The Return of EmoGirl21Toronto

March 25, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
i think ur last video was hawt. U can do anything you want. like they shouldn’t judge you when they dont even know you in real life. all they see is your videos, and you talking, they know nothing about you. so keep doing what ur doing i agree with emmalina on everything she said.

that video was the straw that broke the camel’s back, im unsubscribing, i used to think u were kinda cute, but u’ve done nothing but annoy me for the past while. why dont u make a funny, or creative video instead of speaking lame ass rap lyrics, get fucked u dumb bitch. how the hell is that supposed to be worth watching?

well thats cool, do what u want, i respect that, all im saying is they’re not as entertaining as they used to be, thats not an opinion, its a fact. and i know u don’t care if u entertain me or anyone, but if all you’re going to do is post videos just because it’s fun for u, thats just wasting youtube’s space and it’s selfish, i got lots of videos i made that i never posted cuz when i finished them i thought they sucked.

Well if you do not entertain I do not want to watch…Shame because I did like alot of your stuff you have lost a fan here,here is some advice if you do not want to entertain don’t make videos do you wonder why you are losing views well anyway goodbye…

SO because I don’t care to entertain everyone else.. I shouldn’t do something I enjoy? That makes no sense. I will NEVER please everyone. EVERYONE has different things they like. And I don’t CARE why I’m losing views. If I cared about views I wouldn’t go away for months at a time.

I don’t care what others say Jacci, I can see what you are trying to do.
You’ve done very well.
I’m still trying to find the nerve to make my first vlog.
Please don’t stop making your vids, you are more interesting than 90% of what I have seen on YouTube.
Big hugs. ^_^

im glad to have u back FW.. but i am kinda disapointed that u dont care what “your youtube fans” care… because i personally look foward to see in your videos,when i have time to go online it used to be cool seeing u having new vids.. but anyway.
i hope everything is going AWSOME for u JAcci, although u dont care what i think huh.. just remember some old subscribers have been around for a long time w/u anyways good to have u back =(

damn whore, you gained some weight didn’t you? what happened? Married life got you letting go of yourself. Suck’s to be you. P.S. this video was crap. Go back to your love life. Your much more entertaining when your single and hungry for attention. GO TALK TO SOME FOOD ABOUT YOUR LIFE! PEACE OUT.



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