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I don’t understand. I was raised in an agnostic family and my parents never told me to believe or to not believe. Yes we went to church like once an year on Christmas or when my sister got into a college in America, but then when i hit 15 i looked at religion and i said “This is a fucking joke”.

My childhood was vaguely catholic, but it was never programmed into me. I never really thought about it until high school, and by the end people were asking me if I believed. Of course I lied to escape ridicule. I made the decision to become an Atheist at church, after watching all the sheep fake being spritual because they were expected to be.

We are all sheep in some way Mr. Keane. Baaaaaa! Anyway I don’t think that the problem is people not listening. A person’s views or reactions to a situation rarely change, and when you present a view or situation that is different, it’s immediately rejected. You should think like christian and use the power of repetition and fear to get people to see your point. But it’s youtube, and when people get uncomfortable, they have a myriad of ways to end your video. We’re all sheep, hella looya.

some of us ‘get it’ i can only speak for myself, but you relect much on what i have fought for, most of my life, individual thinking, free from brainwashed concepts (not easy to escape from), labels and cataloging. your work can only help humankind, if they plock there heads from there asses. thanks for taking the time to help nodge the ‘delusionist’ into an awakened state. The resistance to ‘thinking’ has always amazed me.

The problem with the masses is that they are sheep, no matter what. If they have a viewpoint, they’re going to try and shove it in front of people any time the opportunity arises. Even if they declare themselves atheists, it doesn’t change their core nature.

Seems to me, Brett, that not everything is going over people’s heads. They seem to be picking through your statements (and I suppose others’ as well) for any reason to be aggressive asswipes.

I grew up in a weakly christian family, so we never discussed it at home (i’m 18, so.. jus moved out), anyway, never even thought of this God thing till i was 14, i realised… that there were actully people (alot of them) who ACTULLY took the god thing seriously, so, the day i realised that i realized that i’ve been an atheist aslong as i’ve been a thinker

ahh brett man I think you’re being a little too touchy! not everyone is as intelligent as we’d like to believe. you need to give those dumbasses a chance to participate or how will they learn? how will they progress? idk man its just the way i’ve been brought up to treat people.

I 56 soon to be 57 years old I have spent 50 of those years being a christian. january of 2006 I bacme an agnostic. By May or June I was a atheist. So I have been an atheist for less than a year. The most whachted sight I go to is the “Blasphemy chaleng”. I spend hours going to it and other athiest web sights. I still get the urge to pray to the the sky dady in the sky even though I know that he or it is not real in my head I still get the feeling.

I grew up in a christian family as well.Up until recently i was a full fledged christian, but now i’m now and I’m with ya on your pain bro. But to be honest, nomatter how much you try to entertain or explain about how you should like someone for who they are, there are still going to be people who disagree and will argue. We just have to try to get along or stay away from them, i guess. I love your vid and give ya 5 stars bro!

Yes, I so far have not fully removed all the wiring. I don’t know if I ever will be able too. Regardless, I came across Richard Dawkin’s Root of All Evil and your first video and have been listening ever since. Without the two of you and Richard Dawkins I have no idea where I would be. I needed someone to show how murderous and contradictory the bible was for me to trash it.

I had been contemplating how improbable and silly (the stories, adam and eve, noahs ark, tower of babble, etc.) it was but was afraid since all the masses seemed to believe it and I feared what the Christian god would do to me. Your comments on firefly are true and should be considered by all of us.

oi that is such a huge problem with sum christians…ive been in situations similar to that atheist. instead of showing u the luv and kindness of jesus, they just tell u that if u dont follow him ull burn in hell. if u question, they say ur not listening and get angry. its really bad. and it resulted in me resenting and hating christians and turning against a beloved family member. it took about a year to repair the relationship and learn to accept christians.

i hope you change your mind about joining the larger ‘movement atheism’. you will still serve your role of course, as entertaining as you are, but i think i regards to this ‘joining the group’, you are coloring your concept of people organizing around ideas with your ingrained concept of people organizing around religion.

I understand the frustration of people not listening and not thinking about what the other person actually has to say. For most people communication is a one-way-only street. And I understand, since time is limited, but it does not get anyone anywhere if you do not understand what the other person is saying.

Brett is a fuckin’ car salesman-a loser. All he wants is to sell a few books–horrid books, i might add–and he can’t have anyone getting in his way. He wants to remain clearly distinguishable so he can sell shit and remain the “maverick.” He doesn’t give a damn about anyhthing but his ego, and poor newbies that he puts down. He’s a loser–a lost cause! Fuck him.


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