OmniStrife – SINGING?! Blackbird (Beatles) cover.

April 8, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
you might be tired of hearing this.. but you’re awesome n__n

if you get 1 USD for every “you rule” “you rock” “go!” “i’m in love with u!” “you’re really good”.. etc.. etc.. you would be rich O_O

anyways.. one more time won’t make a difference, but.. YOU ROCK n___n

Wow, that’s really good. 0.0 I didn’t know you knew how to play the guitar! ^^ I know how to play the violin, cello, and piano. I’d like to learn the guitar as well. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any time since I’m being continually plagued by tests, school, etc. XP Anyways, go Alex! You have a good voice as well, I think just a little bit of fine tuning, you’d be even better. You’re still way better than I am at singing though. ^.^;

He can sing! He can play! Ha can draw! He can voice act! I think my heart has been stolen! Lol, well great Job! you certainly are multi-talented arent you? Maybe you should try singing more often, lol it sounds really nice. ^_^ ah, be still my beating heart…

zomg! X333
*claps claps claps*
very good! i don’t remember knowing u play guitar but u sure got even more up on my list XP
i usually don’t like beatles, but i must admit i liked it in your voice X3
i can say by myself that its very difficult to be playing and singing, so congrats for it
the improvised thing, if u hadn’t tell i guess noone would notice X3

Wow, that was so good! How impressive, I never really liked this song, but now I’ve got an interest in it. You have a lot of talent, dude, keep up the good work! Oh, and I completely LOVE your Fun With Akatsuki series! Tobi-kun’s voice rocks and Itachi-sama is SOOO funny. Anyway, keep it up, and I guess I’ll see ya! ~Hikari-chan~

Yuo know what this thing has got to be the most quickly reviewed ever! You;re the only one who after putting something up for 13 hours has had 97 comments!!! Lucky… Still that was really great singing! *sigh* Alas another thing to be jealous of… oh well! WAY TO GO!!!

This is the first time I’ve commented on any of your videos but I’m a BIG fan and I love your series.



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