Joe Biden Rips GOP On Iraq War Resolution

March 25, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
he looks good in these 6 minutes — you need to become familiar with his supercilious grinning and bullshit for that past 5 years during his committee hearings — he’s good cop/ bad-cop all by himself, depending on his mood . This was a wonderful floor speech, and it sounds sincere for once… If he had a history of behaving this way, he sure as shit would be a good prez. unfortunately, this isn’t the least bit representative of his history

He’s actually been consistent with this 3state Iraq solution for several years. But, I agree he can be glib/smug at times, which makes me wonder if he’s ready for prime time (a statesman on the world stage). Kind of like Bush and his “dead or alive” and “bring it on” statements. I could see Biden saying more dumb shit like that.

It will be easier now for the remaining Senators to speak unafraid now that Biden has opened the gates . Still it warms my collar to listen to discouraging comments about the best and brightest in America before we know what they are commited too . All I am saying is give them a chance ! Thank you .

Biden is the only realistic choice for president. We need somebody, who without the aid of a teleprompter, can deliver passionate and articulate speeches. Biden has always had the cajones. Give him the job. Please people.

We need a strong president like Biden. Actually we need like 2 or 3 to undo this mess, but Biden is the man for the job now.

good stuff – democrats need to abandon the republican language used to distort the situation in iraq – for example – stop saying =we are at war” – the war ended in the first few months – call it what it is – we are an occupying power, we are not at war, we are trying to continue controlling a soverign country, which contradicts direcly our own existence as a democracy, and the longer we do it the more damage we do to our own internal freedoms and democracy

Ah Joe, I wish it could be you. THIS is what a smart, moderate brave Democrat looks like. Notice his citing of successful wars? Notice his own idea, based on research for what to do?

But he’s from a tiny state with almost no electoral votes, and he can’t keep his foot out of his mouth when cameras are EVERYWHERE. I wish it could be you Joe.

Agreed beasondj the system is so rigged that unless your a big name like Hillary clinton you can’t win anymore…The days someone comes out of nowhere and wins the nomination like Jimmy Carter are over.California just moved their primary up to February so by the end of February the cnadidates for the general election are chosen so there’s no way un underdog can get any momentum..It sickens me.

Biden has cahoonas yes (and a slightly big ego). After he started to speak out, I have gained respect for him. I’m wondering if splitting Iraq to make it easily managable and subject to American economic imperealism was the NeoCon idea all along. Maybe these guys knew that Bush would set a crash course, and would ensure chaos, until the need to estabilsh permanent bases or split and rule. Bush takes blame, they go free.

This is the OUTRAGE that we all need to express. Screw the cult like right-wingers and their play on words. They will call you Bush haters but the fact is we are PISSED at the selling off America to the highest bidder. The scandals (LIKE NEVER B4 IN HISTORY) the lies and the INCOMPETENCE has to stop. We can’t wait for elections we need to be heard and stop this insane arrogant incompetent administration. WHAT GOOD has Bush done for America?

If only he had taken the time to ask the hard questions BEFORE the fucking war!!! That said, I’m glad someone is FINALLY talking about Federalism. Fucking Iraq wasn’t even a country until Britain made it in the 1930’s. And, they did that ’cause they KNEW the fucking tribes would be at each other’s throats and thus, not at the British! I’m still pretty pissed these Dems voted for this bullshit in the firstplace. They were derelict in their duties.

Most Democrats were more than happy to support it. Biden, Clinton, Edwards, et al in the Senate at least. Dick Durbin had the balls not to vote for it. God Bless him. And futhermore, if the Democrats are such heroes why are they STILL kowtowing to this war criminal administration. WHY did they go back on insisting on Congressional approval before any strike on Iran. If you think it’s really because of Israel I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

For the record, the vote to go to war was 77-23. More Dems voted for the war (29) than voted against it (21).



Lincoln Chafee(RI) was the lone Repub to vote against it. It’s true that Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Edwards all voted FOR it.

For the record, the vote to go to war was 77-23. More Dems voted for the war (29) than voted against it (21).



Lincoln Chafee(RI) was the lone Repub to vote against it. It’s true that Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Edwards all voted FOR it.

We INVADED & OCCUPY Iraq on lies. There was No terrorism Until we invaded. Sadam guilty of killing 151 shiites. He gassed 5000 Kurds. 655,000 dead & 2Million refugees since uSA invasion, for a pipeline to Haifa Israel. Iraqn, Syria, Lebanon are next if Israel has her way.
The Iraqui constitution written by Noah Feldman, a US Orthodox Jew states Islam is Not to be the offical religion. Iraq had 14 UN Violations, Israel has 70 & is a Terrorist State.

Your a fucking moron. Keep blinding yourself with ignorance and denial you fucking terrorist. Yeah thats right I said it, if you support the Bush administration your nothing but harmful to this country, un-patriotic and no better than a fucking terrorist so go fuck yourself.

Why are they there?

Israel, oil and Halliburton contracts.

When are they coming home?

There are 14 permanent bases in Iraq, including 6 super-bases with everything from Pizza Huts to miniature golf course.

These permanent bases aren’t being built to hand over to the Iraqi government–they’re being built because the US is NEVER going to withdraw from Iraq as long as there is still oil left in the ground.

Hey Joe, why not investigate the slave labor being used to build the US embassy complex in Baghdad?

Google: slave labor US embassy

State Department officials overseeing the project turn a blind eye because they just want the work to get done, slavery and inhumane conditions–they don’t care.

Contractor: First Kuwaiti Trading and Contracting, a Kuwait Firm sponsored by Mohammad I. H. Marafie of the powerful Marafie family and managed by Wahdid al Absi, a Christian Lebanese

Biden’s nothing more than a anti America leftist hack hell bent on fucking over the troops any way he can .
More people were killed on the streets of Houston and LA in 06 than we lost in Iraq . Wheres the outrage from the leftists ? right in cities they run but yet not a peep from the anti America liberals .

SO what you’re saying here is that solders or people being killing mean nothing ? well, you’ve no argument to make here, what hoe biden is saying here’s that it’s waste of our men and resources if we stick to this policy and therefore we need to change it. you cannot come up with a solution if you don’t recognize a problem, and you cannot come up with a policy if you deny reality.

BuckMeHoff, you are a MAJOR idiot. First, Bush, Cheney & Rummy have lost the confidence of the Armed Forces for essentially fucking them over in ANY number of way, including those listed by Biden. Second, “leftists” ARE outraged over crime. But the cocksucking Right/Repubs won’t spend money on the programs needed to nip crime inthe bud, primarily schools & education. Go fuck yourself, asshole.

BuckMeHoff, what is wrong with you??? If you’re statistic concerning the crime and death in LA and Houston is correct, than that only SUPPORTS getting our troops out of Iraq. We first need to get out of that country in order to concentrate our effort on our demestic situation. And how the the HELL is Biden “Fucking over our troops”?

Biden says, “Why are we there?” it’s question no one in power is answering because the answer is OIL. Permanent bases, America troops as a security force for oil companies, a new Iraqi oil privatazation deal, and stilll no one in power will say so. Good rant Biden but still your posturing.

“Fed Up” that is the real state of the union, alot of people feel exactly the way Joe Biden feels…it’s not working, we see it and want out, would the people that support this war, just shoot a solider in the heart, becuase that is all they are doing by keeping them in Iraq. “It’s their job” well, it’s our job to see we make sure they fight the right battles and wars.

To all the Faux watching, Bush-loving, tiny-brained know nothings who talk shite like this, we never had a chance. This is not a war we can win. Leaving Iraq would be winning for the US. Or we can stay and take sides in a sectarian civil war. Or maybe you’ve got a better idea?

So instead of persecuting the ones that GAVE the wrong information and PLANNED the whole WMD scheme to lie to congress for approving to go to war, it is actually the fault of those that felt to the lies?
I love it how bush lovers argue it’s the faults to those that authorized to go to war BASED ON THE LIES AND MISLEADING INFORMATION THE BUSH ADMIN. PROVIDED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

because it is dubya gump’s fault.
He lead US into a war based on false information.
He had no solid plan with supporting and viable solutions.
But then again, i am already impressed that stupidfcuk can dress himself in the morning… or does he..?

Too little too late Senator Biden. We needed this fire and passion before we ever got into this mess — that would have been a courageous act. I appreciate your words, but you will not get my vote. I sincerely hope this attack against an unpopular war and an unpopular President has nothing to do with your own political ambition. If it is, save your breath and stop insulting me. You will never get my vote.

idiot, incompetent Repugs! Good job on Iraq. Biden tells it like it is. Senator Byrd and Scott Ritter were right on the money before the war! Of course all the right wing fascist warmongers laughed at them. Now look who has the last laugh: Osama. Bravo! You morons

man, i wish i am an american so i can give mr.biden my vote.
Those that tried to discredit him for his ‘clean black’ comment are retards for blowing off a brilliant man that actually can lead.
If i were you, i rather have a intelligent and compete president that occasionally slips an unintended and misleading offensive comment that a moron as stupid as a forrest gump who read ‘my pet goat’ backwards.

Have you looked at the Iraqi civilian casualties?

Iraq is a hellhole right now. Pretending otherwise isn’t the way to support the troops. If you really want to wax poetic about your support for the troops, which has lost all meaning due to its pejorative and frankly disgusting use as a slogan behind which politicians use, then you would support a call for at the very least plans to follow the Iraq’s study groups policies.

As for myself, I agreed with most of what Senator Biden said. I think we should withdraw if diplomacy fails and the administration is unable to follow through on its promises. In the meantime, partisan rhetoric serves nothing. This isn’t a political issue. This is a moral issue. How are we, as the United States going to remain in a country where anarchy rules and the so called legitimate government we put into power is little more than a facade for Al-Sadr’s thugs?

That is the real treasonable behavior, to give credence to the assumption that criticizing the handling of the war is an attack on the troops. Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“To announce that there must be no criticism of [the government…] is morally treasonable to the American public”.

I’ve been a fan of his for a while now because of how matter of fact, outspoken and PROACTIVE he’s been about coming up with an ACTUAL (not glammed-up BS) solution to this horror. He may be the sleeper for the democratic nomination and the presidency IF people decide to look beyond partisan, sensationalist, Macaca NONSENSE that usually dominates our politics as of late. Lets bring sensibility back! Hey I can dream right?

bravo Mr.Biden…the best ive ever heard him speak, he speaks from the heart, with passion with sincerity, with confidence- 3 things Dubya will never have. However i am sadddened much like the rest of you, he and other democrats didn’t have the balls to say this 6 years ago. The Iraq war will go down as the worst foriegn policy blunder in the history of the USA

I’ve been a fan of his for a while now because of how matter of fact, outspoken and PROACTIVE he’s been about coming up with an ACTUAL (not glammed-up BS) solution to this horror. He may be the sleeper for the democratic nomination and the presidency IF people decide to look beyond partisan, sensationalist, “Macaca” NONSENSE that usually dominates our politics as of late.

You are making them (terrorists and suicide bombers) faster than you are killing them. That is why this war is lost. You are part of the problem. Save your soldiers. Accept defeat. Biggest US mistake in history. And give blame where it is due: the Bush administration and neo-cons.

Hey isnt this guy running for president? I heard something about it, but being from Delaware Im just not sure, ya know we used to be a slave state and you just cant help it but run into them Indians when you go into the 7-11. Well the negros that go in there, they are all clean and articulate! I was the first member of my family to go to college ya know. I was also the first member of my family to use my dead wife and children to get elected.

Posted like a true spoon-fed liberal.
First pulling out will not stop the jihad.
There is a government in Iraq, the IP are taking charge. Saddam’s WMD are gone, Saddam is gone, terrorist training camps and their funding are gone. Our troops are training the IP and gradually stepping out of the fighting. Failure is not an option and these grandstanding politicians are leaving our soldiers hanging as they conceive a 2008 democratic victory.

You stupid right-wing moron. There is NO FUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT IN IRAQ, PERIOD. Talk to ANYONE that has spent real time there. There were NO WMD’s. PERIOD. THE VAST MAJORITY OF IRAQI TROOPS AND POLICE are nearly USELESS. After YEARS of training, USELESS. We train troops to fight effectively in a matter of 3 MONTHS!!! Failure, not an OPTION!?! Take your BULLSHIT slogan and shove it up your ass. FAILURE is inevitable! NAME ONE ARAB DEMOCRACY. JUST ONE!!!

You’re a complete moron, there IS NO WAY we can win this “war”. so I gues YOU suggest we stick there until what? Until we lose ALL our troops? Or until we’re in even MORE debt than we already are. The only coward here are those that don’t have the guts or the brains to admit that they were wrong.

Everything is good for NOW…what about the deficit, the TRILLION in debt toward China? OR even, if you care, about the 200,000 dead civillian Iraqi’s? All the Orphan’s growing up that will HATE the USA…think long term and Bush the the Repub’s have screwed America!

roaring economy? your great grandchildren will be paying off the debt that the GOP have created.

On to Iraq, which still goes down as the biggest fuctastrophy in American history. Through this war, Bu$h has managed to take the world’s sympathy after 9/11 and turn america into one of the most despised countries around the world. Bu$h has done nothing but frustrate and anger allies and provide fuel to the fires of America’s enemies.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? How the HELL can you say that we have a “roaring economy”??? We have NEVER been in this much deficit untill Bush took office. And what’s worse is that his terms was preceded by Clinton’s, who had Finnaly got us out of debt. I suppose the only reason you could figure that we’re not in debt is that you still have money in your pockets.

Kasey you are a littleman. Go watch racist fox news. Actually, people like you should be the people we line up and shoot. Fucking Stupid fucking christian fuck head, you republican sheeple. This Senetor is very right and I am a conservative american. I do not label myself. DIE KASEY12006 DIE. No liberal or conservative will care. Have a nice day to all.

It can guarantee justice that lots of people are discussable without taboos like here in US. Therefore, Pax Americana, especially Bush’s one, not always should be accused. Bashing Bush movements occured in out of US are often unfair due to confusing intentionally aims and methods.

Give Joe Biden credit for being intelligent and having some balls, something most conservatives know very little about. Why is it that conservatives are so ignorant when it comes to matters of world or national affairs? Hell, most of them don’t even know their own daughter is screwing a big black negro with a long schlong!

Just one question…how long are we going to be there? My unit has been there over and over again…I guess we have the right to ask without being blasted with labels.Just an honest answer…how long?Hopefully not long enough before we come home in body bags.

Probably as long as Iraq has oil or until the vast majority of Americans tell their government to end this bullshit now. To all those who say that you cant be against this war and still support our troops, I tell you to kiss my ass. Don’t hate the tool, hate the blueprint’s architects.

sure the Iraqis will hate americans because of Bush. Kuwait is already a strong ally because of G.W. and the Shiites and Kurds might understand a little better than you libs that they aren’t being killed by Saddam anymore. Face it libs. You were wrong in 1992. You’re wrong again.

You have no clue you idiot! When we serve we follow our Chain of Command and when you get home your eyes open to the truth. The most decorated Marine and my hero Smedley Butler said “War is a racket” (Google it!) You walk in my shoes and tell me this President supports me my disabled brothers you fck!!??

I have the utmost respect for you and what you’ve done. I’m ashamed of this government, particularly because they left the citizens who are deserving of the best treatment (you) hung out to dry in a war that they had no plan for. it sickens me to the core that you guys have been abandoned through this type of incompetence.

Yeah what a great speaker… too bad he isnt a great senator. I wouldnt mind endorsing him if he actually did something for us instead of trying to posistion himself in the limelight all the time. He joe how about taking care of your home state and try to stop out high school drop out govenor.

The trouble with liberals is that they listen to absolutely no one but each other. Who really thinks that we can now just leave Iraq and all will be okay? These folks are just praying for a defeat in Iraq so they can say “I told you so”. What will they do if we don’t lose? Well, they know there is nothing left for them. So; they will do all that is necessary to ensure that their words can be used to defeat the United States. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

Look kids … Bush is not the brightest light on the farm, okay? When you couple this with self interest – his dad’s involvement with Saddam and all of the money at stake for his family and their oil friends in the mideast, it was easy for him to think that this was the war God gave him to fight. Now that it is in fact paying off in spades for the contractors connected to himself and Cheney, they will NEVER voluntarily give this cash cow up … no way.

To all you FUCKING IDIOTS who CONSTANTLY point to the Democratic voting record, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Those votes were based on TRUST that the President & Vice-President weren’t TWO LYIN’ SACKS OF SHIT. Also, they trusted that that COCKSUCKER RUMSFIELD wasn’t going FUCK SHIT UP as much as he did. SO, you fucking RIGHT-WING MORONS, the majority of “COWARDLY” DEMOCRATS stood by the President initially. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. Now, Dems want to fix this mess you cocksuckers got us into…

“Then what?” Maybe a democracy. Several more successful elections. An ally in a hostile region of religious fanatics. It may be difficult Joe, but we’re not asking anything you other than to shut your gaping pie hole. As for the Balkans, so what?

Bu the way, YOU STUPID RIGHT WING SONS OF BITCHES, the point is NOT so much that we WENT to war – misguided as it turned out to be – but rather the FACT that Bush & Co have SO CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED INCOMPETENCE in managing the thing!!! And watch the unnecesary American and innocent Iraqi casualties mount…

no better judge of incompetence than biden. this guy is such a moron that his second run for the presidency didn’t even last as long as his first run. and it ended on an even more embarrassing gaffe, and some thought that wasn’t even possible. you could pick a better senator out of the phone book at random. walking argument for term limits is biden.

Great speech, Powerful, Well said. WTF, you liberals are willing to buy into just about any meaningless rant that supports your ignorant views. The speech is meant to rally simple-minded morons (liberals) to vote for the Democratic Party and apparently it works very well on the clueless. That was five +plus minutes of wasted time on the floor. I bet if Biden and Hugo Chaves ever get together they can sit around the campfire and call Bush the devil. It’s called tact Mr Biden.

All of you who support this war, GO SERVE! That how you suppor the troops not with some bumper sticker and your trash talk. Go server you idiots and see for yourself. Also send your kids if your too old and then you can say you support the troops!

I volunteered to serve in the Marines so that other Americans wont have to send their kids to war due to a draft or mandatory military service. We make sacrifices so that others can live in peace so why should we ask the ppl we protect, to suffer along with us?

I also support cops and fire fighters, does it mean I have to become one and experience what they go through on a daily basis?

It doesn’t matter which democrat you listen to, they’re all screamming some incoherent rant. Dean’s just a convenient example, but Joe’s declaration here that General Petraeus maybe be the only “woman” who believes the surge is a good idea is pretty good too. Does he ever stop long enough to use his fucking brain?

dude. i can’t believe you’re actually calling dems incoherent with dubya in the white house. he’s the worst! not only does he make up words and new sayings constantly, the guy choked on a pretzel to the point where he passed out…In the White House!!! now let’s talk about using our brains

I am not from America but I find it funny that the only response other Americans have to this is “he is on drugs” or “he is drunk”. Don’t mind the rest of the world as we lean in and laugh at this joke of a war in Iraq. Hopefully what troops you have left there can make it home in good health.

What troops we have left? We lost 3,000 troops in 4 years of fighting the war on terror. During WW2 we lost hundreds of thousands. Laugh all you want. Perhaps you can tell us why Saddam violated 19 U.N resolutions and kicked out weapons inspectors for years???? And why did all the democrats vote for the president to invade Iraq? Please explain that. Thanks.

Ohh democrats voted alright but they were misled by Bush and Republicans.. “WMD” they said but OO there was non…
“Fight against terror” But iraq didn’t have any terrorist before U.S attacked innocent country.. Of corce there will be “terrorist” peaple will be angry if there country is under attack and there friends and family is raped and killed

yaa and U.S had not let anyone inspect there weapons–
SO IF U.S doesn’t let inspectors to search there WMD then why should Iraq? or Iran? Ohh and if I remember right U.S is the only country that have used a nuke.. There are still children born with physical and mental disabilities because the radiation has changed peaples genes.. So peoples children and grand children are born retarded..
I think U.S should pay for those victims and not the Japanese goverment…

What other response would you have to a senator senseless ramblings? Many good men on the left support the war like Joe Lieberman and Ed Koch. What’s left of the party is a bunch hippie retreads. Half the time they’re screaming about Vietnam. They don’t even know the war. Last Call!

Others on the left oppose the vehemently now because they want to get through the primary in 08. It’s as simple as that. Here, you have a bunch leftist retards lapping it up. They’re saying “it’s about time.” Yeah, he’s running for pres. dumbasses.

Why does Joe Biden constantly have to talk about himself?? Gee liberals….what exactly is your plan on fighting Al Qaida??? Instead of having a plan, all you do is cry, bitch and point fingers and side with the terrorists. Please tell us exactly what you will do better to fight terrorism?? No plan. Only bash America. Pussies.

before YOU bitch about the liberals ask what the republicans and mr.president have done? fighting Al Qaida? no plan? what’s your plan jackinthemoon? kill all the U.S troops? oh ok, the democrats bash america huh? why don’t you use that word “bash” more literally and describe what the republicans are doing to America. Brainwashed stupid piece of waste

The obstructionist republicans in the Senate don’t seem to understand that they self-terminated their jobs when they voted against the Iraq pullout plan. Everything is going as planned. Soon, the Democrats will control the executive branch, make more gains in the House and will have at lease 60 senators. The Dumbya war criminal trial will commence after that with no opposition. Give a thunderous round of applause to the republicans!!

If not the Dems, who else? There’s no one else to pick. If you don’t like any of them, you gotta pick the lesser of the two evils because not voting will get you/us nowhere. The Republicans are the most hypocritical, greedy, self-serving, self-righteous, arrogant, and deceitful of the two parties. They have proven their incompetence time and time again.

hi, im not trying 2 b condescending but all this bs, terrorists, the war on terror, republican and democrat…its all a farce it makes no difference its all there to draw ur attention away from what this is all adding up 2 u people r heading in the right direction u question the authority. u howwever r question the wrong authority….its like hating a demon when u should really hate the devil

b4 i started looking into this i didnt believe in god, but im not so sure now, im not trying to recruit u into religion, im jus tryin to spread the word any way i can, so here i go DOWN WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! DOWN WITH ONE WORLD RELIGION!!! DOWN WITH CORPERATIONS!!! LONG LIVE FREE CHOICE!!! LONG LIVE FREEDOM!!! there r more like me than u think and i will fight 2 the death 2 preserve TRU FREEDOM!!!

biden is a typical elitist defeatocrat libtard. He has this fake persona that he’s a normal guy like Bush is, but it DOESNT WORK WITH BIDEN. Its transparent that hes faking his accent even. I just laugh at biden and his fake make believe standup act lol! Bidens better than hillary or kerry, but thats like saying dog pee on the rug is better than diarhea.

The fact you rely on name-calling shows how ignorant and un-educated you are about the issues at hand. If you think the war is going so swell why don’t you go fight it. There are real lifes at stake here. Fine young and women in uniform. They do not deserve to be put in harms way for nothing.

so that’s justification for war with iraq? if that were the case then why not war with EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in that region? why not Saudi Arabia (where most of the highjackers were from) pakistan, Iran, syria, N. Korea, Russia,??? that’s a really, really lame excuse for war.



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