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April 25, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You are all very strange people indeed. At the end of the day the guy was a nasty piece of work, nothing makes his behaviour excusable…worst of all talking about him and giving him the notoriety he craved, sack it off! If you talk about anything let your thoughts and words be about the true victims and their families in sympathy. This guy doesn’t deserve the time or effort.

What is he trying to imutate Socom?..Because it sure looks like it.9 MM Pistol and a Gluck?..Strange I still blame this on the people who were in charge of sending out an emergency or email or text message to the students they could’ve stopped this mass murder from doing his killing spree if they sounded the alarms early maybe he could’ve been stopped??..But what he did is very wrong! He should’ve talked about his problems and not let it out on the innocent!

I guess this guy got the notoriety he craved while he was alive. A pity really.
Same thing happened in OZ (but worse) 11 years ago at Port Arthur, google it.
Befriend a loner and prevent a tragedy.
Condolences to the families of those involved. Australia
cries for our US friends.

This kind of thing happens in Iraq every day, every day for example today, april 18, 2007 over 230 plus people killed in the markets by a triple car bombing. Sooo why doest the hole world give a f*&k when it happens in the USA ….. Just somthing to think about!!!

Why can’t these kind of people make their point clear in a normal way… I mean, why didn’t he make contact with people, why did he go killing… Could it be that society made him what he is? I wonder, how did he come to this act, I really wonder.

The thing is that we are made to ascend the earning ladder. The more you earn the more you can consume. As well we are taught to believe in monotheistic religions and dwell within the grasp of a border line theocracy. In short we are being bread to fill our lives with crap we don’t need. Some take the blue pill, some choose the red. It’s once you have an awakening that the world you knew you didn’t know is confirmed. It’s hard to deal with and he snapped.

He was a vigilante in his own mind. I wish we knew what exactly set him off, because bullying and shit has gotten out of control. Unlike the previous generations, some just won’t take that kind of abuse anymore. Do you honestly think when he was a kid that he thought “hey someday I wanna kill a load of innocent people and then kill myself. yeah that’s my lifelong dream”
Something molded him into what he was, but people look past that. I still dislike what he did, but I’m not surprised..

You are all very strange people indeed. At the end of the day the guy was a nasty piece of work, nothing makes his behaviour excusable…worst of all talking about him and giving him the notoriety he craved, sack it off! If you talk about anything let your thoughts and words be about the true victims and their families in sympathy. This guy doesn’t deserve the time or effort.

The teacher was concerned about his writings, his play was disturbing, the teachers knew this…Weren’t these warning signs that should have been noticed? Why wasn’t security alerted before it came to this so they could have looked into his room since he was living on campus? Was he being hazed by other “silver spoon in their mouth students”? Why are our children growing up in a world that believes that death is a resolution to all problems? Why is life becoming so cheap?

Does it have anything to do with the rules and regulations that are being put on parents and society when it comes to correcting the errors or our children? Spare the rod, spoil the child, give them everything they ask for and ask for nothing in return, let them do as they will. This will continue to happen until we introduce VALUES back into the children of our nation, until we once again begin teaching our children that life is important.

They want us to believe that this guy killed two people,went back to his dorm to make a video and burn a DVD and go down to the post office to mail it to NBC?? all before he went to shoot 30 more and himself? Sounds like a bad Schwarznegger movie to me.Google “manchurian candidate” “MKULTRA” or “project artichoke”.

AHEM. I find it quite interesting how people refuse to blame the perpetrator(s) in situations like these. Society tends to point the finger else where. “His/her/their parents are to blame” “it’s Marilyn Mansons fault” “the fault lies with the students who made fun of the perpetrator” etc. These people didn’t put a gun in their hand, they didn’t pull the trigger.

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I believe this is a niave attempt to put themselves in the shoes of other and apply some sort of reasoning to the motives. “If I had done this it couldn’t be my fault, I would have to be pushed in to this situation.” True from certain perspectives, but again, you would be the one pulling the trigger. Therefore the blame lies solely on you and no one else.

(note: these comments go together)
In my opinion, his actions were stimulated by possible psychosis and the fact that he grew up in a hard life of poverty in South Korea. Many people around the world dislike Americans for this fact: They live in rags, fending for any food and basic necessities as people in this country waste resources and bathe themselves in indulgences.

Fucking loser!!! I hope he burn in hell for this! nothing of this would happen if you have to get a permit to buy guns in this country, in other countries you have to pass a psicologycal test to get a license to buy guns. And retarded people like he will never have access to guns.

Think about it… while they starve and work hella hard all day for what most Americans make in an hour, we sit around with our ipods wondering which person will make American idol. In my experience, I find many people are very disillusioned about the real important things in life. The preverbal sheep as one would say. They take the cakewalk through life, with only one thing in mind: themselves and what can they do for themselves.

I actually have to agree, from what I have read and seen, that he earned the right to kill.

This should be a eye-opener to all people out there who choose to pick on other people to make themselves feel better. Who knows, this could very well set loose several other people like him.

I feel sorry for the families who lost someone during this massacre, but I also believe that “devine retribution” was done.

Sadly, this case will be forgotten in a month anyways..

In short this kid was pissed because he sees what goes one here in America, then compares what goes on in a place like Korea. Add in the idea he probably didn’t get laid and people giving the “Asian guy” a hard time plus a mental illness or severe depression; stir with a pinch of strong willed lack of self control and that’s the formula for killing an ass load of people. REGARDLESS, What he did was wrong b/c there is no reason for anyone to take someone’s life.



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