On All Fours

April 9, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Jay you are a light, and fresh breeze in the music world… i just watched Shortbus, (amazing, I didn’t know it would come to Canada) you acted beautifully I hope to meet up with you one day, thanks for making me smile tonite… the song is exactly what i needed

Sounds great Jay; I filled out the itunes form. I hope they put your music on, I want to buy it but live in London so I can’t get it from myspace:(
anywya, Keep it up!! OH YEA!! and you are a REAL musician, at least you havent sold-out like so many of your counterparts.

Jay, you have Immense charisma and beauty and yet you’re uncomfortable being judged merely for that, I guess that’s quite correct because the songs and the voice are superb. Keep the lights on next time, you’ll have to get used to it mate, MTV don’t do gloomy bedsits.

Well, Jay Brannan is gay and you’re watching his video. If you (or your dad) feel that way then maybe you shouldn’t be listening to his music.
I enjoy his songs but I like his videos just a little bit more when he’s shirtless, and yeah, it’s because I’m gay:

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Why, why, WHY aren’t you famous? (Like, on TV and stuff, the way the no-talent “celebrities” are… even though these days, the internet is just as valid as established media). I mean, YouTube IS an established media now. Doesn’t anybody from recording companies come on here and see “Hey, he’s getting lots of views, lets check him out”? Or are they all too busy self-publicising (Mr Cowell)?

Normally, I don’t comment however, I really love this track. I’m a student at the university of Ottawa,(yup Canadian boy!) and I recently started do my writings again, and that line “he tries to song write his way out of bed, but nothing tastes as clever as it sounded in his head.” Soo, true, I never am able to write anything as clever as I think it to myself. Anyways, fun track, and I’ll look for you on itunes!

Rock Steady, Tommy!

So, yes, i’m going to request your presence at iTunes! When are releasing “THE ALBUM”, that would be great, i would send you the cover for you to autograph! Hope you get famous all over the world so the rest of people can hear that beautiful voice you have! Thanks for sharing it! Have a nice day and a nice life!

Love you Jay.
The line “he tries hard to songwrite his way out of bed but nothing tastes as clever as it sounded in his head” I think probably true for all artist, so you’re in good company there. Tt IS clever,and did you notice, “established” musicians come out with something new like, once a year, If.

in a world where everyday people have their dreams shattered everyday it’s an true inspiration to see someone with true talent make something of themselves.
your story is an inspiration to thousands of people. whatever you do don’t gve up, a path with no obsacles probably doesn’t lead anywhere! keep up the good work jay

Jay I like your music a lot!. This one sounded a bit “forced” musically. Don’t try to be “different” because the way you will sound “different” will sound the same way in all your songs. (does that make sense?) Keep plugging away at it. You are finding your voice and it’s a wonderful thing to be on the journey with you. Peace. Robert



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