the THINKS you can THINK.

March 25, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Here are some of my thinks: It’s 4am, and I need sleep. boh3m3 needs to get to California. I added three fans to my computer, yet no camera. My left eyebrow is thinner than my right eyebrow. I should drink more water and less coffee. I like flashlights.

what the hell was that! haha
Mankind’s mind can think of things which are beyond it’s means, such as the eternal. How can finite being think of the infinite when it isn’t within the human experience, nor found in nature? Because the infinite exists outside of time and space, i.e. creation. God who is infinite transcends the finite. Because we can think of this, we can know God… Descartes

Ok, look. Stevie Ryan, The Real Paris, and Little Loca are all the same person. She is a very talented and beautiful woman that has many different sides to her acting and she does them well. Keep up the good work Stevie, you are the best on YouTube!!

Dr Suess was beyond brilliant. His use of the spoken word through poetry is timeless and transcends all cultures and boundaries. You can read any Dr Suess book at any stage in life from childhood to elderly and get a whole new meaning as your perspectives change. He truly has no equal.

I just watched this video again and noticed something. There are points in this video where I was reminded of littleloca. I’m going to be like fifty-years-old one day and still remember that crazy girl on YouTube who made those videos that reminded me of my gangster cousin Jenny. Ha. I don’t think you realize how much of an impact you can potentially have on people, Stevie. Thanks.



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