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It’s just petty egos and little turf wars. I don’t have any problem bashing on other people if they deserve it and it is fun to do, but like many of them have said, they don’t enjoy doing it. Many of them tweak genuine emotions and outrage in their feuds. I couldn’t imagine making a video that I didn’t enjoy making.

What’s the big deal about it? It’s terrible for Atheism. People are great as individuals, but when you put people in groups together they always become assholes. What’s the big deal about me trying to talk people out of joining organized Atheism? Those who want to listen to me can, and those who don’t don’t.

For a guy that calls himself rational you make a lot of assumptions. Why is it terrible for Atheism? Because you say so? Terrible is the fact that we get punked around for not being organized. Jews are like 1.4% of Americans and have more presence than Athists who outnumber them. People who are in groups ALWAYS become assholes? Like the peace corp or you in the fencing club? These is no big deal with you talking against it. My question is why bother?

Yeah, but the Jewish lobby also leads the United States into terrible foreign policy decisions, and the Jewish lobbies are the number one supporters of hate speech laws in the United States. Which you know I despise. And the peace corp is a bunch of assholes, and fencers are a bunch of assholes. Nice people individually, but huge assholes when all in one place.

So you’d rather get punked around? Maybe we should have let you lose your website that one time you were about to suck the dicks of all atheist organizations if necessary to get it back. You seem to be quite an asshole here and many Atheists (like me) too, so I don’t see point to your anti-asshole rhetoric; and I disagree all-together that people ALWAYS become assholes in groups.

We don’t get punked around, that’s such a bullshit myth perpetuated by people with a victim complex. I was using Atheist organizations because those are the ones I had contacts with. If I had contacts with the Libertarian Party I’d use those organizations. It’s called individual resourcefulness. I’d never give up a single ounce of individuality to belong to a collective, Atheistic or not.

You’re saying people can organize around politics, sports, etc. but not around rights of Atheists? Your “individual resourcefulness” relies on “organized resourcefulness.” Given the fact that there already are “organized atheists” in the US and they haven’t hurt atheism, I don’t see any validity in your point.

Whoa whoa whoa, where are you pulling that politics card there? I never said that political organizations are good. I would absolutely never say that. Sports aren’t an ideology for most people, so that’s pretty safe. Also I didn’t use or need any of the Atheist organizations that I have contacts with, they were a last resort. So I did get things done entirely with individual resourcefulness, there was no organization involved at all.

Granted, you didn’t say political organizations are good, but I made the comment based on the fact that you said you’d have contacted the libertarian party. Even if you did it without the organizations, you’d still have resorted to them if needed, and that speaks volumes. Can I counclude then that you’re not okay with Atheist organizations unless you can leech benefit from them?

Good point MichaFFrg – I think theres a difference between the types of organisation that the Captn and Watchmaker are arguing about.
Atheists obviously need to have some loose co-operation in order to ensure our rights do not get eroded by Theists, but what the captn is against is a form of following or club with membership and rules and objectives beyond securing the rights of the individual to be an Atheist.

We have many political organizations, secular dot org to name just one, we also have a youtubeatheists group with 487 members, which is quite active, I don’t really understand what more is required, all the talk of organization is very vague without any specifics, the current discussion consists of join us, and we’ll tell you what you’ve joined later. lol

It’s very interesting that you want to give that message to him, yet you press reply over me. You’ve been exposed Keane. I think you should move on. I don’t think the Capn is stupid enough to fall for your false sympathy. As much as I disagree with CapnOAwesome, I still support his channel as it is his right to believe as he wishes.

He blocked me for complimenting him. Started swearing at me. Name caliing. My first exposure to this community. I am an Atheist. Who was just trying to talk to some like minded people, when he got all upity about me complimenting him.?!
His book sucks. He have his wife proof read that?
I hope this can remain a community, rather than a cult.

Do you think that Richard Dawkins foundation sucks? I mean, not every organization sucks(the word organization sucks though).When you get together with other people ,exchange views and stuff(!), you dont become less of an individual.The structure of the organization(word sucks!)and the scope is what is important and i see your satire as trying to point out possible flaws.Or is it just an aphorism?

The Richard Dawkins foundation is a chairity, no more an organization than the Bill and Milinda Gates foundation. I have no problem with loose confederations of Individuals. But some of the YouTube Atheists are becoming weird and cultish in my opinion. I see dead people.

I disagree. Getting organized has nothing to do with losing your individualism, has nothing to do with becoming a religion. You can still have your different opinions or whatever. If the atheist movement doesn’t get organized they will change nothing.

There are dozens of atheist organizations that have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of members, including lobbyists on capital hill, if people on youtube want to promote secular dot org or something fine, but I see no point of starting our own organization, and there isn’t a single person that has demonstrated enough maturity to lead or be part of a leadership hierarchy if the plan is to have such a thing, no one among the more popular kids anyway.

I wasn’t really really talking about the people on youtube, more about atheist organizations in general. Like you I don’t see any point of starting our own organization. But in my opinion the Atheist “community” is very bad organized. In some american states it is illegal fo ratheists to hold public office. Without better organization of the atheist community it is impossible to fight such iniquities.

True, many atheists are rambling on about nothing in particular for up to 10 minutes, as if their words were golden turds. I think that it wouldn’t hurt to organize, though. Cap’n, you are more like our John the Baptist, crying out in the wilderness, paving the way for a YouTube atheist messiah yet to come. So sayeth Trumbone the prophet. Keep eating those locusts and wild honey- you need to keep up your strength. Luv ya!

I agree with 99.9% of what Cap is saying with only 1 exception. Look at what Rational Response Squad did with just a few people in the beginning, look where they are today. It wouldn’t be as easy to push us around if we were a group. I hate the term “movement” sounds like a turd. as long as they are united and we are divided we stand NO CHANCE. I’m not saying start a church, we are Atheists NO CHURCH but we can Ban together right? Everyone just has to realize this isn’t about ego!!

Well I interpreted the great saint Brett stuff as such. Although to be fair that opinion might have been a little coloured by the fact I’d seen a few comments here and there by Brett that gives the impression he thinks the Capn is his best pal now. Which certainly wasn’t the case not too long ago.

OLG, stop throwing girlish temper tantrums. It looks like you have your period or something. Are you so against free speech? What is your channel description all about – you celebrate bannings and ask for others to censor people. You’re a net-nazi.

Lets take the show on the road CA !Change “opinions” to enlightened truths and where your pirate outfit or a bishop hat. We’ll go around to baptists and you can have all the big booty baptist chicks sitting on your lap telling you confessions WHAT A SHOW ! Pass the collection bucket with a toilet lid on top. Lets get the party move’n lol

I don’t see the rational connection between “these people are bitching” and “Therefore there should be no organized atheism.” I mean, it seems like there can be different groups of people, but that doesn’t mean they have to war with one another. There’s no REASON why Catholics have to hate Protestants, they just do because they’re stupid. We just have to NOT BE !@#$ING STUPID! Or maybe that’s asking too much…

I gotta admit, this is funny as hell.
Holy shit! You have 6 video responses on this! I ain’t going to get nothing done today. (Check my portfolio real quick….yep.. no problem, I’m good.) I’ll start with AA. He’s my favorite, and I “know” it’s going to be good.
Excellent and extremely funny video. Great job!

I agree. organized atheism is a dangerous concept. eventually we would become just as radical and fucked up as religous organizations and start killing each other over little disagreements like in the South Park 2-part episodes “Go, God, Go”. let’s not let that happen please because I don’t want to be killed by talking sea otters.


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