April 3, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
WHEW! I kept wanting to make a comment BEGGING you to stay, but something inside me made me wait til the end. I am glad I did, and even MORE glad that it was all an April Fools joke! We love you, Val! Besides, when you are on TV someday, I wanna say, “See? I told you so!” LOL Happy April Fools Day. That was a good one!

i was a little worried at first when you said that you weren’t going to make any more videos because i think they are the best videos i have seen made by a “director” on youtube, then i started thinking no she has to be kidding and i forgot that today was april fool’s! yay i am glad that you are going to continue making these videos i love them and can’t wait for next weeks! šŸ™‚

A note was left from a admirer of your videos.He left a note saying life without his Sunday Valsartdiary is the life he can not live..He writes how today he will jump off his trucks roof.Its a sad day he was such a kind person and a fun guy.I wish he saw the ending of your video.

If you weren’t so average looking and your personality weren’t so bland and your paintings weren’t so monotone, I would have been very happy to see you leave you Tube. But since you are so damn cute and sensual and your personality is so upbeat and your paintings tickle the imagination, I’m glad its April 1.

YAY!!! YOUR STAYING!! i knew you wouldent leave… kind of… i showed this video to my mom, and she was like “whats the spoon doing in the bathtub?” haha, this painting reminds me of when i was little, watching sesamy street (however you spell that) and how they had that little rubber ducky all the time… teehee.

well, i look forward to next sunday!

The depressed side of Valentina. I must recon that sadness took over me until the last minute. It was just like watching the last sunset sitting on the beach and knowing that morning will not come. The sun forever drowning in to the sea of hopelessness.

But the morning came. And with it a smile and a thought “I Hate April’s Fool” :).

Thank you for the hope!

As the video progressed I was imagining all the reasons why you shouldn’t quit.
You just started in November.
If it was too hard maybe not do them weekly.
It would be like giving into your exboyfriend/business partner from the Dolly wants to play video.

I’m glad I was spoiled by one of the comments – otherwise I’d have spent the ten minutes of watching your video in a deep depression about your departure. Even knowing it, the ending still made me very happy. And EmmaNora is right – your hair is positively luxurious in this episode! You heartbreaker, you!

they actually do in many ways… I get to practice editing which makes me quicker when I edit industrial videos, commercials, etc. I also made some contact with people who wanted me to do video projects for them… and of course – I get to sell my paintings šŸ™‚

I saw you’d posted a new video and was like “yay!” and so I started watching it and was like “noooo!” but it only took me a few seconds to realize what day it is. You have a very nice personality which is why I enjoy watching these things so much šŸ™‚

yeah me along with half the pther people that left comments
dont read comments before watchng the videos too then
aaaand its also a Major hint in the info for the video. i didnt finishing watching the video, i read the info, then i realized she was joking. =P

Psh you know what you did to me!?! OK, I just heard you say you weren’t going to make any more vids and then I had to go mow for 45 minutes and I was all sad and now I come back to find out it was a prank!! Val ;_; you can be so evil. Good vid though lol

I really like the theme of your painting. I suffer from many of the same thoughts that inspired it. I too have issues with motivation, and I too enjoy acting like a kid sometimes. In fact, someone bought me a kite for Christmas (a huge dragon!), but I’ve been too embarrassed to go fly it… even though I want to.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I moved 1000+ miles away from friends and family… so I have no children to take with me. I might just do it anyways. Maybe I’ll make a video. I’m sure a lot of people would find a 6’5″ man running through the park with a kite very funny!

wow that clown scares the crap outta me. Overall it’s a really nice painting, but the only thing that bothers me is the bottom of the bathtub and how on the right side the lip of the tub is waaaayyy longer then the body of it. Was it meant to be that way? Because it just seems more like a accidental error then a meaningful one…

Dearest Lady Val,
Regarding this cruel and unusual hoax,all I can say is”fool me once,shame on you;fool me twice,shame on me!”Well,like Roger Harry Daltrey CBE of The Who once sang,”Won’t get fooled again”.For the record,I myself didn’t believe it right from the get go:)
Sincerely,Sir Steven

i waste my time properly… was supposed to study for an exam right now… n it somehow always happens that i end up doing nth… so thx for this episode. i am not sure u didnt make those things up, but still its exactly how i feel;) keep up the good work!

actually i was looking for new music and have the hardest time finding something that I like. I even had 2 new tunes in the background of this video at one point but they wre way too melow and slow… believe me, I am looking but I have to find something I like AND have a right to use.

Oh my I would have been so sad had you been done making videos! I really love this painting and love how you always explain the meaning of your paintings.
Did you end up actually buying the kite and having a good time being as old as you FEEL? lol
Anyway continue making amazing videos and paintings
Yup you got me as well lol , im so glad it was a joke lol.. I really enjoy the videos, they really brighten my day or when im feeling a bit down i will watch them and im all happy again šŸ™‚ OH and never grow up šŸ˜› if you grow up you get old lol so try and always stay a Toys R Us Kid šŸ˜€

huh? You got me!!!! Grrr. My, my tricky lady!
I’ve been showing your videos to a child I teach art to. He’s 10 his names Will and he has symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. Valentina, he really enjoys your artwork and videos. He asks me “Are we going to see Val art videos today?” He also thinks you’re beautiful!
When you tricked me, I thought I was going to have to explain to him that Val quit. Thank God, no es cierto!
Oh, btw did you change your hair color it’s looking red?

hehe. I knew that you were kidding. im so quick I know. If you werent then I would have had no reason to get my butt out of bed today (sunday). Wait we get a surprise? How exciting is that?

Oh I liked this one. A bit odd. But very interesting. Yeah! haha. I know my vocabulary is astounding. See Yas on the computer screen.

You didn’t get me…nyahahaha… “dudeneedaeaseonup” did this too and he didn’t get me as well… Lol

Very good painting by the way, the clown scares me a little but the painting as a whole is full of emotion, and i felt it…nice, nice job!

Lol, damn I love you. Why do you have to be so fun? Seriously though, Nosferatu taking a bath with a rubber ducky with big red lips that you are about to eat with a spoon? I’m taking this to a team of shrinks. I wish I could fly kites with you. Don’t you wish you could say to people like that sales person, “REMEMBER WHEN YOU USED TO HAVE FUN”?

I don’t know about a team of shrinks… but there is one that has pretty strong opinions abouy this painting.. her name is “sopedestrian” and she posted a video response with her analysis. You might find it interesting. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for watching!

I must disagree. All of the “rest” of the stuff lends a personal touch to Val’s videos that I’d really miss if she started leaving it out and only talked specifically about the painting. And I disagree about the length of the videos as well … for me, in fact, the end always seems to come a bit too quickly, because she makes it all so much fun!

Val! I was having a SAD attack until I saw April Fools Day in the Description box…You gave it away, but had me for a while! I thoroughly enjoy your videos I love your manner of speaking, your wonderful facial expressions and your art. So you would be sorely missed if you decided to leave us. -Dennis

i posted a thought this morning, and thought i might be first as there were no others up at that time. alas i wasn’t and as it turns out, my thoughts got lost in cyberspace somewhere and never got posted. excellent as always. you are a funny girl with a great sense of humor. absolutly charming. i look forward to sundays because of you, and i am obviously not nearly alone in that feeling. you are amazing. please keep it up. again, thanks for the enjoyment. jeffrey

I liked the complicated colors and the reflections in the spoon. I also like how I read the video text which spoiled the surprise, but then I assumed your intro about “fun in a bathtub” was also a prank! Then I saw that you were actually *painting* a bathtub. So you got me anyway in the end. *chuckle*

Val the clown is scary. What if he came alive and ate the ducky with the spoon and Dolly joined him with her fork. CREEPY VAL, IT’S JUST CREEPY! MAKE HIM GO AWAY, PLEASE VAL, PLEASE!
Oh, and I love the painting, and great April Fools.

I didn’t fly a kite until I was 18 and I was borrowing it from my 50 year old uncle. Putting an arbitrary age limit on something that’s fun at any age is silly, and shows a weak sense of self that’s easily swayed by perceived judgement rather than your own emotions.

I really liked the painting, Val. Your art always captures such odd emotions that it’s cool to see put on canvas. I didn’t really “like” art until subscribing to this channel, but I love hearing you explain the composition.

Me and my boyfreind decided recently that I wanted to try anal. But I didnt do enough resarch apperuntly. I was wonderin if since we were having anal and he came it ran down to/maybe into my Vigina, is ther anyway that this could cause me to be pragnant? So if there is anyway that you could answer my Questin, Please do.

Hey I didnt believe you! haha
yesterday my friend made me a joke
so I knew that this was a joke too!!
and that’s cool Cuz I like to watch your episodes
I like your paintings and let my tell you
that I am a painter too
but with another style =D
takr cere val!
from Mexico


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