfriend told me he wanted to date me again when he was drunk and I asked him “Are you sure you aren’t just saying that ’cause you’re drunk?” And he said “Yes.” and then asked me a second time (while drunk) and hasn’t brought it up since.. while sober..

Lol. Oh I don’t doubt he still cares about me.. and maybe even wants to date me. But he hasn’t thought it through. He was drunkenly thinkin about all the good times and forgetting the reasons he broke up with me. (He cheated and we live kinda far away.)

I heard that a few days after this shooting, there was another 1 at the Johnson Space Center cause the guy was fearing being fired. Is it something in the water or what? To find out more about this 1 go to Google News & put Houston Space center shooting in the search bar.

See ya,

Nope, Iowa State University. It’s a great school and I hope and pray that it will continue to be a safe and welcoming environment in the future.(I just graduated there) I enjoy you guys’ commentaries and was wondering your take on more serious topics such as the recent shooting in Virginia. (Although I love your dating/guy advice, you guys are a riot 😀 )

Love the music!!! it was a nice touch but I think you should tone it down a little cuz when you’re givin out the advice it’s a lil hard to hear, and I gotta go back to it again. Again you guys aced it, it would be great if you could work on a little on the background and the fluctuating light… sorry about all the critcism I study moving image..

Great episode, looking forward to next week!!!!!!

Hey Mantalk!

Top Man Movies:

1. The Godfather Part 1
2. Apocalypse Now
3. Dazed and Confused
4. Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom
5. The Matrix

Not sure how you all will feel about these (or if you’ll get a chance to see my list), but I hope to see at least one in your list! Keep up the great work!

Have you thought about submitting something about this to Men’s Health or GQ?


There’s a couple of movies I watched a few weeks ago that you might like. The 1st 1 is called The Great Raid which is about the rescue of the POWs from the Philippines during WWII. The other is Stealth which is about this new type of fighter jet piloted by an artificial intelligence computer. It goes haywire & they have to stop it before it starts a war. I don’t usually like military movies, but these 2 were really good.

See ya,

QUESTION: what’s the best way to react to your ex-girlfriend having sex in you parents bed at your own party when you specificly told her not to?

1. Deep Troath or someother pornmovie
2. The Godfather and The Godfather II
3. James Bond Movies
4. The Terminator
5. Trainspotting

hey guys! am a fan from cardiff/exeter and was wondering, (admittedly there maybe cultural differences from american social situations to british) but i am normally oblivious to men who are interested in me as i normally take the inocent friendship approach, and as a result i’ve missed a couple of good opertunitys with some great guys. could you give me any pointers to look for for future reference? thanks guys you rock! Katex

My best friend throughout middle and high school was a guy. He has told me that he was in love with me a few separate times. Weird. He has been like a brother to me. He said that he will wait until I change my mind. I just can’t seem to get it though his head! He is important to me, and I value his friendship. I want to settle this once and for all; is there any way to do this and remain friends??

hey guys. Why is it that chicks dig guys who treat them like shit. You go and be all nice and honest with a chick and the first guy to come along that ignores her and calls here a whore lands up with her. should i just go mike turner on all the chicks i like.

I’m currently working crap out with a guy and I have a few questions. I had to deal with a guy who had an annoying sounding girlfriend and he never thought to deal his crap out with me first. How do I get rid of the annoying sounding girlfriend when he hands me over to talk to her? How do I get him to get rid of her? How do I get the guy to listen to what I have to say instead of putting up a wall for me to hit?



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