April 5, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
BEAT ‘EM GRANNY, I’LL HELP YOU!!! Who ever put out a HOAX or if it isn’t one and they are saying it is they need TO BE BEAT TOO!!! You’re right for fucking around about a young child with cancer, they need to GET ON THEIR KNEES & PREAY & THANK GOD IT IS’NT THENM OR THEIR CHILDREN!!!!

Great video! I love it!!! LMAO! Thanks for your support!
I respect your decision on taking a break, but please come back. Youtube wouldn’t be the same without you. And fuck the people who came up with that hoax. How fuckin low! I’ll beat their asses too!

๐Ÿ˜ฆ Tubegranny, it’s a damn shame that someone with too much time on their hands and no sense decided to pull that leukemia thing on you.. glad you told them off, though! Praise the Lawd! You better come back, though, otherwise I won’t have anyone to make me moist! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I GOT URGES THAT NEEDS TO BE SATIATED! Praise Jesus.

Tubegranny, please don’t take a vacation. I know the lukemia bit is not funny at all. That is what my ex died of this last April. I’d hate to be on the end of that warpath you have going on. Put you have every right in the world to be pissed.

I just got to the end of it, you better come back? Who’s gonna make me laugh when I’m miserable? No one but you! lol Please don’t go and if you do, come back real soon. Like I said before, youtube would be miserable without ya. Luv ya granny! lol

I don’t want ya to get the wrong idea about the first post about the sh*t I didn’t know about the hoax. Sorry about that happening to you. I’d open a hugh can a woop ass on em and make em pay for it. Just remember, if you leave, they win! And they so don’t deserve to win!

Let it be known that NOBODY fucks with TubeGranny, because she WILL fuck you up! Praise Jesus!
Let it also be known, Granny, that if you ever bailed from the Toob, I’d track you down and show you the TRUE definition of moist! Halleluia and praise da’ Lawd!
Like Mercurydude, I gots dem urges, and you satiate ’em.
Love yo’ ass!

Granny you have to come back if you take a vacation.
Cause I LU YEW!!! LOL. Its A damn shame people always gotta be startin shit to F things up for someone else. Some people can be so heartless. But what they dont realize is that everything they do will come to bite them in the Ass. Take care granny and Bless you.

did you check on the get well card thing? Is it really a hoax? Please let me know if you have proof either way! As for the toilet flushing mafia, well I think I must have been forgiven for my evil toilet flushing ways because I went to church on Friday and I didn’t burst into flames or anything. Their objections were ridiculous anyway, and I also did not flush without need to flush!

This hit more than a nerve with us because we have a son with Leukemia and he is trying to break a world record for the largest hat collection so that he can give those hats back to people with cancer. Now, look at this BS and what it has caused! GRRRRR Sorry Tubegranny!

Granny all this talk about arse kickin’ has made me moist, sorry hun you don’t need to break a nail just point me in the right direction, I got my REDNECK CAPE on and just opened a can of whoop arse fer you darlin’ You got to stick around and watch me kick their snotty nosed arse like theys mommas should have done. Peace to ya sexy devil ๐Ÿ˜‰ & Big ARSE ol durn Hippy hugs to ya

(gah! my commment didn’t post earlier)…anyway, TG, if you need to take a break, go right ahead. We all need that from time to time. But don’t forget to come back…there are so many on here, including myself, that watch your vids over and over b/c they cheer us so. There is nothing more healing than laughter. And that FOOL with the card scam? All I can say is, Karma is a Bitch…so he’d better buckle up. Love you lots, Joy xo


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