Church Call – Goat Blood On the Door

April 11, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I didn’t agree with everything he said but he conducted himself properly. I got sort of ticked off when he said about children deserving God’s wrath and that “humans have no right to question the authority and actions of God.” That shit really pisses me off. If something is ridicuously harsh, totally insane and goes against common sense, it does matter who ordains it. It should be opposed and questioned.

As Christians we should defend our Faith. i dont know what your ubsession is with trying to figure out something wrong with the bible, but u wont find one. i want to help u from eternal damnation. if u have questions ask me i can tell u

Hmmm. he was friendly, indeed. but it was interesting, near the end, how the ‘fishing net’ came out for potential , future conversion. after all, Brett, you have an ‘engaging mind’ and need to ask ‘too many questions’ to understand ‘truth’ which , of course can ‘go to far’ and will destroy you. so, ‘come join us’ and ‘we will assimilate you!’ lol

if there is a god then obviously he created all walks of life. Not everyone in the world is introduced to christianity in their life time. So according to the bible those who didn’t come to accept god in their hearts are doomed to the lake of fire, yadadadada. My thing is, if god does exsist, why believe in someone who would damn his own children to a destiny of eternal pain.

The blood on the door lintels always struck me as a ritualistic pagan-ney sort of thing. There were a few things like that in the bible–I remember an atheist friend questioning me on a bit of scripture back when I was a Xian that had a prophet being told by god to set up a very pagan looking ritual–for the life of me I couldn’ t explain it.

I think he was a nice guy. I have a question for the faithful. Christians say god made freewill so that we are not like robots. If you make it to heaven are you allowed to disagree with god? and if not than aren’t you just a robot? If your family goes to hell can you ask not to go to heaven so that you blink out of existence? No right, why not? Sounds like we have no choices after we die.

Brett I respect your opinions just as I respect the opinions of the gentleman you spoke to. I did notice one thing though.. the gentleman you spoke to did have nothing but kind intentions toward you. I enjoy these videos, the asking of those question that we all have about the bible. If I may ask. why do you spend so much time trying to prove the christians wrong. you do honestly have no better idea of the truth then he.



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