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this is not that suprising..if you had a local news station for every state(US)you would see and hear this kind of crime happening..shooting,stealing,killing, lying,all part of the devil’s’s all because this world is in darkness and needs the Light as in Jesus Christ to show the Way the Truth and the Life.

yea I did a little, he compared himself to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which is not the truth,For the Truth is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended back up to Heaven where he was before. And religion does cause death because religion has not known the Truth, for God’s Word is the Truth Jesus is the Truth and the Truth will set you free.religion won’t set you free, only the Truth will.

The Truth” How about Jesus used a Lobster Trap to feed an army, he walked on a shoal at load tide,and his body was moved to another tomb.And can semen on a finger not impregnate a virgin? Maybe this guy Cho thought a lesson was in order to stop others from terrorizing kids like bullies.And teachers abusing their authority to target certain kids they don’t like.

I’m religious myself but I have to say that I’m not sure religion would have helped Cho. It’s not religion I’m getting at, it’s not god – it’s his representatives on earth. I think that many Christian groups – Catholicism for example – seem really good at repressing and ignoring the emotions of people. That’s what happened to Cho, he bottled up all his anger and then killed loads of people…

Catholics are great by the way, I just don’t like their leaders!

Yeah suffered alot, how do you explain the 32 other college students who were killed? Yeah I guess they were misunderstood as well… Honestly its not the other kids fault that they party and are happy, sucks for people like Cho who sit in their dorm feeling bad for themselves cause they don’t have a pussy to fuck! Get a life, you’ll never be understood if you won’t let people understand you.

you can relate?? maybe you all you dorks should hang out with your own kind, computer class, unathletic, unpopular kids. date them, befriend them, enjoy them. Watch TV, see the reality. there is seperation in life, and there always has been, so when you realize it…dont take offense, dont get depressed. accept it. find a friend like you, a girl like you…dont go shooting people. and if your that fucked up and wanna kill yourself, dont take others down with you. fuckin pussy

Dont even think about justifying this fucker. All college kids have problems but this piece of shit threatened the school president, wrote fucked up plays, STALKED GIRLS… and other this we are just not learning about. The reasons the girls didnt like him is because he was FUCKING WEIRD… why would you try adn make it sound like this guy just needed a girlfriend. fuck that. get a life.

I couldn’t agree with you more. A lot of people hate this guy right now. I feel bad for him. As much as I feel bad for all those people who where killed, I feel bad for him. I have seen many of those “Cho’s” out there and have treated them better and tried reaching out to them. That is what they need. All these snobby people need to get their shyt together and stop treating others so poorly because they are different!

I feel bad for the fact that he chose the method of killing pple instead of posting a rant on Youtube. I’m sure he would’ve gotten a lot of subscribers and it would’ve been MUCH more effective than a shooting spree. We need more asians on Youtube. =(

ohhh so ur blaming “society” b/c it sounds sooo good to throw blame around b/c no other words come to mind..if you don’t like society toto, why don’t u call it a day pack your bag take a boat to the other side of the world and live in a cave in fuckin mongolia

yeah well buck up buddy. You get rejected from a group or by a girl that doesn’t give you the right to kill or act in violence. This dude was a fucking pussy and the only way he could get attention was by doing something like this. He’s not normal. He doesn’t get any fucking pitty. if anything it makes him more of a coward and a bitch.

im not justifying these actions at all, but the guys who act “big, hot shot” cause the “CHO” in everyone.. A pussy is something between a girl’s legs, not someone who chooses to live their life alone, maybe your the one with a little soul searching to do, be a goddamn individual “lespaul” dont talk like some badass conforming with his piers all the time

A pussy might be whats between your legs too. I was the poster child of what a school shooter “should” look like. I’m the “freak metal head loser”. Fuckers like the big shot and the hot shot and dumb asses like you are what made me better myself. I’ll bet you’re the piece of shit that pumped my gas today or did my land scaping this morning. By the way you forgot to pick up the clippings by the short shrubs today. Or wait maybe you were the parking attendant that valeted my car.

Final Conclusion- the devil incarnated in Cho, and there is no excuse for his murder on 32 peaple, 32! Add about 30 people for each one of those people which are their families, and thats how many people the Devil (cho) disgraced. There is no excuse to what he did but theres one thing we all know, it is that those 32 people are resting in peace and cho is currently and will never escape HELL, which is where he belongs burning, roting and suffering every second for an eternity.

i agree with you and school shooting isn’t going to stop. what did we learn from columbine? Nothing, since it keeps happening again n again. Cho does represent ALOT of people in college today, but then again most of us aren’t Crazy enough to do something like what Cho pulled off. I feel great symphathy toward the victims n their familis, but also for Cho n his family. We just live in a crazy society.

You think they called the cops on him JUST because he tried to hook up with them? Yeah that happens to me all the time. He was a STALKER taking anti-depressants, they called the police for a good damn reason. He’s a deranged psychopathic monster saying stuff like “Jesus loves crucifying me” in his videos. You REALLY think society did that? Read a book, dude. Coming up with theories isn’t your thing.

This video is very true, there are many so called “losers, low life, geeks” who are labeled that way and oppressed and shunned by society and their peers. I believe he wasn’t a bad person, the enviroment made him the way he was, because todays society is very hedonistic, sinful, and negative, he is just reflecting what society is. i feel that theres many more “cho’s” to come, this is just warning.

I His situation was unfortunate and this is, to a small degree, american society’s fault, but I feel no sympathy for him. I wish he hadent got the chance to kill himself so I could get to kick the shit out of the bastard. Sure life is unfair, it sucks, girls can be harsh,guys can be pricks,whatever,but if the hand that was delt to him was no good he should of either made more of an effort to get help or just kill his own fucking self not 33 people that most likley didnt do shit to him

The guy suffered a lot of crap, and he didn’t have such a stable mind. People are mentally ill now and then, it happens. Doesn’t make him an evil psychotic blah blah blah. The people that treated him like crap for no reason should maybe think twice before judging.


When a dude’s gettin bullied and shoots up his school
and they blame it on Marilyn (on Marilyn).. and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it’s at
Middle America, now it’s a tragedy
Now it’s so sad to see, an upper class ci-ty
havin this happenin (this happenin)..

nothing can justify it, if you feel isolated or misunderstood, go see a therapist, dont shoot up a school. it doesnt matter how bad his life was. People in third world countries have it hard, not cho, a senior at VA. tech. dont defend him assholes

Cho wuz a fuckin slant eye gook…i hope he fuckin burns in a hot firy inferno in Hell for the shit he pulled. I don’t give a fuck if he never got laid thats no excuse to go out a shoot up innocent people..Fuck Cho!! that fuckin bastard. And YOU for puttin this on here of course u would feel sorry for this worthless cock suckin fucker because u sound like a border hoppin’ wet back that just crawled out the ditch..and i hope u come across someone that runs ur ass over twice u piece of shit!!

This guy made no attempt to socialize, signing his name as X, not talking at all in class or other situations, taking pictures of women under the table in class, never taking sunglasses off in class. His roommates attempted to socialize with him. He should have gone home and worked if he was that lonely in school. Teachers have said he was just plain mean and angry.

Are you retarded? The actions of this one man murdering 32 people is not a reflection of our society as you put it. Grow up! There is much more important things in life than getting depressed over rejection for a girl. Blaming the his actions on the girls in his life and the professors is obsurd.

bs. just because you arent popular in school doesnt give you the right to go on a shooting rampage. its not right to bully anyone but that doesnt justify murder. he should have gotten some psychiatric help or heres a wild idea.. talking out your problems. there is 32 innocent people dead who never disrespected him in anyway. just for some attention. thats a bit extreme. the idea of this video is insane.. are you serious??? grow up.

People are too “emo”tional these days. Two rejections? Pleasssse.. we all get rejected many times but we keep on trying, not get depressed about it. Besides, Cho wasn’t normal. He didn’t approach these girls in a regular matter, he stalked them! Rejection is just a small step to finding that special someone.

misterboink182- I will agree that there’s no reason for some people to be treated the way they are, but anyone who tries to justify what this kid did is ignorant and unreasonable. One thing that is becoming more and more prevalent is a lack of accountability. People will point the finger at everyone else instead of taking the heat-round for being wrong or fucking up. to be continued…

cont… Everyone has a built-in sense of right and wrong. Clearly it’s wrong to stalk girls and shoot people who aren’t endangering your life or the life of an innocent person near you. So, say what you want about him being oppressed and ostracized, but two wrongs don’t make a right and there are some real freaks out there who have found their special(in many ways) someone, you just have to look.

I blame the university for not acting sooner. He was a talented vivid write with a bright future. He became mentally disturbed when he was isolated from all of his peers. His thinking changed and he became very irrational and psychotic. Gun laws should be much stricter and the constitution should be changed.

You can make some points but you cannot justify Cho’s actions yesterday. If you’re going in that direction you should be guilty of the massacre yourself. This guy needed help and was denied that by his school, his psychologist, and his friends. BUT…Are you sure he didn’t like being alienated from the rest of the world, school and his friends goldy?

yea, what he says is true, I can really relate 2 his pain, can’t get a girl, but yea I have found the Lord’s light and there is no greater love than the Lord, don’t need a girl no more….and u guys r stereotyping Asians like me, I mean u don’t have 2 be Asian to commit a crime like that, what this guy says is true, just the people who r mistreated would commit something like this, doesn’t mean it has 2 be asian

His illness was that bad. Could he have been treated and this prevented? Probably. But trying to make him out to be anything other than a mentally ill and disturbed individual who didn’t get the help he needed is ridiculous and in itself disturbing. He should not be glorified in anyway, but instead pitied. Trying to explain or understand his actions outside the fact that he was mentally ill and not acting within the sane bounds of mental health is an exercise in frivolity.

Guys! someone rejects us it’s ok. If the entire world rejects us it is still ok! Learn to endure, have patience and someday will be your day! Killings and suicides are not accepted by all means. By doing this, all that one carries is just sin, nothing else!

This video sounds exactly like an excuse for what he did. As many sick people ( and I don’t mean sick in a derogatory sense) as there are out there, some are going to slip through… but how many DON’T do what he did because they were caught up in the system and treated for their mental illness?

U make me sick to my stomach. ur one sick motherfucker saying “like cho, there are tickingtime bombs on every campus in America.”There are millions of ppl who have it worse than u could ever fathom, countless ppl that are social outcasts & are rejected in every aspect of their lives time and time again. Doesn’t justify waltzing into a university & blowing the brains out of anybody u see fit. Everything that came out of ur mouth was retarded & false. u need to speak 2 someone for real sick fuck

Jeez, we’re not trying to justify his actions – we’re just trying to point out there were reasons for them. What I think gd is trying to say is that Cho isn’t the only outcast in the system with anger problems. I admit some of his points were invalid but he’s not a “sick fuck”. I think you have anger problems yourself lizkel…

U make me sick to my stomach. ur one sick motherfucker saying “like cho, there are tickingtime bombs on every campus in America.”There are millions of ppl who have it worse than u could ever fathom, countless ppl that are social outcasts & are rejected in every aspect of their lives time and time again. Doesn’t justify waltzing into a university & blowing the brains out of anybody u see fit. Everything that came out of ur mouth was retarded & false. u need to speak 2 someone for real sick fuck

U make me sick to my stomach. ur one sick mothefucker saying “like cho, there are tickingtime bombs on every campus in America.”There are millions of ppl who have it worse than u could ever fathom, countless ppl that are social outcasts & are rejected in every aspect of their lives time and time again. Doesn’t justify waltzing into a university & blowing the brains out of anybody u see fit. Everything that came out of ur mouth was retarded & false. u need to speak 2 someone for real sick fuk

wow, if you see chos final tape, you wont have any respect for that physco path. There is no excuse for ending 32 ppls lives, remember you only have one. thats wrong to take that from someone. And wut made him think that he was somebody to kill others for something he thought

His roommates tried to reach out to him, but how would you react if your roommate told you that he had an imaginary girlfriend named jelly. All this kid wanted was attention, well the fuckin pussy got it buy taking the lives of 32 other people. I don’t care who you are and where your from and what your situation is, that isn’t right.

we need to educate kids not to be such pussies about life, and realize what really matters, bettering oneself, through any respectable discipline, read a fucking book, play a fucking instrument, take up an art… and then find other people that you can relate to in that niche… and enjoy some fucking life… god dammit.

Man, fuck you!!! This guy killed my friend! what the fuck are u, a fuckin GEEK like he was…..i wish i knew you, bc i would fuckin stomp ur skull in! ur so fuckin dead one day mother fucker!!!! your a fuckin Faggot just like this dude was…..I wish i could come in contact with you, you no-pussy-getting-mother fucker….fuck what u think you fuckin CUNT!

you’re being too hard on the author. he’s making some good points about social alienation. why not ask about the sociological phenomena behind why this guy did what he did, and why there are other such mass shootings, particularly in schools? This sort of thing doesn’t happen in more traditional societies. It’s the social effect of the kind of tooth and claw culture that is america today…

agree with you 100%. Im not justifying his actions but the community needs to stop pointing fingers and realize that they are at fault also. if the community isnt noticing the pattern of disturbed individuals who are commiting these acts it will never stop

anyone who feels pain or says they can relate to this fuckin nutbag.maybe all you dorks should hang out with other computer class, unathletic, unpopular kids. date them, befriend them. Watch TV, see the reality. theres seperation in life and there always has been, so when you realize it.dont take offense, dont get depressed. accept it. find a friend like you, a girl like you.dont go shooting people. and if your that fucked up and wanna kill yourself, dont take others down with you. fuckin pussy

Cho’s keep showing up time and time again because so many people try to justify what murderous bastards like him do. He thinks he’s bullied and that actually warrants the killing of 32 others who just might be weaker than him. If you think Cho’s actions weren’t bad, you’re probably are as twisted as he is.

anyone who feels pain or says they can relate to this fuckin nutbag.maybe all you dorks should hang out with other computer class, unathletic, unpopular kids. date them, befriend them. Watch TV, see the reality. theres seperation in life and there always has been, so when you realize it.dont take offense, dont get depressed. accept it. find a friend like you, a girl like you.dont go shooting people. and if your that fucked up and wanna kill yourself, dont take others down with you. fuckin pussy

OH PLEASE U AMERICANS TALK ABOUT THIS SHOOTING LIKE ITS A NUKE. 183 ppl died in iraq today and all u talk about is 30 precious americans that died. its ur stupid presidents fault for allowing so many guns on ur streets,have strong anti gun laws and you won’t have problems like this. Chos roommates should have took the guy to a rub and tug or a strip joint and get some lappers and eggs

I don’t think what he did was justified, but my heart goes out to anyone that is suffering as much as he was. I hope everyone will pray for the families of those who died, those who died, AND Cho. I pray that God is with all of them and they can all find peace.

Everyone gets made fun of once in awhile…but were not all insane. Its like you guys are supporting that he killed 32 people. Quit talking about the society we live in and how cruel people made him do it. Everyone experiances hate and rejection but they dont go on shooting massacres.

American society definitely had a tremendously strong impact on this young man’s actions but nevertheless is from the point that it does NOT justify a mass murder. Its a damn shame to even think that u may have a f’d up life and fill u with enough fire to RANDOMLY kill INNOCENT people… thats called F’D up!!!

By all accounts, Cho didn’t feel down because he had no friends–He had no friends because he was clinically depressed,delusional,and psychotic.
How would YOU feel if he were calling you every five minutes for a date?
Relationships come AFTER you work out your problems. They’re not a cure. That kind of thinking is backwards. It is no girl’s job to “cure” a disturbed guy–esp. one she fears may hurt her. What this boy needed was the counseling several people were urging him to get.

idunno man, ur video makes sense, alot of discrimination and things go on. but then again, how can u argue the fact that…ALOT of us handle tat and dont go do sumtihng fucked up like this? I think he cudve had frends if he really wanted to, tat skool had a Korean Club for goodness sake! i think it was his unwilling and anti-social nature that pushed other ppl away.

WTF, I’m fucking shy and I’m in college but what the hell! I would never kill fucking people just to get attention. For all the fucking messed up loners out there get off your ass and keep on trying. Being a loner does not give you the right to kill people….Its called ” pay someone to lay you” Fucker, damn this guy really annoyes me…. Hell NO they is not any CHO in my BLOOD>…. FUCK YOU

im totally with you

i blame society for this

dont hate on goldigger just because its true, society has outcasted cho, and this is what happens

people are so cruel
but those ignorant others will never understand
they need to grow up

Lexy4444 (3 hours ago)
Cho wuz a fuckin slant eye gook…i hope he fuckin burns in a hot firy inferno in Hell for the shit he pulled. I don’t give a fuck if he never got laid thats no excuse to go out a shoot up innocent people..Fuck Cho!

What a horrible comment!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for being so racist. I never thought people would stoop so low and make comments like this. We should all be learning valuable lessons from this incident and you obviously haven’t. I’m so glad I don’t live in America!!

snow1992burton, and ihatewhites, you’re the type of people who caused Cho to do what he did. I’ve been around the block, been bullied by trust fund kids etc.. I support what he did. A person can only be pushed so far before they act.
The people he killed are the one’s to blame. They bullied him, joked about him, and teased him.
Enough said.
“When a dude’s gettin’ bullied and shoots up his school”

i think your an idiot if you think there is alot of guys like this in school. This guy was a mass murderer and fucked up in the head and a sick individual. I feel no pity for him and think that he is a selfish peice of shit to take the lives of others. If he did not like his life seek help or take his own. He tried to make a statement. Wtf did he watch V for vendetta to many times. this guy was a waste of life and breath.

Poor Korean, he has no salvation, he chose voluntarily Eternal Damnation than Eternal Life. Now hes awaiting resurrection and will be on the second resurrection ,The Ressurection of The Wick, he will be resurrected, judged, then cast with Lucifer, then he will died for the second time, Fleshly and Spiritualy like he never existed.Right now he has realize the pain he cause, now hes begin for forgiveness to the lord, he died with no repent and confession, now is too late, Cho Burn In HELL!

This is not society’s fault. You gotta be a pretty damn big loser if girls not only tell you NO, but they call the cops because you scare them so much. If you identify with him that much, you are one scary dude too. The reason he felt like a piece of sh*t was, that’s what he was. He proved it!

to the person below me and the poster: just because Cho was rejected by some students, doesnt mean they deserved to die. all those students were completely innocent no matter what that wacko cho says. ur a fuckin joke man. No one deserves to die just because they rejected him on a date.

dude get a grip! if every one that was ever rejected by a woman, or picked on in school lost it and just started shooting people, we would all be dead, not every one in this world will accept you and like you learn to deal with it!! ass for cho oh well another piece of trash gone. and guess what your 15 minutes of you tube fame is now up!!!idiot

True, he doesn’t have the right to kill those who rejected him. The boy had a choice to do right or wrong, and he chose wrong. Those 32+ victims never deserved this, they all had their lives stolen from them.
Cho Seung-Hui should have gotten better psychiatric help. Society wrecked his mind. People in his life could have wrecked his mind, which was fragile to begin with.

He is crazy, I think that guy is autistic. Autistic people tend to be spaced out and live in a fantasy world, they don’t know what reality is. One of my friend’s said, it was a racial problem, but I don’t think so. This guy is crazy pure and simple. He ignored the people who tried to reach out to him, he alienated himself. He was stalking those girls. He had an imaginery girlfriend, he is nuts.

As sexist as it might sound. I think women are to blame. If this guy got laid occasioanally.. this would not happen. He would have his mind on other things. But no, girls only go for “rich kids” with nice cars. Now all of they paid for their superficiality.

The kid was mentally ill. The professor reported the obvious. Nothing could be done. Change the laws on the books… mental illness is ignored at a cost. 48 hours observations dont help when there is no recourse for those who are ill… no involuntary long term committal.

whoever made this video is a fuckin artard. he’s comparing this chinaman to tom brady.. whats the difference b/w cho and brady? about $60 million dollars, 3 superbowl rings, 12 cars and damned good looks. there ain’t no cho in me son. aye goldiger 90210 i hope cho’s ghost comes in your room every nite and leaves condoms in your butt

hah. dont you think us goverment should think about the security and safety in usa instead of spendin millions of dollers trying to “export democracy” to other countries in middle east which leads to killing hundreds of innocent ppl every day on streets? wake up america, wake up. just listen to news evryday for a weak and youll get as crazy as Cho.why such a things dont happen in other countries??????????

riiight, so being shut down by girls justifies mass murders right? I wonder why every single guy like him hasn’t already committed genocide. The fact is that he had very special circumstances that led to him shooting people. You can’t try to picture him into every single guy that are loners.

If you watched that interview from his 2 room-mates they said he found out ALL about the girls b4 he shwed up at their doors.Let me see, let me use my comp. skills to find out everything i can about U, chat U up online,then show up at your door like “HI! I’m (insert online name)” U wouldn’t be freaked out and call the cops? The man was mentally ill, the guys tried to make friends with him, get him out in public. Don’t blame it on women just because YOU can’t get a date either.

Most of you have no idea what its like to have a mental illness. Yeah, regular people get rejected, struggle, and have to fight through life and turn out ok. But people who were beaten, or had some other form of serious trauma as a kid, or developed some sort of illness sometimes have no chance, and its true, much of society is to blame for the “Cho’s”…

That’s life, its not fair. Not fair for Cho, and not fair for his victims. I commend people like the Amish who forgave the man that killed their daughters a few month’s back, they know what God is all about. Most of you wishing him Hell have no idea what you’re talking about…

The only way to solve this problem is for people to start forgiving and to be kind and generous to one another. You guys out there that hate Cho aren’t helping at all, and to those who lost a loved one I pray God gives you strength to forgive and move on…

Watch a movie on YOUTUBE

“You can watch how Korean kill dogs”
“DOGS & CATS Massacre in South Korea”

 Every year, millions of CATS and DOGS are slaughtered cruelly for food in South Korea.

 They believe that more excruciating the death, better the meat will taste.

 Korean Method : More Pain = More Adrenaline = More Tasty!

Very well said. You are a VERY open-minded and realistic person with allot of common sense. I totally agree with every single one of your statements. Out of all the videos I have viewed on youtube regarding this incident…your words are the MOST realistic and to the point. Your ” I cant believe this happend ” and ” there is a little bit of Cho in every guy ” is VERY true. Only narrowmined people with no common sense would disagree with those two quotes – C.A. Attorney

That’s just Cho bitchin’ back. Girls made him feel his life was worthless over and over again. Eventually he strikes back. That’s the kind of monster american girls produce, in large numbers. How wrong was he ? He had nothing to loose, really. I think that he will have a lot of epigones.

Dont try to put this off on dating problems! What a freaking mess! There are many dead because of this and you are trying to make it the fault of those who had denied or turned him down. Life doesnt end because you cant get a girlfriend!!! Dont TRY TO MAKE HIM the VICTIM!! He did this, he should not be what we mourn nor should we try to make sense of what he did. What we can do is console the victims and the families of those and get away from trying to understand this MANIAC!

What 1 man Can do another can do….so many people had NOTHING their WHOLE LIFE, had it harder then most can imagine…he was just a sick F-8&. It’s so easy to blame. Boo f-ing whoo. Thnk Goodness he’s dead; I hope the vict. fam. can find some peace. Want to know a depressing story and know of men an women who had it so bad in life you’d want to vomit and they still came out on top. Pick up a history book

well if some of u rednecks would stop calling cho for a chinman ,maybe u guys could be taken seriously, the guy was korean so stop all these ignorant comments about asian people ,afterall theres almost four times more people in asia than in small usa

Unfortunately it is true that those who decide the world has failed or rejected them, hurt. A little kid who falls will get up and keep walking, or stay down and scream murder, or get up and bite mommy’s hand ‘cos she must be to blame. Same deal with adults. Explaining it is not excusing it. That is why there are entire branches of medicine dedicated to these kinds of issues. It is also true that there are many more ticking time bombs like Cho everywhere. Look around and you’ll see them.

Okay goldigger90210 maybe you’re right about people being alinated on a daily basis, but don’t you think it’s a bit scary when someone you don’t know finds out all kinds of info on you and says werid things to you with no sense, also I think people soemtimes set their standars to high and rejection sucks, it happens all the time and the boy had a untreated mental disorder as well many people tried to befriend him but he refused so what are people to do

i have to disagree with this dude… this is over a fuckin female, not family, but a female… the narrotor said that he would be better off at a community college… personally through experience, that would actually be worst because at community colleges everybody can easily know your name because it’s smaller… va tech ha way too many people to be focusing on one… i really believe that this situation was personal

your right man, so fuckin true, thas why ihelp kids like these when ever i can, and never reject nobady, i hate rich prepy kids and their fuckin sluts, even though they all want to know hang out with eastern europeans aka russian mobsters look a like, and at same time REJCT these geeks, so i fuck their preepy women, and hook up the geeks fuck u scum!

When are the jocks going to get it? You have a bully culture, I know I spent time amongst you as a child. You can’t expect everybody to endure your shite just because you think you’re superior. This is a reaction to that. Again. Hope you get the idea soon. x

u know ui actually feel for the korean, it seems to me he was one of those ppl use to make fun of and get picked on and this just caused him to snap, i’m not saying what he did was right but he was disturbed and i think the ppl around him was responsible

The xenophobic outcry in the wake of Virginia Tech reminds me of the public condemnation of Marylin Manson and the gothic subculture in the wake of Columbine. Remember the failure of profilers with the whole thing of school shootings. Don’t repeat the follies of the past, in the US and elsewhere.

Look your obviously smart but being American u still miss the big point.Making guns available is why these things happen in the US.
Why analyse this guy and ignore THE ONLY reason why it happened.
Is the whole US completely blind to what is happening in their own country!?
Its so frustrating listening to you people react to this.
NBC are saying how the killers video will help authoritys learn why these things happen..
Are you people retarded?
It happens because you sell F@CKING GUNS!

..well, ..the western society doesnt teach their children right. On one hand, you should behave non-violent and social, on the other hand it is still a -“the stronger survives”-society.

btw. all this fake american pride on CNN is pathetic.
..its a total brainwash …please dont take TV as a mirror of who we are. peace

Dude, come on. Guys get rejected by girls all over the world. And girls get rejected by guys too. Imagine if everyone who was ever rejected by someone took a gun and murdered as many innocent people as they could. Rejection is part of life, and poor little Cho couldn’t handle it. What a selfish and terrible act he committed as a result of his inability to accept his life situation. There is no excuse for what he did. Murder is murder, the most hideous act a human can do to another.

Please do not justify this idiot’s actions with the fact that he could not get a girl, anyone can get a girl ugly or not. people tried to reach out to him, but he was strang. I wish i could bring this kid back to life so i could kick the shit out of him. he is nothing the only good thing that came out of the horrible events is the fact that this moron blew his own head off.

That’s just ridiculous.
If you can’t take rejection from a girl and then you obsessivly text or harrass them, obviously their going to call the cops.
It sounds like you night be a little crazy yourself….counseling?
Before it’s too late!~

You’ve got to be kidding. Show your face, mutherfucker. You are a cowardly, self-centered, insensitive dope. Don’t you realize how this tragedy has changed people’s lives? And you sit up there ranting like a 6-year-old brat who’s been told he can’t have cookies after dinner. Do you realize there are other people in the world besides you, monster? Try taking some responsibility for your life and quit whining like a spoiled, immature, pussy.

No excuse for doing this, but sad truth is, this is a by-product of our society. Sometimes there are people who reject life. Yes, reject life. They may not have been the brightest of the bunch, but then they get taken out of their stable element, are isolated, feel like they are owed something, and when that is denied and a few more things don’t go their way, this is how they lash out. Only difference in this case, is that he took a break in between to mail a package to NBC.

i agree i meet i lot of kid like cho who get picked on or is outcasted in society,he had enough but as awful as this murder is it just shines the light on how we all just need to treat each other a little better.and that person in your school that everyone picks on or makes fun of,you should probably start treating him/her with some dignity and respect

the guy was f*^#ng crazy if you hate your life then end your life and not other innocent people.
if he thought that those people did that unperpose thats just fucked up,
the world we live in is a though one so get used 2 it!!
you just cant shoot people because they make you feel bad or you think that they make you feel bad,
that guy was sick you cant denie that no normal person who is thinking right does that!
so the world is beter of with that sort of people!!

RIP 2 all the victims!!!!

I agree with what you say about there being a cho on every campus a cross the country but we must realize that not everyone of them is that weak where they would act out in this manner. society does put a lot of pressure on us to be cool and we do put down those that cant hang, so we must stay mindful of the fact that we maybe walking around in someones mine field,i mean that this person has buried so much abuse and has such a low self-esteem,we could step on one of those buried land mines

You’re right there is a little bit of Cho in everyone. The difference is we don’t react by going out and actually shooting people. He’s what’s known as a socialpath. His reactions to societal pressures are abnormal.

He couldn’t ‘pick up’ girls. That’s no reason to go shootng people. Beside, it’s only a TV/movie notion that you pick up girls. If they like you, you’ll know it.

Enough ranting, there’s just no excuse for this kind of thing.

OHHHHH, BOO HOO HOO!! I’m a ‘MAN’ and the girls rejected me. BOO HOO HOO!! It’s everyones fault that I’m a big-ass FREAK LOSER. NOT MY FAULT!! I’m a ‘MAN’ and you better not reject me or I’m gonna kill you!! Glad he’s dead—ONE LESS FREAK!!!

I know plenty of people that live way tougher lives than this sick fuck, and none of them would even consider shooting people to get revenge. Out of everything that happened to him, nothing justifies killing 32 innocent people. He’s a sack of shit, and I dont feel the least bit bad for him.

your a idiot.stop with the why,s…we all know he was fucked in the head.any girl would have told him to go buffafaffalo.what girl would not freak out..look at the guy.bottom line,he was a sick coward and i piss on his grave..ban guns = less deaths

it’s true. lots of american girls are cruel. i just wished the guy had went nuts in a wal-mart parking lot or maybe the IRS headquarters. im advocating shooting sprees these days. america is in a shameful state of hypocrisy and ignorance. people need to wake up to the fact that people are not happy. people are angry. how much more violence do we need to end this sad apathetic arrogance? let’s see….

I agree, that is the most sensible statement I’ve seen so far. I just seriously don’t understand why these days, these guys go berserk, and I mean this seriously, forty years ago, these things ended in a fistfight at the worst. To quote Steven Tyler, “Theres something wrong in the world today, I don’t know what it is”

People aren’t born murderes (you damn americans don’t have a word for a person running amok?!?!?!).
The experience he made in his life made him do that, no one of you fuckers like StrawberryCopper or other people know how they would have reacted if making the same experiences. Instead of examing the roots, you just claim him to be a natural psychopath. This is why you guys have so many problems with violence, this is why you have this image of being dumb in the rest of the world.

How could you even try to somehow justify what this kid has done? Just because he couldn’t get girls and was pissed off at rich people!? Please, obviously if you dont talk to anybody girls arent gonna like you. It was his fault he was such a fucking loser, people tried to talk to him but he shunned them. Everybody has problems, we’re not all born rich but killing innocent people is not doing anything, and its certainly not gonna change how politicians operate.



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