What happens if we bomb, bomb bomb Iran

April 28, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I’m an earthling, wtf else does it matter. Iran gets bombed, London gets bombed. Its a simple prediction given events thus far. Iran is not the straw that breaks the camels back, its the raving loonatic given a cause and support. PS, the yanks are hardly the non raving lunatic side in this war.

warren25smash: dude, my question for you came across the wrong way. I asked if you had Iranian heritage because I thought if so this situation with Iran would affect you even more deeply. It was not meant to mean anything more. I agree with almost all you say and I am on your side, I enjoy your channel very much. Peace out.

Nobody should get bombed, and this arbitrary,1984,”enemy of the month” stuff about Iran is surreal. The security council sanctioned Iran: “don’t export weapons”–What about the US,Israel, and China exporting weapons? In terms of tyrannies the world needs to see alter-China has less free speech,less freedom of religion, and major executions, torture and expansionism, annexing Tibet, recently pushing Bhutan. McCain is a revolting.

Hmm warren i do think Iran does have some influence in iraq with reguards to ied’s. Thats pretty well established. But it is overblown by bush and co. It’s an easy excuse to blame iran for Bush’s failures. The Sunnis insurgency is a bigger threat to Americans. And we should stay and fix Afghanistan that is a justifiable war.

Again just because they hype the Iranian connection doesn’t mean fucking iranians aren’t killing Sunnis by the 1000’s. AND Warren fuck off don’t call me a bushie. Bush is fucking scum. How about your a brainwashed pacifist British fuck. Calling me a bushie is like me calling your wife a whore.

You make a good point, I doubt the candidates you mentioned have grass roots support on YT, I do think you do though. It might be time to rally the troops and make some sort of joint video, maybe it would have some effect? Everybody uploads the same video a couple of times, I’m thinking it might be heard.

Bushies say, “bad Syria, bad Iran, you’re letting terrorists into Iraq”. But every American who wants progress should draw a map of the middle-east and use it when they think about the news.
SAUDI ARABIA, bin Laden’s homeland, shares a big border with Iraq, and our own forces have caught terrorists who admitted coming from Saudi. I’ve yet to hear any media mention the Saudi problem in Iraq.

McCain was trying to be funny and cute. He was neither. You don’t joke about starting wars with other countries on the campaign trail. There are no legitimate jests to make about killing loads of people. This was yet another unfortunate misstep in a increasingly doomed presidential bid. The Vietcong didn’t brainwash McCain; the Neocons did.

the U.S. will make up for the cost of the Iraq war by charging the Iraqi’s the cost of the war and siphoning out enough oil to pay for the war 10 times over! that’s the cost of freedom. YAY! YAY! U! S! A!, U! S! A!, U! S! A! we can and will do the same thing to iran warren we are comeing… and we got walmart behind us so we can’t lose.

Well i just come home from getting a sunburn from the beach, and you take my mind of my pain when you talk about others pain. Besides the point of the truth “mine” you do speek your own truth hear “as always” but it is not only your truth, but our truth, and most of all THE TRUTH.

Sen. McCain has lost it. He sold out and though I respect his past as a POW and challenges, his current selling out is sad. I would maintain that the US soldiers in Iraq are not to be blamed. It is the leaders like Mr. Bush who bear the responsibility. Mr. Bush has not yet owned up to his responsibility.

Fortunately, the Christian right has utterly destroyed the Republican party. Rudy, John, and good ‘ol Mitt. They don’t stand a fucking chance. Perhaps McCain will drop dead before the primaries, leaving Twit Mitt. Since Giuliani is a pro-choice womanizer, he doesn’t win any Neocon hugs and kisses.

By the way, I just found you on YouTube and you’re my new favorite person. There I said it.

McCain…Too old and reckless.

Obama…Too far to the left.

Hilary…A poor speaker. Could be overshadowed by her sex mad husband.

Giuliani…Made a fool of himself dressing as a women, too closely linked to new york and not respected by the heartland.

John Edwards…Seen as gay and too small in height. It will indeed be an interesting election.

when i saw that fool, mcain, make the “bomb bomb bomb iran” comments, i thought i was watching a bad bad bad movie. it’s a little bit sickening thinking about the type of people who would take this shit as an example of a brave, no-nonsense politician.

We don’t care about the UN cause the UN is a load of BS.

I don’t like the war, but only cause it’s damaging to our economy..

I don’t give a fuck about the UN, France, Canada, you, or anyone else’s country anymore than they care about the US. Go fuck yourself and stop this self-righteous soap-boxing.

And yet you expect me to care about you and your country.

Stop bitching about America’s policy. What have you ever done for us? As far as I’m concerned, we’re the ones who get to decide how things happen, not you.

Maybe if you’ll show a little respect to my country we’ll be more open to what you have to say. But if you’re just going to sit there and scream into a camera about how horrible we are, you can go to hell.

saw this old charlie chaplin movie and cant exactly remember the quote that chaplin says but its truly amazing “in every persons/wars misfortune someone is making a profit out of that” so true in this case. mcain is probably paid by weapon contractors to try out their “sophisticated bunker busters”. to carry out experiment and use these countrys as a real life fucking experiment!
nice vid warren, mcain is indeed a lyin manipulative flip-flopper

the essentail truth is that Iran is a terrorist training/harboring/supporting nation that is trying to become a nuclear power. This means NUCLEAR TERRORISM. What part of this eqaution do you not understand? is it your blind political Correctness? If so then soon their will be “Religon Of Peace Attacks” over the UK and US. By the way… US torturing Iraqi’s. There was just a video of a 12 yr Old boy chopping a mans head off by al queda.

those SEVERAL US troops where tried and convicted. By the way how is getting them naked, stacking them on top of eachother, and pionting to their dicks on camera, make the U.S. more evil then people who make a twelve year old child, saw through a mans neck with a ten inch blade? I would love to take idiot pills and see things your way.

First Iraq did invade other country first..did you forget the first Gulf War..where just finishing what we started and should have done years ago..Afganstain needed to be overtrown, it was us who put them in power, but then we where against USSR the greater of two evils. I support the troops, but may not agree on everything Bush says, but its not about him..its about the guy next to you..in war.

Nick , bite me. The pro troop stance is unfounded and apparently americans are not willing to join up, one of your problems there. Stop arguing with worthless nonscence that your own government has illustrated clearly – “fuck the troops, fuck iraq, give me pie. “

Indeed, and Americans with memory (above a certain age) must remember the lackluster response to IRA terrorism on British soil financed by American Irish sources. To be a fly on the wall during those meetings, eh? But on Afghanistan- that’s fair game. Don’t need to leave a mess for our Russian comrades,eh?

When the Americans fought the British for “independence”, we hid in the bushes and behind trees when fighting.We didn’t play by the “decent” rules of war.WE were the terrorists…that’s just a label used by oppressors for desperate people fighting a greater foe for what they believe is Right.When we support terrorists, we label them “freedom fighters”.

Second, we leave Iraq now we’ll be back within five years with a UN mandate in order to stop the slaughter of Sunni muslims as Iran grows larger. Third point, aside from the work of the CIA and the FBI why do you think there haven’t been more attacks on US soil since 9/11? Oh yeah… it could be we’ve placed a big bullseye somewhere a little nearer home for the terrorist.

um they attacked us first and yes lets see more dead bodies and lets lay wasted to the arab nations of the world the new Crusades has begun. Welcome to the begining stages of the 3rd and final world war. I feel your frustration man i was being sarcastic up there but now you get to see that the rich rule the world and do what they want regardless of any of our opinions

get your facts right. seporate truth from lies. and for the record some troops out of hundreds where bad but most where very nice and honerable men i know because i was in iraq the people loved us and they cryed and pleeded for my team not to go. if only you knew

Exactly foolish statements from Warren putting blame solely on the United States is bullshit. If Britain had a similar population then their troop numbers would be higher upwards of 50,000. If UK population was higher than 70 million they’d have a larger pool of people. More people=larger army.

top vid ,we must get our troops out of iraq before we get dragged in to an american/Iranian war .If our troops are in the area when and if it kicks off between the iranians and americans there will be no way of avoiding it.The government are trying to give the impression that they,re slowly pulling out knowing full well if there’s any of our troops there if it happens we will become involved (the americans will make sure of that)

Have you even been paying attention to warren25smash? If so, you would realize that he’s a genius and probably should be advising anyone with political ambition on what to do. He seems to have more to say on any given political subject than any elected or attempting-to-get elected official I have have ever seen. Cliche? How dare you. Do you have something better? Give it a try!! You will be no match for Warren; I assure you.

You’re right, the intellegence is bad. The president of Iran said the hollocost never happened, no intellegence. What cell are you a part of? We bombed Japan, that seemed to work for them. Oh ya….it’s amazing that someone could get so freaked over a joke. Get a grip. 3000 men would never have died? Ya, terrorism will just go away. Assclown!

“I” have done nothing of the sort. “I” live my life as pure as I can, with hopes that those who kill innocent people freely understand what is to come to them in the afterlife. Muslims have been creating chaos and murdering innocents for thousands of years. Everyone acts like this is a new thing. Christians and muslims are doomed to eventually eradicate the other.

Ms Spears is a complete fk up, and has mental problems…come to think of it
Your anti American puke seems to go over with the 18-24 little sperm-wads that haven’t a clue about the single biggest threat to the entire planet
extremist muslim nitballs, you know, the ones you support.
get a suicide belt, throw a towel on your head, snd do the deed instead of fkn whinning all the time
be a man warren, you PUZZIE!

*Bleeaaaat bleeeaaaat!* you pathetic racist brainwashed sheep. The biggest threat to the entire planet are extremist muslims? Funny I thought the biggest threat was the Imperialists in the White House who think it’s acceptable to murder their own citizens in order to push their Corporate and Military agendas in the middle east. Get a bible, throw a red white and blue bandana on your head, and enlist to serve in Iraq. Be a “MAN”, or go on being a tool.

if americans are all sheep, how come we are constantly arguing amongst ourselve. things peaple constantly argue about in america, the iraq war, gay marrige, evolution being taught in schools, abortions, stem cell research, gun controll, religeus simbles in puplic plases, and the list goes on and on. plus, we are not rascist, i have freinds of all races and creeds. plus, the white house only kills innocint peaple in other countries.

This kids on a bit of a rant but generally on point.
Bombing Iran would be yet another in a long list of American foreign policy mistakes. Bombing a nation only causes suffering to the Iranian people, kill innocent women and children, destroy property and livelihoods of a population and give the region more reasons to despise the west.

The ability to make improvised munitions (like IEDs) has actually been around as long as we’ve had munitions. It’s not as pat as the Vietcong passing on some secret knowledge to Iraqis. The Iranian border with Iraq is a fluid place — people cross every day. Anyways, yet again I will say that I anticipate no war with Iran. It’s possible, but a very remote possibility. Rhetoric set aside

Anyone who takes a politician serious is vacant somehow. Mc Cain’s superfluous voice is better left to the mindset of the late-night comedians who are more adept at one-liners than political commentary. Don’t doubt that the Israelis will be the first on the scene the moment Iran has the Bomb Bomb Bomb.

THERE ARE WAAAAY TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET, MAN. A whole lot of us need to die somehow, whether Iranians, Americans, Chinese or everywhere, whether by war, famine, disease, global warming or all of the above. It’s the natural order of things. At this point, massive loss of life is a GOOD THING for the human race and life on earth. We cannot sustain life on this planet with the population the way it is.

bsullivan: You share philosophy with the “Illuminati”. One of the main funtions of a global government would be to “regulate the census” in order to avoid complete extinction. I agree w/ you concerning the Natural Order of it -that’s good science- but I strongly disagree with engineering a cleansing war to speed the process.

I never said anything about a cleansing war. I’m just saying that in the long run, peace could be more harmful for our species than war. I think people should have less kids, more abortions, commit suicide more, adopt more, etc. But honestly I don’t see that happening. What’s the solution? Let capitalism, greed, overpopulation, overconsumption, and global warming destroy us forever? Or figure out a way to reduce the population in as humanely a manner as possible? Fuck, I don’t know.

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Uh, we aint guna bomb iranian cities, or should i just say Tehran, the capitol city by default as there are no other cities, were guna bomb nuclear plants in the middle of the fucking desert, killing hundreds of ‘innocent’ iranian nuclear scientists

Please point out the fact that most people whom planned Iraq invasion in the White House were zionists like the chairman of the world Bank or the Aipac group.
Please state that Americans r killed everyday because Israel wants to live without Saddam Hossein walking around so she can kill more and more innocents.

McCain was in a “stink tank” with Lieberman mis-nomered the “Committe for the Liberation of Iraq” before the Iraq War . McCain is a madman, a NeoCON and an an evil architect of pre-emptive war. I hope McCain becomes a stand-up comic instead of president … we wouldn’t laugh at his “jokes” but we would be a whole lot safer.

D’ont forget not every muslim is an extremist and terrorist. But an occupation and invasion is always bad, for every country. The american wouldn’t also not accept, when they where occupated in their own county. It was not a solution for the Irak. What happens now. So many people dies, also americans and nothing happens. It was the wrong way. You cannot get peace with a war. You cannot protect America and the world with this.

Well said Warren . McCain is a real madman .I dont know why ppl. watching your videos dont bother to read whats going on in the world. The cant all be Dummies . Look at the mess Iraq is in now & where is BinLadin ? wHY CANT THE Americans find him ???

His hate for the West blinds him, free your mind Warren, lose your hate. Your biased rants are a product of Jihaidist propagander.

Not heard any rants condeming 12 year olds who saw off heads or agaisnt the people who plant bombs to blow up women and chirdren in Iraq.

If you were less biased Warren, people might think you have a point.

If you really hate the West so much, move.


warren is 1000% anti American / terrorist supporting little puke that hasn’t one fkn clue what he’s whining about!

name change, instead of warren25smash, how about
Nuke Iran….NOW!
extremist muslim whack jobs, and the little pryks like warren that support them are the single biggest threat to the planet!

Go watch “Jesus Camp” jamiebrighton10. Your own people are brainwashing your children into becoming Christian radicals. Your failure to accurately see all sides of the issue is only overshadowed by your complete stupidity. Take your sheeplike ‘Jihad’ mantra and shove it up your ass, fucking moron.

blargh you really need to get away from that socialist piece of crap you call a country (doesn’t even know what it’s language is ahahaha)
Here in America, NOBODY pushes Christianity…in fact, quite the opposite, Christian symbols in general are shunned, people in many places are instructed by schools and employers to say happy holidays, no longer is it merry Christmas!
you really should have a clue what the fk you typing, otherwise, your just like warren!

I am an American who is angry beyond description that we have this low life as our president who hides behind God and the Flag, dishonoring the Flag and estranged from God. Praise free speech, thanks Warren. We are working for a return to sanity here.

so basically… a man learns about things he knows nothing about from the internet, then makes a video about it, then actually believes he knows more about what happens there because of an internet education…

a man talking out of his ass, feel sorry for your viewers.

The internet is the most powerful medium of communication because it lacks gatekeepers. Most of the stuff he talks about is recognized by the US government as true, it is just the majority of the population never hears it. Everyone past elementry school knows to check their sources, I’d like to see what part of that video you think is false, then give me your source.

I don’t want to see Iran bombed and I certainly dont want the iranian people to suffer, but I do want Ahmadinajad and the ayatollahs removed. Iran has a weak military force, hell even the pakis have a waaay stronger military and airforce than iran and not to forget they have nukes too.

Yet America would still have rolled over them. So basically Iran should stfu with all the military show etc, cos its pretty pointless. Although I would like to add that iran has every right to pursue nuclear energy for civil purposes but with a nut case like Ahmedinejad who’s blatantly said that he wants to destroy israel off the face of the earth, you reallly cant blame the world for being worried when he says he wants ANY sort of nuclear anything

that was a really flawed video. if we did bomb iran it wouldnt end well. but that aside they are helping terroists in iraq. there undisputable evidence to support that. plus, most parts of ahfganistan are starting to better. the plases away from the pak. border anyway. plus iran is withput a doubt trying to get nuclear weapons to blow up isreal. they dont need nuclear energy, they are floating on a lake of oil.

Warren. Breathe dude.
You know, maybe the USA should just fucking blow up
a small country like Syria. For real. Just nuke em. Send them a serious message. Take over a bunch of oil wells & sell the oil to China cheap. Then use the money for more bombs.

Much better than usual, especially noting that it’s “we” as in the US and UK together. Our governments are ass buddies; it’s “we”.

I’ve argued to the point that I’m looked at as an enemy to local conservatives, I’m still trying, I know I’m not alone in the US, I bring statics and indisputable testimony and they bring faith, and yet there is still 37% support for GWB… Stop being pissed at Americans, be pissed at the loony bible thumpers that still buy our government’s shit.

if you were allowed to know what i know, you would love us to death. the democrats are putting lies on the news and on the internet. im not saying all of them do that, just the ones whith power. they say all the soilders are brutish and thats not the case we do have some but they are punnished. lastly if we dont stay in iraq stuff 1000 times more horrible will happen

I woulden’t worry too much about Iran at this stage as an invasion seem highly unlikely at least for the time being. (I think Olmert is a freakin lunatic but he is a even bigger tool, which is sort of good news atm)

I also think the “why” is more interesting then the “what”.

Other then that I do agree with you,I liked your video and I can relate to your frustration.

savesa>> I wish I could take your wager; it seems to me that he is preaching peace, in spite of preaching it angrily. It is your society and others like it who have traditionally run right over the top of those preaching peace and killed people, including those preaching peace. The 9/11 hijackers killed children, so did Timothy McVeigh, so does america. The difference is that america TEACHES it.

emmigre here are a few examples of the TEACHINGS of Islam:Men are superior to women. (Surah 2:22)
Women have half the rights of men:
In court witness. (Surah 2:282)
In inheritance. (Surah 4:11)
A man may beat his wife. (Surah 4:34)
A man may marry up to 4 wives at the same time. (Surah 4:3)
Muslims must fight until their opponents submit to Islam. (Surah 9:29)
A Muslim must not take a Jew or a Christian for a friend. (Surah 5:51)
A Muslim apostate must be killed. (Surah 9:12)

I’m an American and I agree with what you say completely. If politicians listened to what the majority wanted we would have never invaded Iraq. Just let it be known, all Americans don’t embody the ignorance that Bush, McCain, etc. represents. I hate that people from other countries think that Americans stand for this.

The Iranians stopped al-qaeda crossing the border? Sources? Get out of Afghanistan? Forget the fact the Taliban ran the country and hosted Saint Osamah. 9/11, 7/7, Spain, Bali, Mumbai and Thailand are not the blow back of American policies-it is the dysfuntional, backward and violent aspects of totalitarian Islam reaching climactic exposure-America is not the enemy, totalitarian Islam is.

Uhhm you idiot Kaafirstani, The Americans funded and supported both Al Qeada and the Taliban, the CIA provided a Kidney Dialisis for Osama Bin Laden in Dubai, Today the US is arming Jundalloh and MKO for terrorist operations against Iranian civilians. You sick fuck, Islam is not the problem retarded aids infested child rapists like you are. The 9/11 terrorists all came from Suadi..Y are we in Iraq? Ohh ohh yah to find the WMD we sold Saddam to bomb innocent kurds and Iranians with.

The Kidney Dialisis machine which they pulled out of ur backside? Yes ofcourse the CIA funded the Taliban and the various mullahs because they wanted to bleed the Soviet Union-and they were successful -just like the aligned with the Soviets against Nazi Germany-If the Soviets had used a nuclear missile against the Americans, would u be saying that it was blow back for being against the Germans?

Mmm Child rapist? Interesting I think that has more of a Islamic connection. Yes the 9/11 Saudis terrorist act was a protest against Palestinians being thwarted again and again in thier quest for wiping Israel of the map. what is the connection with Palestine? Islam or radical Islam! The Americans sold those weapons just as a threat to be used against Khomeni-he used it against the Kurds-the Americans were using Saddam to checkmate the Iranians under Khomeni.

Hah!! the Americans plotted a coup with the British against the Secular democratically elected PM of Iran in 1953 for nationalizing Irans oil assets. They paid agents to bomb the religous communities in Iran and then sent out leaflets blaming it on Mosedegh.. effectively using the Mullahs to overthrow him and then financing the puppet shah into power.

Then when the Shah came to power the CIA trained and supported torture of Iranians via the Savak. Its no wonder the Iranians say ” Death to America.”

Your just an apologist for the most corrupt and hated regime in the world, and you support Bush’s terrorism because you believ he will win. Let me tell you something.

p.2. So, in this war , just only millions of people have died for the benefit of a criminal minority , the criminal such as Ronald Ragan , Bush the father ,Khomeini and Rafsanjani who deliberately prolong the war for mere purpose of becoming even wealthier.

you’re right…the iranians are too busy making daisy chains and writing love letters to me to make weapons for hezbollah.

when you talk about keeping the peace, how do you interpret the words of iraqi officials begging american forces not to leave? do you think their statements are coerced?

This place is a complete LIE. I’m from austin, tx which is completely liberal. I want to leave this country as soon as I can. The gov’t is fucked up and on one huge ego trip.. which if we do bomb Iran, or stay in Iraq, is going to lead to WWIII. The people running this place are idiots.
Fuck bush, fuck mccain, fuck hilary, fuck the gov’t. I’m out

So now are you telling that your government was that foolish that did not know that they are destroying the Iran Islamic government but in fact helping it to overcome the rebellions of inside of society by deriving people’s mind toward war?

LOL. “I’m rantin’ aren’t I.”

Even though I think McCain is still trying to figure out which ass to kiss, I’m still of the opinion that he was making a silly joke to the pro-bomb-iran guy that he was answering.. I’m just not convinced that he’s a neoconservative, and I’m not sure that he has business interests that would improve by taking out Iran. What does that leave?

i wish they would go into iran!! as bad as it might be,,,, i think we would finally see the collapse of the dynasty!! USA will not be for long under these monkey’s rule!! how can u go to war on a lie once, and then go again, selling under the same umbrella.!! how silly! and if hapens, US citizens are to blame!



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