April 4, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
No, it’s the number of times Marluxia has to hit you before you die. That reaction command where Sora steals the scythe increases the number left.

Still, that’s COLD on Marluxia’s part.

“31 times. That’s all the hits I’ll need to kill you, I think…”

i love the organization i like how he whispers in his ear at the begining like he is saying all i need is 31 times is enough to kill you or 31 hits is all it’ll take but i think it would have been better if soras face had a stae of fear and shock on his face and marluxia does a ten hit combo before u even start the fight

Gawd, my friend was right. Marluxia DOESN’T know the meaning of “personal Space”. XD

Guess that’s why he’s so lovable X3

Man.. he must be hella strong to be able to wield a weapon that heavy and move it so fast. Damn, I’m envious. I’d like to see more of this battle >3

It would’ve been easier if you kept using the reaction commands when his sycthe is stuck on the floor, I see he does it all the time and you keep missing the chance of the reaction commands, that’s why you lost. But this is your 1st time, so you’ve learned from you mistakes.

Oh, about ten million people, darche. Only ten million. I really doubt that you’ve played this game, and are judging it purely by looks. People like you that judge things for stereotypical labels such as “Disney sucks” tick me off. Being a long-time Disney fan myself, it saddens me to see people forgetting their more childlike sides and losing any sense of open mindedness or creativity at all.

Short version: Shut up.


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