March 27, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
ohh kool first comment lol. That’s all right you didn’t make canadian idol. It’s their loss. You really have an amazing voice.

I still go back and listen to some of your covers. Keep your head up becasue you have a lot of talent and that will get you far

You, my friend, I am impressed with.

Didnt know you were trying out for Canadian Idol, but Im glad that you did. Its great to know where you stand amongst other artists, and tho you are talented, like all artists, theres always room for improvement.

Keep posting videos, we’ll give friendly criticism when its needed and help you along the road of music. You’ve improved since your first video, and you’ll keep improving!

Glad your back JR13

Hey Joyride, long time no see!! I’m so extremely glad to see you posting again!

I really hope that the Canadian Idol experience doesn’t hamper your enthusiasm. Take it as a learning situation. I mean, it’s tough to sing in front of an audience! But if you keep at it, you will make it. I am sure about it!!

Hi Joyride, so glad to see you are back with your beautiful voice! I’m sorry to hear about Candian Idol, but I am sure you were awesome no matter how far you made it 🙂 Did you get far enough to see Sass, Farly and Zack? Keep up with the singing you rock and you would have been my Canadian Idol!!! 🙂

It’s sas sad that you didn’t get too far. You definitely have a pretty voice. It’s not the best technically.

But technical stuff doesn’t doesn’t really matter unless you’re in a choir and whatnot. But that’s not the point. My point is that you have something more than that. You have this sweetness in your voice that makes it very worthwhile to watch and listen to.

No matter what anyone says. Keep singing. It’s easy to tell that you love it. ^_^

Now I know why you didn’t make it far in Canadian Idol. YOU ONLY SING 1/4 OF A SONG!!!! I so wanted to hear you sing the whole song!!! Oh well, so you didn’t make it, but you’re my Canadian Idol. Judges were definitely smoking something that day.

Its unfortunate that you didnt win CI, I was wondering when exactly it ends? Nevertheless your a wonderful singer and it doesnt matter wiether they say your good or not you are wonderful in every aspect, and more then qualify yourself to become a famous singer one day.


JOYRIDE SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK! Happy to hear that you went to Canadian Idol too. I have audtioned 3 years in a row and you only make it further each time. Keep up the awesome work. When will you put all your old videos back up? I reall miss the whitney one. Please put them back up…. We miss them. We are happy to have you back tho. YOU ROCK GIRL!

Wow. The Canadian Idol people are even dumber than the American Idol ones.

I wonder though… did they mark you down for your singing or something vague referring to your “presence”? As good as you are as a singer, you don’t seem to have the art of engaging the camera down pat yet.

You’ll get better though. The singing is the harder part, and you have that right.

what your back yay and thos canadian idol ppl are crazy what are they deaf or just brain dead wholey fuck i guess they just dont no talent when they hear it retards any ways whan is canadian idol going to be on? and where in canada do you live? well i am glad your back

how far did you get in canadian idol? you look kinda sad and if its about not making it to the finals dont worry about it, singing isnt all there is to life. you’ve got plenty of other talents i bet (nice drawing btw). anyway welcome back. youtube community has missed you.



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