7 Laws of NYC 777

March 31, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
i’ll be honest, that “AS ONE” video that the A-Team put together did make me wanna puke, but the LisaNova spoof made it all better. I’m glad you can see that a lot of people are cynical about it all. Personally, i would love to come over for it (and avoid the A-Team), but i have limited funds.

stay cool

No…they didn’t. That was “damage control” from the AsOne group. They don’t want people to realize that her video had some truth behind it, or that they were offended because they are poor-sports. Though I’m glad you’re starting to take some control back.

Even if there’s “enough fun for all,” just going supports the pompous, self-aggrandizing beastiality (OK, maybe not beastiality) that the event has come to represent. I wouldn’t go, if for no other reason than to not encourage what’s taking place: using people, trying to gather as large a crowd as possible, for the sole purpose of promoting the promoters, all the while saying it’s about fellowship and free love (OK, maybe that last one was left over from the 60’s; but you get the drift).

I completely agree. Those As One Assholes have put The Kiss of Death on it. If it does go ahead it’s still gonna be a Wankathon. Where’s the originality? Where’s the fun? Are you gonna have another fucking Scavenger Hunt and Pass the Parcel? Give it to the Aussies to organise – we’ll show you how to party.

Beer’s my middle name, my son. But seriously…ask for everyone’s ideas – run a video repsonse thingo – ideas on venue/marketing/prizes/punishment for the As One clowns (like they get pelted with rotten eggs or something). YouTube is a hotbed of creative ideas – you could really make this thing fly. And how come YouTube doesn’t endorse it anyway?

I’ve got an idea: since it became a major ego-a-thon, with Corey, et al doing everyone a “huge favor” by making it an As One event — if there truly are some rational folks involved, why not UNDO it and NOT make it an As One event?

I mean, all the same people could be involved. But if the event’s no longer about pompous self-promotion, then it really doesn’t matter what it’s called, right? Why not call it something else just to show that it’s no longer about using people for self-promotion?

I’m actually seriously thinking about it Mr creepy although I first have to figure out what the whole thing would cost me and if I can afford it or not. It’s wait and see what I can save for now. 🙂 I’ll be at the aussie one though of course if I miss out. That’s a given.

Rule 1: No poofters
Rule 2: I don’t want to catch anyone mistreating the abos in any way whatsoever if there is anyone watching
Rule 3: No poofters
Rule 4: I don’t want to catch anyone NOT drinking
Rule 5: No poofters
Rule 6: There is NO rule six
Rule 7: No poofters

Hey, now that from a suburbanite is fighting words. Lay off The Bronx! Where else can you find an apartment for less than 2 grand a month? The Bronx Botanical Gardens. The Bronx Zoo. Woodlawn Cemetary (when you want a rest). Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Yankee Stadium. The Major Deegan. But, all things being equal, I think I rather be in Broom, Australia.

Hooray! Now Kevin, I hope you are flying out to the Australian event later in the year… and be warned, us Aussies don’t care much for the sentimental nonsense… just point us in the direction of the bbq and hand us some raw meat and a pair of tongs…

You know the Nalts’s are like Australian nobility. That’s right – one of our ancestors was on one of the first ships of criminals that landed at Botany Bay. He got arrested in Ireland for stealing a pig during the potato famine, and got his butt shipped down under.

Look…you guys have got to stop Big-Noting yourselves. YouTube is not yours – it’s ours. You need to get people involved. Ask for people’s input and ideas. But don’t rip them off like you did before. Ditch fucking “As One” – that sucks dogballs. Start again and give it some balls. Make people wanna do anything to make it there. Get some decent prizes – offer a Airline Ticket and a week in a Hotel in Kazakstan – I dunno – but for Christs sake – Make it Off the Wall and OUT THERE.

I agree. “As One” has nothing to do with my YouTube community. I don’t know these people and they haven’t subscribed to me to know me. I AM YOUTUBE! Why aren’t I in their video? I have no reason to go to an As One event. I’m starting my own YouTube gathering and I suggest everyone in every city do the same! NOW! Get one it. Move! Move! Move!

Mine’s gonna be on top of the Eiffel Tower – beat that. We’re gonna have a secret password (“as if”) and then Mr UnsafeatanySpeed is gonna bungie-jump off the top to atone for his sins. Nalts is gonna write his channel name into the lawn with weedkiller and xgogogreenbeansx is gonna pole-dance to some cheesy Sixties number called “Imagine I’m an asshole”.

Way to go Nalts. Way to step up and bring some respectability and substance to what could be a great event, but right now has left a bad taste in peoples mouths. Nice touch on the Alfafa Safety. Hopefully there’s clips on here for people to get the “Little Rascals” reference. and of course check out my Owned ep3 “As-whole” (as one) spoof.

I’m glad you’ve spoken up. Honestly a bunch of us are still in the air, quite a few folks I know have held off buying airline tickets. Now that you are in a comfier zone with this, maybe someone can apologize to jipsi for smearing him for no reason

the other side is jipsi was the only one of them reaching out to paul, ziptser and me. the other truth is he was smeared unfairly with emails about his professional career which isn’t fair no matter what happened. they claim he talked too much when in fact, i heard everything from others…

I so happy to see the big divide starting to close up. Now that egos are out of the way the wounds can heal and apologies made. We can put this all behind us. And make NY070707 fun for all. I am looking forward to meeting and parting with you all.(I am hoping to find someone buying the beer) See you all in NEW YORK…MIKMA WAS HERE

Thank goodness someone finally said it like it REALLY is! I was so tired of hearing about this whole 777 thing, but I was REALLY tired of hearing Cory whine about it, and I’m glad that someone really called him on it! Wow, he really showed everybody what he’s about… he thinks he’s ‘famous’… he doesn’t know what being famous is!

Per my earlier note, if Corey’s not having a great time, and if you and others want others to not feel detached because of him, then talk to them about renaming it. If Corey’s main concern is to have a “nice gathering,” as he claims, and isn’t in it for his own glory, then have him step back and give it a different name. But if the only way he’ll be involved is if he gets the credit with his *trademarked* name, then it really is all about him, and not the event, isn’t it?

I don’t consider the “cool kids” cool. They just got a break and were featured. Like you guys know, many of the vids that get featured suck. The “reject” arent’ rejects. The reality is no one is special here. We are all the same. Most of us are just looking for a good party and meet some online buds. Of course there are those who need to make a buck. Therein lyes the problem. You can’t mix friendship and money. It can make for a very ingenuious combination.

Well put, Huckbets. According to Cory et all this is not designed as a profit event. The sponsorship will cover the costs to avoid us having to buy tickets (you can imagine how that would go over). I’m not having E&Y audit them, though. That might cost too much.

The “make a buck” aspect comes in where people are looking to make media careers out of the gathering. Cory spurred this on when promoting the SF event by saying that media talent scouts would be there. And it’s no secret Cory himself is looking for a big media career. I wish him all the best, if that gets him out of our hair. He may truly want to create a great event that people will enjoy, but he’s also trying to build a media career, which leads to conflicts of interest.

It’s not about the event making money. But according to Corey’s own statements under his video, it’s about getting notoriety so that he and the others can get jobs from those who notice it. So indirectly the event *is* about making money. And using people in such a way is loathsome. I’m with MuggleSam: people should just have events in their backyards and forget all this self-promoting crap. Corey should try to get ahead by the quality of his videos (if any), and not by manipulating people.

Nalts, Too many chiefs, not enough indians. Will there be marquees with food and wine. Tell us some of the events. I haven’t heard anything definate, I hope it won’t just be a bunch of people filming other you tubers. This could be a brilliant event if well organised. Raising money for a charity while there, just a thought.

Maybe I should just NOT go to the gathering since people THINK I’m only doing this to sign autographs (even though they saw how I was in SF). If that’s the case, then maybe anyone who as over 1,000 subscribers should not be allowed to attend the NY 777 to avoid any possible autographing. Is this really what people want to happen? Because I am not spending my time to put this together for autographs. I’m doing this to give people a great gathering experience for FREE!

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

Hey Cory already you have your doubts!!! Ready to cancel this one too!!! Oh where will the next “As One” gathering be held??? We thought there was someone else hosting this. Already you want to take control!!! There is nothing FREE about it! You are using it to enhance your career and are gaining from it monetarily!

DandCVideos – Sure, I’d like to be known for the work I put into making it happen, just like anyone would. So why do you think I would help put a gathering together if I thought it was going to fail? Basicly, I know that this gathering will fail if the attendees arn’t happy. What would you do in my situation? I’m not quiting this gathering, because I still have faith in it’s original purpose.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

Cory you want straight talk here it is. are you listening? you and your group handled this poorly from the get go. you know you have a vested interest in this. Just come out and say it, no one cares that you do. Just be honest and come clean. Be on wingspan radio and say it all.

Cory: In answer to your question… Get rid of “As One” which has now become an offence to many members. Go back to Nalts teams original logo and Name for the event. Have faith in the original purpose(s) for Tubers meeting us with each other. Work with Jill to make it a success. I think if you stay humble and lay low you would be a welcome member of the community as anyone should be. My two cents. I really think the As One should go and the sponsors encouraged to stay it.

Cory, if you had stuck with anything you had said about holding it in Australia 7-7, Philly 8-4, “I’m not going to try and take it away from Paul or Nalts”, that “AS ONE” is about the people getting together or were just man enough to be a man of your words.

None of this would be happening…

Lets talk sometime about your misconceptions about me regarding RSVP’s, the 777 date…

PS I will be happy to set up a voting control on my site…

1. Something as simple as Nalts giving us a choice between two venues – philly or NY made the people feel involved. Thats all we want, to feel involved. You hide away with 5 people to make decisions and spoon feed it to us. We don’t want that.

2. not many people really like you anymore. Objectively the community views you almost as a tyrannical figure. As soon as you decided to participate in this the feedback has become more negative and Lisa Nova made that painstakingly clear.


Cory – If we’re voting, I vote you stay home with your family as you’d planned. We don’t need the drama (whether you feel you created it or not, it won’t go away now), nor the self-righteousness, the trademarked(?) “as one” name, the secrets/mystique about the “business”, nor even your buddies/sponsors. I trust the other organizers can find sponsors. It sounds like they currently are, in fact. Just watch from the sidelines and cheer if it isn’t as grand a success as YOU would have made it.

Jamie, you rock. 🙂 Thanks for saying what I feel in point 1. I’d gotten all excited last week when I found Podcasting101’s site asking for video clips for a giant “I Tube NY” collab video. I was jazzed to contribute, but soon afterward came the “As One” video onslaught making all that multi-user collaboration disappear. – Mike

Furthermore, many people will not go simply because it’s an As One event. If you really, really care about the people and the event, then you’ll change the name so that those who are offended by the As One debacle will attend.

The greatest gesture in the world would be to go back to calling it I Tube NY, as Nalts and Podcasting101 originally had it. If you really care about the event, as you say you do, then you’ll do that, even though others might get the credit. (Can you handle that???)

atticangles – why is it always called “Cory’s promo”? I wasn’t even the one who came up with that video, nor was I the one who even edited it. We all collaberated on that video to show people that the Philly and NY gatherings came together… that was it.

Trust me, I know it was cheesy, but the point got across.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

ummmm, it’s on your channel isn’t it? and I think everyone that has been following the 777 drama has been a little put off by the way you’ve gone about attaching yourself to the youtube gathering deal. It was like when nalts announced he wanted to put together a gathering you went “hey, I’m the one who puts together the gatherings! no fair! well fuck it I’m going to australia.” if you had just backed nalts and podcasting101 in the first place all of this could have been avoided.

Cory – it’s “Cory’s promo” because you kicked it off with a long introduction and a pompous attitude in the video clip that YOU shot. You told us all how WE KNEW you’d do it right, get the venues, etc. as if no one but you could pull one of these off. Did someone script that for you or were those not your own words? You take such pride/credit in having created “As One” (given the many self-credits on your youtubegathering website), please take responsibility for what you say about it and how.

You were the one who “announced” that the gathering would be in NY as an As One gathering. Everyone else just supported what you said and played up how great it will be to have you involved. So it was about you and led by you (though maybe not edited by you).

The only problem with this video is that you said we could find you at a nearby bar if it sucks, and the thought of getting to down whiskey with you in some New York bar makes me hope it does suck! Cause that would rock. Regardless, if my bank robbing plans succeed, I will be there. Speaking of that, can I borrow your nun outfit?

Cory “Mr. Safety” Videos Watched: 418,632 we all know you cheated because no one can watch that many videos. You got your subscribers the same way you are trying to have people come to New York and you might be the only one that will be attending!!!

O’course if it counts no matter how long you watch, the three minutes are out the window. Sometimes I START to watch and go “Oh, I’ll look at this later.” Sometimes I just go, “I’m not watching the rest of this,” like when I discovered Mr. Pregnant 🙂

DandCVideos – Why are you changing the subject? You know I posted a video that explains that already.

Look man, you can ignore the facts, but ignoring facts won’t help anyone. The only negative thing surrounding this gathering is people like who choose not to listen to anyone else but themselves.

So I’ll ask you again… what would you do in my situation? I’M LISTENING.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

An apology is a good start. Without knowing all the details, i have to admit i liked the way Paul was doing it, with lots of people involved, messy, creative, diverse, interesting, and fun, rather than a visit to the fun house at the carnival. May I suggest you ask said question to Paul?

Trust me, I know it was cheesy, but the point got across.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

Yes you all spammed it across lol!!! Like how many times the video was uploaded by different channels!!! Goes to show you how unsure you all are that it will be successful!!!

Oh c’mon! Those Ass One dorks are just trying to play nice because TheMightyThor was going to spill the beans on what they did at SF, which would have killed their event.

Just like he said, they need you guys now, so they’re going to bend over backwards to make you feel like part of the group.

What did they do at SF? Is this a reference to the private afterparty for which tickets were passed out during the Pier 39 gathering to select people? Cory deflected responsibility for that onto DirectTV, but as the As One organizer and someone so dedicated to the community, I’m surprised he didn’t push his sponsor to provide a more inclusive afterparty.

*sighs*, nalts, I’ll be glad when you’re back to your regular programming. The “YouTube Elite” that I’ve never even heard of that are planning this event with you seem to have no idea how to plan something like this. You’re contributing to making ‘fun’ look lame. 😥

Lets put it this way~ If there were two gatherings (same day), one had Nalts and the other had ‘the super-duper, self-elected we’re so awesome, do you want me to lick your ass when you’ve finished with mine. AsOne crew’ (OK, I know it’s not a catchy name) … I’d be buying Nalts a beer on that day.


1. Something as simple as Nalts giving us a choice between two venues – philly or NY made the people feel involved. Thats all we want, to feel involved. You hide away with 5 people to make decisions and spoon feed it to us. We don’t want that.

2. not many people really like you anymore. Objectively the community views you almost as a tyrannical figure. As soon as you decided to participate in this the feedback has become more negative and Lisa Nova made that painstakingly clear.


for those keeping score at home, the “as one” credits on cory’s site currently list the following youtubers on the as one staff: smpfilms, xgobobeanx, mysteryguitarman, spricket24, visiblemode, charlestrippy, digitilsoul, nickynik. no more sxephil or producing101, still no nalts or podcasting101. The revolving door is making my head spin.

from corys channel: I have stepped down from being a coordinator of the gathering in NYC 777, to focus my attention on the Australian gathering in November. However, I will remain as a supporter for NYC 777 and webmaster for the website. NYC 777 will still remain an “As One.” event. im still not going CHUD let them name it what they want get your fingers out of it

If he has “STEPPED DOWN” logic would dictate that it is no longer his call on whether it remains an As One event, no? So nalts and others are free to decide. But it may be good will to keep some of corey in the event, no? lol@ the way he states it is so because he says so. I think it is this arrogant quality that gets people’s backs up.

This thing is so friggin’ off the charts in the ridiculous factor it’s not even funny. Yeah, what makes that his call? Because he says so, that’s why. Clearly, clearly, clearly all he wants is name-recognition with his would-be corporate sponsors. If he cared the least iota about the event and the people he would step down AND take his stinkin’ name with him! But that’s too much to ask.

I have STEPPED DOWN from the NYC 777 gathering. See my profile for details.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

He said he wouldn’t quit and what does he do. Can anybody trust this guy??? Hate to state we told you all so!!! Well we are uploading a video in a moment in a response to nalts above! We guess Mr. AS ONE might not be going to the event at all. As usual he leaves everybody hanging! Too dramatic or what? 🙂

Plus, talk about irony: Mr. “As One” will create strife and division at any cost just to get his “As One” trademarked brand regognized. Talk about beating up the ghost of John Lennon! First stealing his song and claiming to have “composed it” in the credits of his video. Then using his “as one” phrase for his pompous self-promotion which is anything but unifying.



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