Cosumerism Drives the Tube

April 21, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
No sorry, i think you’ve only looked at the 1st half of Youtube, there is in fact an underground set of users, nowhere near the most subscribed who post videos for the fun and love of it. it seems like you want rid of the A-team bullshit and to get back to the roots of what YT used to be.

B-team forever

For some reason I expected something like this: “You can buy this spoon on mny website.” ๐Ÿ˜€
Maybe I’m naive but I like to believe that people stop posting new videos after they became popular because they simply don’t have the time and probably also because their new employees told them to not post any free stuff (at least fucking greedy record companies tie their artists).

For some reason I expected something like this: “You can buy this spoon on mny website.” ๐Ÿ˜€
Maybe I’m naive but I like to believe that people stop posting new videos after they became popular because they simply don’t have the time and probably also because their new employees told them to not post any free stuff (at least fucking greedy record companies tie their artists).

I know you are not asking ever for money, but fans don’t want to lose you – and this reminds me, I need to buy some more Lazydork stuff on your site. Could you please add an official Lazydork bathrobe to the Cafe Express line of Lazydork choices? Is that the only way we fans can support Lazydork financially? Not fair that cable gets $70 a month for mostly garbage and you get nothing for so much.

ive watched all your vids and listened to all your radio shows, keep making them! if dumb 15 year old girls want to watch mia rose en masse then good for them… youre reaching a far more niche market – not dumb 15 year old girls… we’re out there! and we want more lazydork!

You are hilarious, and I enjoy your vids and appreciate you aren’t asking for a thing for them. AND, I know you are waiting for people to say, ok, what’s with the spoon with the hair thing tied on it, because yes, it was hard to ignore. BUT, I heard everything you said none the less! :o)

So what. I’ll watch – you are entertaining and fresh. What if you were given great gobs of money to do a radio show or to become the next Larry King (who is a loser by the way) or become the next John Stewart. Would you turn it down? I wouldn’t – why not get paid to do what you love – You just don’t have to be shmalltzy about it – and you would be ahead of the pack – liking what you do.

You are correct about Youtube, just look and how Thehill88 and Boh3m3 have panhandled their way into new houses and moving across America, it is a disgrace and this site is amateur looking compared to even Stickam or Livevideo. This new concept from the UK sound interesting, anyone who thinks that Youtube is the long term future are completely deluded.

watched the other 5 minutes of the video
quite uninteressting if you ask me, because: the ones you are addressing (mainly the non-idiotic youtubers, as you put it) already know the sell-ou of youtube (i dont know if this term exists in english, but it does in german.. so i hope its unterstandable) and the ones, who dont know, dont watch your video anyway

so, as you said it, you are interessted in entertaining “us”, i’m interessted in “being entertained” and THIS video did not entertain, nor did it tell my anything i did not know before. so pls, just keep entertaining and everybody will be happy ๐Ÿ˜€

Can we please not talk about you slipping down the ranks or what not. You are our LEADER, Sir LazyDork. You must not feel that you’ve lost to any doozer MiaRose for she’s only won the attention of absolute LOSERS. Whereas, you’ve earned the attention of great thinkers who like to be TRUELY ENTERTAINED. We love your work. YOu and triviagirl form a great team. Keep posting them videos and we here will continue to appreciate them.

I don’t even know who is in the top 100.I guess I would be surprised if I have subscriptions to any of them.What gets me is some of the people that say they are funny and are not funny at all.I have a hard time understanding what the interest is in some of the most subscribed.

Is lazydork saying goodbye to Youtube, I hope not. This site has become a disgrace, full of haters, e-beggars and viral marketing. You have to put so much effort in these days to find decent channels to watch and the most subscribed list is a complete joke, full of E-beggars like boh3m3 and thehill88 (she begs through her agent valpocade) If this site is still at the top in 3 years it will be an internet travesty.

GOSH I’m sick of youtube, they’ve taken the “you” out of it, its like television now. I think that there needs to be a professional most subscribed list and then the people who are here to make videos to upload and entertain (aka amateur) most subscribed list. Its crap that when I get an honor for one of my videos its right up in there with COPYRIGHTED material from anime crap. I mean for the love of everything holy! there is barely no “you” tube anymore!

Well said. Though you can do that (entertain for free), do a video of trivia girl kicking you in the balls while your face is on fire. I’d show that at the office, though I’d probably be ejected post haste since I dont work at an office. I hate E-grubbers, I was once made famous as a hater, for trying to quash E-Grubber # 1 , I wont mention his name but it starts with renetto, oops. In all honesty a better vid would be, you kicking renetto in the balls whilst setting bluntlys face on fire

Thanks for being you, I’d choose quality over quantity (/popularity) anyday. The same goes for subscribers too. Of course I don’t know it, but I’d guess that some of the less popular artists have a more enthusiastic crowd waiting for their next vid as some of the most popular channels may have subscribers just for the sake of subscribing. (not always the case, but still…)

Just wanted to say Keep up the GREAT work! I look forward to your videos, always gives me a laugh. I’d like to see more of this kind of video though, You sound very knowledgable about what is happening on YouTube and I think you hit the nail on the head. BRAVO my good man, Take Care- Andy Out!

Well, heck I’ve been watching all your videos all along and never subscribed… why? … because it was just as easy to just do a search and then watch your latest. I think that there are a lot of viewers who do just that, Rickyste – they come here, do a search and then watch.

So, now I’ve subscribed. See, you DID sell me something ๐Ÿ™‚

I can only imagine how commercial the internet will become as far as videos go. The tv and computer are now competing and corporate america is scrambling to adjust. I can only forsee money being dumped into TV programming to mimick what is on the internet. Probably a good chance for those who have established success on youtube to make it to TV.

I’m not sure how you even made it thru watching a Rennetto video. I remember watching him when I first came to You Tube, he was a major turn off and it actually turned me off to the site. It took me coming back and finding GOOD and real people to get me to subscribe.
Keep on keeping it real!

i unsubscribed from that silly mia rose once i heard she was fake/just using youtube viewers, she doesn’t deserve my views lol
well…my boyfriend actually saw your lonelygirl rap video before i did and he thought it was hilarious and he hardly ever comes on since then i’ve been subscribed and you haven’t disappointed me yet with your videos..keep up the good work!

As i see it, if something is bugging you to spend money people expect that there should be quality to it and if it’s free then there should be something wrong with it, it’s dumb but alot of people see that way

Lazydork your the best and better then anything on youtube.

The most subscribed “normal” people have requested money once they got subscribers and not before. People who do that can only do it because they have the subscribers/viewers backing. The companies are there to attract people to their other stuff and I feel that they don’t deserve to be on the same top 100. This counts for people like Lonelygirl and MiaaRose because they aren’t competing on a level playing field.
My 2 cents.

I don’t know that I disagree with your essential diagnosis, but I do feel that in many respects you’re struggling against a common denominator that isn’t prepared to appreciate the context in which much of your work is placed. You may be asking them to think a bit more than many of them like.

I’m not going anywhere though. I don’t care if your #4000 I’m still on the list. Slim consolation though that may be.

That was a tad judgemental. People, including yourself, do as they plesae. Your preception of YouTube has nothing to do with people chosing to subscribe or not to your channel.

The increasing number of channels and my suspicion that many no longer subscribe as regularly as people used to might explain some of what you have issue with.

I can only speak for myself, but I don’t feel the need to be invested on YT at all. I don’t think many people do. I think many internauts are trained to seek out freebies. Free software, free news, free music, free videos. What I see going on on YT is more that cheaters, and “media managers”, and sometimes even YT is forcing the commercial stuff in our faces. And yes, lazy fools readily pick it up like candy!

I have always enjoyed your videos, I hope you stay just for shitz n giggles. Your radio show is great. I hope it gets picked up. You and nalts, etc… are among the funniest tubbies. you laundry video is my all-time favorite. Good Luck, sorry about the drop in subscribers. Chin-up.

if you really are a guy with no angle but to entertain then ‘maximum respect everybody’!

I agree there’s a lot of corporate stuff on YouTube and many Tubers too ready to sell out. That said would I refuse money for my videos…?

Not only are we raised consumers – we’re taught to reveer the limelight.

Lazydork, just contiue doing what you do best here, wich is to entertain us, or at least me. Iยดve been part of youtube for a while now, and I must confess you are the only one who has kept me coming back for more and more. Let others buy themselves some happiness if that is what they want from youtube. Me?? I have LAZYDORK!!

I agree that people begging for money is pretty low and some people sell things. We live in a capitalist society though and you have to expect that ANYTHING is able to be sold. It’s almost impossible to think of any material that isn’t sold. So I’m not even the bit surprised people do it on youtube but I really don’t have much against it like you do (except the beggars who offer nothing in return).

UT was good before the commercial elements participated. They discovered another place to exploit, and with their participation they brought the addicted consumers. There will always be a population of viewrs that appreciate the creative contributors (
I think you over-exaggerated a lot of points, but for the most point I think you’re right. Obviously, with youtube being as big as it is, companies will utilize the opportunity. However, youtube is still the number one place for Vloggers and the like.

I have to say that it took me weeks to find the material I was actually looking for. The most viewed videos, featured, etc… were all I kept seeing. I have to say that I avoid those channels/vids on those lists. Keep up the good work, Lazy Dork!!

heh your right but i unlike other people want everything for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i started watching your vids from the second day i joined youtube which was right around the famous milk video. keep it up man your a shining light on youtube. if only we could go back to the simple days of you and thewinekone and boh3m3 and emmalina…. take a wiff cause lazydork is the poo

Ok, since you can’t seem to stop making me feel guilty for not commenting… If they can’t (won’t) make a separate theytube channel list, most discussed list etc, all you medium to big guys should do more shout outs. Like Renetto does, lift up the good, smaller people for the better of the community. I guess the guest editor thing is good for that… When’s your next radio show coming btw?

Ok that was slightly Marxist… the whole ‘from birth we are all raised to be consumers’ thing. When I was a kid my parents taught me that I couldn’t have every toy I saw on tv and was encouraged to find free forms of entertainment (like climbing trees with other kids). You generalised the audience into passive idiots who accept everything without question.

Their is a breed of ‘professional’ youtubers. These are the people who joined or started making videos post emokid, because that got TV coverage. These people view youtube as a marketing vehicle for themselves and their side projects, Renetto, LittleLoca, Paperlillies, Sxephil, Blunty you can see the pattern.

very true rickster. its the same with everything. guys like you dont stand a chance even thou you are better. you tube is gettin worse by the day and something needs to be done. are you listenin you tube, can remember why and how you tube was created.

Preach on, Lazydork, preach on!

I hope you don’t consider me part of the idiot group, as I try to find good videos (like yours), and upload my own videos, not from a big movie.

And I’m very, very sorry about the chances of you losing your throne on YouTube.

All in all, you are truly the best YouTuber. Ever. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

Always a loyal subscriber,

I agree… Thats the main reason why most of the people on the most subscribe list are not the most entertaining. I have a lot of favorite youtubers that don’t even have lots subscribers but yet I now they should be up there. Its a fight that unfortunately we wont win. Best video I have seen in a while, props to you LD.

Ricky…you look sad. Keep your chin up. Yeah, the world is dumb and a lot of people are morons. But a lot of people love what you do. Hey, why was this video hiding for so long? I saw it before I went to work this morning but couldn’t get into it…and then it was gone…Just showed up now. Weird. Anywho, you rock LazyDork. Keep dorkin it up.

You better not leave youtube LAZY. i’ll come over to Sin City w/ a digicam and coherse you onto doing more vids. We need MORE people like you on youtube and less people begging and crying for handouts like the pan handlers in the NYC subways.They should be ashamed and embarassed with their “Beg and give shit back” outlook of youtube.FUCK THEM WITH A BIG FAT 50 INCH RUBBER DILDO STRAIGHT UP THEIR BOONKIE!!

*bows* You really know what you’re talking about, and I completely understand this. Although Youtube is definetely run by consumerism, I think a lot of people don’t realize that america is also run on consumerism; in the government’s obsession over power. ON TOP OF THAT! THE WHOLE WORLD IS PRACTICALLY RUN BY THE NEED OF ATTENTION AND DOMINENCY!!! Everybody; there aren’t many Youtubers like us anymore… We thrive on Youtube for the mere love of entertainment, and the value of LIFE.

*bows* Thank You. I truly understand what you are saying. You truly know what you’re talking about. Though there is one thing I would like to add… in addition to Youtube being run on consumerism, america and the whole world perhaps; is run by the obsession for power. Ladies and gentlemen (corny) we are a rare kind-on Youtube… we thrive on this vast world (Youtube) for the love of entertainment and passion for life, thank you for reading this, and thank you LazyDork from all of us.

*bows* Thank You. I truly understand what you are saying. You truly know what you’re talking about. Though there is one thing I would like to add… in addition to Youtube being run on consumerism, america and the whole world perhaps; is run by the obsession for power. Ladies and gentlemen (corny) we are a rare kind-on Youtube… we thrive on this vast world (Youtube) for the love of entertainment and passion for life, thank you for reading this, and thank you LazyDork from all of us.

youtube even 6 months ago was exponentially more effective.. as far as user created content and entertainment goes..

just like you, i’m afraid we lost that..

just like the death of public access TV (still fighting in some places..)

Well youre half right. I dont think this is an example of a “consumeristic society” its just an example of how people are suckers for marketing and brand name bullshit. Apparently you just want to be the most popular without doing whats popular and thats just not possible. You cant just “casually” do this and expect to be number 1. If you’re not on the list what the hell do you care anyways? You still have a large audience to watch your videos.



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