Atheist Blood Drive: Give back to humanity

March 28, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Side effects: Theists may PRAY not to get blood from atheists on world prayers day. Some beliefs deny transfusions anyways. Theists may generalize atheists with satanic blood cults. Donating blood is not a race for an argument, not even to make a point. I would spread the action over some time instead of making a queue at one day, just because theists decide to pray then as usual. You’re playing by the theists rules again, troll feeding, feeding blood.

I agree. I have said for so long for the YouTube Athiest heavies to clean up there act. Everything they do sounds “evil”. I want to tell UT Athiest that they need to concentrate on looking appealing then put the knowledge into there head. I’m agnostic and they scare me! LOL

I believe only things that I read documentation for. If you could find a study where one group was told to pray, one group was given drugs and one group was given placebos where the prayer group did better than either the placebos or the drugs, I’d be interested to read it.

There actually have been studies like this done. According to Richard Dawkins, Francis Galton was the first to analyze the question. More recently a Boston cardiologist named Dr. Herbert Benson conducted an experiment which actually showed that the patients who were being prayed for and knew about it had more complications than those who had no prayers and those who did and didn’t know.

Is there any evidence that prayer works? I read a story in Newsweek that said that it does, but as I haven’t found any research studies to back up this claim–I won’t believe it. Subject yourself to some Y. Pestis spores (inhalation is preferable), pray, and type to me in the morning.

oh shut up… go continue to pray for the well-being of the planet, see if God can do a better job than us. I’ll give you $1000 if you pray for God to make usable blood appear for everyone. I mean, it can be done right? Since apparently he turned a whole river into blood once… Why not do it again when it’s actually needed?



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